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HSSB998: From Solar Luminary Young Master to Fallen Deity


Central Jun Heaven Territory, Kunlun Mountain, Ingenious Flying Peak.

Golden light flickered within a cave manor atop Red Lotus Cliff.

On the ground was a massive Eight Trigrams diagram that was circulating unceasingly with a Taiji diagram located at its centre.

A girl was seated in the meditative position atop the Taiji diagram.

She wore red clothes and a white gown with a silver fox shawl across her shoulders, being shockingly beautiful as it dazzled one’s eyes.

This was none other than the daughter of the Brocade Emperor Fu Yunchi, the ‘Grand Red Lotus’ Fu Ting.

She sat quietly within the Taiji diagram and the Eight Trigrams formation, while there was a middle-aged man who stood outside the Eight Trigrams formation.

“The words personally said by Golden Court Mountain’s Zhang Yunying should not be wrong,” That middle-aged man shook his head slightly, seemingly feeling disbelief whilst also admiration, “Zhang Yunying’s temperament is such that she would not exaggerate things.”

Zhang Yunying was the actual name of the Southeastern Swordsmistress.

This was still known by few within the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory as everyone was already used to just calling her Swordsmistress.

Fu Ting smiled upon hearing this, “If it is Young Master Yan, Yan Zhaoge, I believe that he possesses such capabilities.

I was not being humble when I previously told you and the other senior apprentice-uncles that Young Master Yan’s talent and strength surpass mine.”

That middle-aged man sighed, “That may be true, but it is still unexpected that even Qing Shuzi was killed by him.”

“If we were not informed by Young Master Yan and Senior Zhang, even we would not have expected that Qing Shuzi had already mastered the Heaven Earth Within Sleeve before attaining the Human Exalt stage,” Fu Ting said, “People always say that Qing Shuzi might surpass the Heaven Emperor before him, and this appears to have been true indeed.”

The middle-aged man slowly shook his head, “This might not really be the case.

The Heaven Emperor too is someone who conceals himself deeply.”

“While it is widely thought that he only mastered the Heaven Earth Within Sleeve after attaining the Human Exalt stage, there is probably only he himself who knows the veracity of this for sure.”

“Instead, we and the rest only saw him revealing that he had learnt the Heaven Earth Within Sleeve when he was already a Human Exalt.

Who can know when exactly he mastered it, however”

Hearing this, Fu Ting nodded emphatically, “You speak rightly, senior apprentice-uncle.

This time, if Qing Shuzi had not been forced to the brink of death by Young Master Yan, no one could know that he had actually already successfully learnt the Heaven Earth Within Sleeve.”

It was just fine however high one estimated the Heaven Emperor who was already an Immortal now.

As the daughter of the Brocade Emperor, Fu Ting deeply understood just how powerful Emperors, True Immortals, were.

“To think that many were unconvinced when people of the southeast once hailed that Young Master Yan as the ‘Solar Luminary Young Master’,” That middle-aged man clicked his tongue in praise, “Now, however, there are few who dare to doubt the title of ‘Fallen Deity’ he now has.”

While Yan Zhaoge’s fame had previously been widespread, those outside of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory had mostly not truly paid this much attention.

Those people had thought of Yan Zhaoge as the ‘Solar Luminary Young Master’.

Half of the glory of this title originated from the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yang Seal, which originated from the Exalted Solar Luminary of legend.

As for Yan Zhaoge himself, most people had simply adopted a ‘wait and see’ attitude towards him.

As Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation base advanced and his foundation grew, when he attained the Immortal Bridge stage, even if he was really not the descendant of the Exalted Solar Luminary, his title as the ‘Solar Luminary Young Master’ would still slowly gain traction.

Yet, after Yan Zhaoge had rampaged through the southern Blazing Heaven Territory and beat the numerous heroes into submission at Vast Spirit Mountain and Circumference Mountain, those hailing him as the ‘Solar Luminary Young Master’ had instead decreased.

There was generally only one name for him now.

Fallen Deity, Yan Zhaoge.

“Speaking of this…” A hint of a smile appeared at the corners of Fu Ting’s mouth as she suddenly recalled something, “Young Master Yan himself seems never to have admitted to the name of the ‘Exalted Solar Luminary’ anywhere before.”

“On the contrary, he said quite a few times that he only obtained the Extreme Yang Seal through a stroke of fortune.”

Hearing her words, that middle-aged man smiled, “An arrogant youngster who also truly possesses the qualifications to be arrogant.”

Fu Ting smiled too, yet suddenly could smile no longer.

She looked down at the Taiji diagram in the Eight Trigrams formation that she currently stood within.

This senior apprentice-uncle before her did not know what the function of this was, simply believing that it was something that the Brocade Emperor had prepared to assist Fu Ting with as she diligently cultivated in secluded cultivation.

Fu Ting, though, understood the significance therein.

She was currently thinking of how Yan Zhaoge had gone with her to the lands of the Immortal Court back then where they had then learnt of the existence of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Immortal Court.

Yan Zhaoge had claimed that he had felt nothing abnormal due to comprehending the concept of chaos from the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts.

Still, thinking of her father’s solemn expression from back then, Fu Ting really could not be optimistic.


In the eastern Vast Heaven Territory, bordering the central Jun Heaven Territory, there was a mountain range known as Mist Leaves Mountain.

There was a sect active in the eastern forest by Mist Leaves Mountain which was known as the Cleansing Flower Sect.

The Cleansing Flower Sect was not originally of the World beyond Worlds as it originated from a lower world.

An expert of the sect had broken through to the Seeing Divinity stage and ascended to the World beyond Worlds, ultimately having attained stability in the region of Mist Leaves Mountain before successfully moving their sect up there.

Many years had already passed since then as it was currently rather renowned in the eastern forest by Mist Leaves Mountain.

While the Cleansing Flower Sect’s attention was mostly on the World beyond Worlds as it accepted disciples to increase its strength and expand its influence, it still placed great emphasis on the lower world that it originated from.

Still, for the disciples of the Cleansing Flower Sect from the World beyond Worlds, heading down to that world was unquestionably a tough task as it was virtually equivalent to punishment or an exile.

Therefore, no one had ever willingly volunteered to do so.

It was just that some unlucky bastards would be dispatched to that lower world once every few years.

Of course, it was not like they could never return.

There would be a new batch of people coming to replace them in a few years, this basically being a tradition of the Cleansing Flower Sect.

The disciples being dispatched to that lower world this year were gathered together in secret and expressing their resentment.

“The Elder was definitely exacting revenge over private matters!” Someone exclaimed hatefully.

The others agreed, “He was, that’s for sure! Anyone who offends him will be dispatched to the lower world.”

Amongst them was a young female disciple who had only just entered the sect a short time ago.

She appeared to be no more than a Martial Scholar.

Looking as if her thoughts had drifted off elsewhere, she just gave an affirmative sound in response.

Someone consoled, “You do not have to be too worried, junior apprentice-sister-Li.

We will be able to return in a few years.”

The female disciple nodded, “Yes, that is true, senior apprentice-brother.”

“Hey, have you guys heard A new peerless genius, Yan Zhaoge, has appeared in the southeast, his title of Fallen Deity having already spread throughout the World beyond Worlds as there is no one who does not know of him,” The person who had first spoken now said, “I hear that he originates from a lower world power which has already established itself within the World beyond Worlds.”

“If we could only live like him, our lifetimes would not be in vain!”

Everyone’s eyes lit up as they agreed, “You know what The Fallen Deity is still young as these current achievements are far from what he will still achieve hereafter!”

They discussed all the information they had heard about Yan Zhaoge, feeling envious indeed.

That female disciple joined in too, appearing rather interested and in awe.

When everyone had dispersed and returned to their lodgings and she was left alone, the girl surnamed Li drew a finger across her face.

Her features seemingly rippled like water, changing for just an instant.

Still, it returned to normal a moment later.

“Hehe, good, great!” The girl laughed to himself, much more joyful than she had appeared in front of everyone else.

That expression of envy and awe disappeared as only joy and happiness remained.

A moment later, she shook her head lightly, “I so wish that I could go take a look.

Sadly, I cannot….”


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