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HSSB995: All dead, every single one of them


As Yan Zhaoge gazed over, besides the Southeastern Swordsmistress, he spied many other familiar faces as well.

Besides the martial practitioners of Golden Court Mountain, Yan Zhaoge even saw Pavilion Lord Gu Hong of the North Sea Sword Pavilion and other martial practitioners who were active in the Royal Reed Sea.

Having been saved by the Shadow Mountain Sword King Long Hanhua that year, after the Grand Xuan Dynasty had been decimated, Gu Hong had returned to the north sea and rebuilt his sect.

It was just that the North Sea Sword Pavilion had been virtually decimated back then, having suffered a truly terrible blow to its vitality as it had still been recuperating in recent years.

Seeing no one from his Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge guessed that his father, Yan Di, must have yet to emerge from seclusion.

As for the others, they might have stayed at the Royal Reed Sea, not having accompanied the Southeastern Swordsmistress off to Circumference Mountain here.

After all, Broad Creed Mountain was located at the west of the Royal Reed Sea, very close to the border between the two Territories.

With something major having erupted at Circumference Mountain, Broad Creed Mountain would naturally have to guard against this cautiously.

“Little Friend Yan, what exactly…” After stabilising her mind and returning Yan Zhaoge’s greeting, this was the first thing the Southeastern Swordsmistress asked.

Yan Zhaoge simply answered, “Returning from a foreign dimension, I inadvertently ended up in the Endless Mountain Range of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

On the way back, I encountered quite a few experts of the south.”

“Reaching Circumference Mountain, there was ‘Treasured Branch Suppressing Peak’ Zhang Shuren blocking the way and the ‘Blazing King’ Peng He coming over in pursuit.

In order to deal with this, I had to set up a formation based on the local geography.”

The Southeastern Swordsmistress gazed fixatedly at him, “If I did not see wrong, this formation of yours actually seems like the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation of legend”

“That’s right,” Yan Zhaoge frankly nodded, “It is precisely the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.”

Looking at these people who all had solemn expressions on their faces, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “While adventuring around outside, this Yan once entered a cave manor which was of the direct lineage of the Dragon Gate Emperor of the Yellow River Dragon Sect in the past.”

“Oh” The gaze of the Southeastern Swordsmistress relaxed slightly.

Everyone else exchanged looks, seemingly unable to understand.

The Southeastern Swordsmistress explained, “In pre-Great Calamity times, Immortals from the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace of above the nine heavens would occasionally descend into the mortal world, leaving behind their legacies.”

“One of them founded a sect known as the Yellow River Dragon Sect, giving himself the title of the Dragon Gate Emperor and stirring things up greatly.”

“Of the Jade Clear direct lineage, the Yellow River Dragon Sect possesses two core martial arts.

One is the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture of the Earlier Heaven Three Scriptures of the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures, while the other is the Dragon Gate Profound Art personally created by the Emperor.”

“Yet, its guardian grand formation was that Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.”

“It is rumoured that after the Ladies of the Three Skies of the Prime Clear lineage entered the Heavenly Court in the past, the numerous supreme martial arts of Three Immortal Island thus entered the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace of above the nine heavens as well.

The Nine Bends Yellow River Formation of the Dragon Gate Emperor probably originates here.”

“Sadly, following the Great Calamity, the Dragon Gate Emperor and the Yellow River Dragon Sect have vanished into the long river of history.

I only know of them through some historical records.”

As the Swordsmistress spoke, she turned to look at Yan Zhaoge, “I have long heard that your Broad Creed Mountain possesses the legacy of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

Could it be that it originates from the cave manor of that Yellow River Dragon Sect too”

Despite saying these words, there was still appraisal and vigilance in the gaze of this old granny.

Back when Yan Zhaoge had battled the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide, the Immortal Ending Sword had left wounds in the heavens and earth of the Royal Reed Sea, not fading for a long time.

This had been attributed to Guan Lide to account for things to everyone both within and outside of the southeast.

Still, it would be impossible for the Swordsmistress and the others not to suspect anything at all.

Adding on the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation now, corroborating the two, this seemed even more out of the ordinary.

“As the Swordsmistress says, my sect’s Cyclic Heavenly Scripture originates from none other than the cave manor of the lineage of the Yellow River Dragon Sect,” Yan Zhaoge lied without twitching an eyelid, “That aside, there was naturally the Dragon Gate Profound Art too.”

Now, Yan Zhaoge turned and punched out within the air.

His true essence manifested as a long, roiling river within the air, the river water rotating as a large whirlpool was formed.

The countless torrents of the whirlpool collided unceasingly as a terrifying momentum which could destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth was formed.

“This Yan has only looked through the Dragon Gate Profound Art once, not having cultivated deeply in it.

Please forgive my lack of true prowess in this area.”

With that, Yan Zhaoge retracted his palm.

His Dragon Gate Profound Art was the orthodox version…

The Southeastern Swordsmistress looked silently at Yan Zhaoge.

She had never personally viewed the Dragon Gate Profound Art and the other direct lineage martial arts of the Yellow River Dragon Sect before, only having read some descriptions in the ancient texts.

The martial art executed by Yan Zhaoge was no different from that which had been described.

This was a good thing then.

They would be able to explain this to others.

While the Swordsmistress was tough and unyielding, she was well aware of who her friends and who her enemies were.

There were many things that it was difficult to feign ignorance regarding, such as Guan Lide previously and Long Hanhua now.

“You can be considered blessed by fortune, Little Friend Yan.

With you around, it is no wonder that Broad Creed Mountain is thriving today,” The Swordsmistress praised before changing the topic, “You said just now that besides Zhang Shuren, Peng He came to Circumference Mountain too”

Yan Zhaoge patted the head of Pan-Pan beside him.

Pan-Pan emitted a low cry, flying down to the ground below.

“Besides Zhang Shuren and Peng He, there was also another ninth level Martial Saint expert,” Yan Zhaoge said, “Of the lineage of Illusory Coming Peak, head disciple of the Heaven Emperor, Qing Shuzi.”

Hearing this name, the expression of the Southeastern Swordsmistress turned stern.

Despite being much younger than her, as a fellow late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, Qing Shuzi’s fame surpassed hers greatly.

While the two had never clashed before, having personally witnessed Qing Shuzi in battle in the past, the Southeastern Swordsmistress knew that she was probably somewhat inferior to him.

Zhang Shuren, Peng He, Qing Shuzi.

This lineup of late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints was sufficient for all those beneath the Human Exalt stage to feel suffocated.

If they suddenly attacked the southeast, the Swordsmistress believed that she would definitely be unable to withstand it.

She might even perish on the spot.

“As for where they are now…” Yan Zhaoge turned, seeing Pan-Pan flying back up.

Currently, there were a few corpses heaped on Pan-Pan’s back.

Some had died in a very ugly manner while others were barely even recognisable.

“This Yan did not control my strength such that most of the corpses are difficult to identify from their facial features,” Yan Zhaoge said rather apologetically, “Still, those who battled with me at Circumference Mountain are all here, every single one of them.”

As the martial practitioners of the southeast thought about what this entailed and looked at those corpses, they were all rendered dazed on the spot.

The Southeastern Swordsmistress hastily stepped forward, gazing fixatedly at a corpse there which was missing an arm.

That was precisely the corpse of Qing Shuzi.

While one of his arms had been wrenched off by Yan Zhaoge, his head penetrated straight through by a sword-glow, his appearance had not been damaged.

Having seen Qing Shuzi in person before, the Southeastern Swordsmistress was naturally able to identify him with a single glance.

Yet, just this look alone was sufficient to render this longtime Elder of the southeast who had experienced numerous events before dazed like an wooden chicken!

The next moment, she regained her wits as the first thing she did was gaze into the surroundings.

She was looking for traces of any other experts who might have arrived.

Still, there was nothing to be found.

Then, there could only be one explanation.

These dead experts had all been slain by a single Yan Zhaoge!

“How did he do it Even with the Nine Bends Yellow Formation…” The old granny uncharacteristically lost her composure as she turned and stared at Yan Zhaoge in shock and disbelief.


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