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HSSB997: Fame shaking the world


A fallen deity referred to a deity who had been banished from amongst the Immortals of heaven, thereon roaming within the human realm.

Thereafter, those most powerful figures of Daoism had been likened to these fallen deities, past Immortals.

Whether it was before or after the Great Calamity, this was the highest form of praise towards a genius of Daoism who had yet to push open the door to Immortality!

That Golden Court Mountain martial practitioner had only just muttered this aloud, overcome by emotion and unable to stop himself from doing so.

As soon as he had said this, he felt that he might have overstated things a bit.

As he was feeling slightly vexed, he actually saw everyone beside him all unconsciously nodding in agreement now.

Regaining their wits, they all exchanged looks as they felt rather overwhelmed, yet soon composed themselves again.

If even this youth before them did not deserve the name of fallen deity with his strength and talent, there was probably no one at all who did.

The Southeastern Swordsmistress was silent for a time before she too slowly nodded, “The name of Fallen Deity-Young Master Yan is truly deserving of it.

“Swordsmistress overpraises me, you overpraise me, everyone,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “As for what we should do from here on out, we still need to plan things out.”

The Southeastern Swordsmistress shook her head, sighing, “Let us first not talk about what to do with the Announcing Peace Mountain Range.

Here at Circumference Mountain, for every day that the Southern Exalt does not return, Wutong Slope will not be able to continue reigning over here.”

The Dynasty River was here and would not change its course.

It would still continue passing through the Circumference Mountain Range.

With a water vein of the Dynasty River here, Yan Zhaoge would not even have to be stationed here frequently for Wutong Slope to lose its control over this area.

For every day that the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen did not return, it would be pointless even if they tried to regain their lost territory here.

If Yan Zhaoge happened to be in a good or bad mood and came here one day, it would immediately be another drowning of the enemy troops.

After today’s battle, the border over at the eastern region of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory already no longer belonged to Wutong Slope.

Wutong Slope would feel even more terrible due to the fact that things were still not over with this.

The source of the Dynasty River was not at Circumference Mountain as it was instead in the central Jun Heaven Territory far away.

Starting from the central Jun Heaven Territory, the Dynasty River flowed through many districts of the central and southern Territories.

Circumference Mountain was only one of these places.

It flowed through many places to its north and south.

Although these places were connected to Circumference Mountain, there was a heavenly gulf that separated them from the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Still, they were actually intrinsically the same as Circumference Mountain as they all faced the threat of Yan Zhaoge!

Due to the presence of the Dynasty River, the entire eastern region of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory and a long stretch of river which flowed southward was something which Wutong Slope would henceforth be no longer able to keep a proper hold of!

Yan Zhaoge would definitely not be able to wrest control of all these places based on just his own power alone.

With his current cultivation base, it would be impossible for him to borrow the segments of the Dynasty River running through the whole of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, transforming them into nine bends of the yellow river.

However, he merely needed to casually take a trip somewhere to cause instability in the lives of the martial practitioners of the south who lived there…

Away from environments like that of Circumference Mountain, it would be difficult to say how much strength Yan Zhaoge possessed.

Here, however, the lives of that trio were already sufficient to prove Yan Zhaoge’s abilities.

It could even be predicted that all other places with similar large scale rivers in the World beyond Worlds would not have it peaceful from here on out.

This was a person whom they had to be vigilant against at all times, though even vigilance might not be enough.

“This place was basically secured by you.

It will naturally be left for you and Broad Creed Mountain to deal with,” The Southeastern Swordsmistress said very straightforwardly.

There was certainly no need to relentlessly slaughter all the martial practitioners of the south here.

Facing such a massive threat, with Wutong Slope unable to provide any assistance, the local martial practitioners would naturally choose to pledge their loyalty to those who truly controlled this place.

As for whether people would move over from the southeast, that was a different matter altogether.

“This Yan may not be able to remain at a single place for long periods of time.

Also, my Broad Creed Mountain has only just stabilised its footing in the World beyond Worlds not long ago,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “There are many things that Swordsmistress and various seniors of Golden Court Mountain will have to decide on hereafter.”

Whatever the case, whatever they decided on, it would be impossible for them to overlook him and Broad Creed Mountain.

When he felt that the time was right or there was such a need to, they would be able to take over Circumference Mountain at any time.

At the present time, the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory could use Circumference Mountain as a springboard, advancing deeper into the south into the Announcing Peace Mountain Range and other areas.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, the Southeastern Swordsmistress slowly nodded, “With the foundation that you established, what is to come hereafter will be much easier.”

Zhang Shuren, Peng He and Yuan Xiancheng had all perished, Wutong Slope hence suffering a huge blow to their vitality!

With the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen absent now, this crisis was to Wutong Slope like the very sky had collapsed.

The martial practitioners of the southeast would definitely be able to suppress the south and give them a good beating after this.

Yan Zhaoge alone had caused the originally evenly matched foes to lose their original equilibrium.

“Since that is so, this Yan will first be returning to the southeast,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, cupping his hands towards them, “It has already been a long time since I was last home.”

The Swordsmistress and everyone else all smiled.

Hadn’t Yan Zhaoge’s main purpose in all this been to return to Broad Creed Mountain in the first place

It was just that whether intentionally or not, his return journey this time had been much too out of this world, having caused the reign of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory to crumble vastly all at once!

After taking his leave of the Southeastern Swordsmistress and the others, Yan Zhaoge returned to the Royal Reed Sea of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

From now on, his name of Fallen Deity would be widespread.

The first person to mention this name was a direct lineage descendant of the Southeastern Exalt’s Golden Court Mountain.

After it was personally said by the Southeastern Swordsmistress, a longtime Elder of Golden Court Mountain, it quickly spread into the surroundings all around.

It was not just in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory as it was spoken of throughout the entirety of the World beyond Worlds.

The southern Blazing Heaven Territory that bordered the southeast which had been the backdrop of this long journey of Yan Zhaoge’s reacted the most intensely to this.

A Seeing Divinity Martial Saint directly became public enemy number one of the south.

However, as Yan Zhaoge’s name of Fallen Deity spread, however much these martial practitioners of the south ground their teeth, a considerable many of them were unable to say anything in response.

While the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen was absent, the southern Blazing Heaven Territory was actually still full of experts.

Yet, a youth of the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint realm had rampaged through the south, traversing and battling over an endless distance as he had killed his way straight back to the southeast, totally unstoppable by all!

In the battle of Vast Spirit Mountain, battling one against three, he had slain the Chief of Vast Spirit Mountain, ‘Crouching Dragon Old Man’ Daoist East Spring, slain the ‘Purple Sea Swordsman’ Zhao Zhen of the Bright Connection Sea, beat the number one descendant of Wutong Slope, ‘Phoenix Pupils’ Zhuang Chaohui, into two nirvanic rebirths.

After repelling ‘Treasured Branch Suppressing Peak’ Zhang Shuren, a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint and longtime Elder of Wutong Slope, he had ultimately trampled over the entire Vast Spirit Mountain.

At that time, there had been over a hundred martial practitioners of the south atop Vast Spirit Mountain, and none of them had dared to face him, all having been scared into fleeing away.

Qing Shuzi, the head disciple of the Heaven Emperor, as well as the longtime Elders of Wutong slope, ‘Blazing King’ Peng He and ‘Treasured Branch Suppressing Peak’ Zhang Shuren, had congregated at Circumference Mountain, the three late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints surrounding and attacking Yan Zhaoge.

Besides them, there had also been Yuan Xiancheng and Daoist Leading Mist of the mid Immortal Bridge stage and numerous martial practitioners of Wutong Slope who had participated in the capture attempt.

In the end, however, the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation that existed only in legend to those of the World beyond Worlds had reappeared in this world.

With the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, Yan Zhaoge had forever buried the three mighty late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints as led by Qing Shuzi at Circumference Mountain!

So many experts of the World beyond Worlds perishing in a single conflict had been extremely rare in the World beyond Worlds in recent years.

This time, however, all of them had died to a single Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

The two battles at Vast Spirit Mountain and Circumference Mountain thus shocked the entire World beyond Worlds.


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