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C325 – Opening the Path of Cultivation

In Heavens Battlefield, a mysterious spatial zone.

The old man’s big hand suddenly slapped towards those people.

It was like a vast ocean that covered all of them.

Damn it, he actually broke through!

The experts of God Clan shouted loudly, shouting for everyone to attack with all their strength.


The shout from Immortal Clan’s mighty warrior caused the surrounding heaven and earth to collapse and the Void to shatter.

This was the Superior Cultivator in Heavens Battlefield.

Even breathing could penetrate the Void and shatter the heaven and earth.

It was unparalleled.

However, such a powerful expert felt a deep sense of defeat when facing this old man.

The old man’s strength improved once again, leaving them far behind.


The expert from Imperial Dragon Clan was careless for a while.

The old man seized the opportunity and struck his palm hard on the opponent’s chest.

The expert from Imperial Dragon Clan was terrified by what he saw.

He could only receive the palm strike in a panic.

In the end, he was still unable to resist it.

His body began to crack, and blood spurted out.

Save him!

The surrounding experts were shocked.

This expert from Imperial Dragon Clan was considered one of the top amongst them.

Even such an expert couldn’t fight against this old man

The old man coldly harrumphed.

His palm fiercely struck the chest of this expert from Imperial Dragon Clan.

His opponent turned into a bloody paste on the spot and no longer existed.

The expressions of surrounding experts finally changed.

He can only hold on for one minute.

Everyone, don’t hide anymore.

Let’s work together!

Ye Su roared furiously.

At the same time, in order to make everyone believe his words, he took the initiative to attack first.

The strongest expert of Devil Clan was the first to believe his words.

He followed closely behind.

The people of God Clan, Immortal Clan, and Dragon Clan glanced at him, then gritted their teeth and rushed forward as well.

When the others saw this, they threw their heads back and let out a long roar towards the sky.

Their bodies were burning, and they were working together to fight against the old man.

Terrifying energy condensed into a gigantic palm.

The heaven and earth lost their color, and all the surrounding mountains were shattered.

When the old man saw this, a palm smashed over.

A palm that was the size of a normal person and a giant palm that was a million feet in size on one side.

This extremely disproportionate feeling was shocking.


The two palms clashed together, and waves of air were sent flying.

A large portion of mountain range on both sides were instantly shattered.

Cracks appeared on the ground one after another.

The cracks spread in all directions, interweaving into a huge spider web.

The old man retreated in a sorry state.

The dozens of people on the opposite side were also in a sorry state.

Some of the weaker ones even directly sat on the ground.

Old man, do you still want to continue fighting Could it be that you really think you can destroy us all by yourself

Ye Su coldly looked at the old man, his tone cold.

The old man waved his hand, tables and chairs appeared once again.

A pot of wine and a few dishes were placed on the table.

After taking a sip of wine and eating a few mouthfuls of food, the old man looked towards the other side.

“Take it easy.

I want to kill you all.

You can do it at any time!”

When they saw the old man like this, the expressions of several dozen people on the other side became pitch-black.

This was clearly not putting them in their eyes at all.

The experts of Dragon Clan couldn’t hold their anger any longer and shouted, “Try it!”

Try it then!

A violent Qi suddenly erupted.

The experts from Dragon Clan were shocked and immediately retreated into the crowd.

The experts of various families were also on guard, afraid they would be the one that the old man would deal with.

On the other hand, the old man took another sip of wine and let out a satisfied sigh.

He had no intention of attacking, as if he just made a joke with them.

The experts of other clans were extremely angry.

They were once again made fun of.

However, they couldn’t do anything about it.

The old man was too powerful, and he was able to hold back the supreme experts of all clans in the universe by himself.

If the old man wasn’t here, they would find the origin of Human Clan and destroyed it a long time ago.

They could only hope the people of Myriad Heavens Clan could fight for their lives and get rid of the threat of Human Clan.

Unfortunately, those juniors were too disappointing!

Until now, not only did they fail to find the Human Clan, but they were also destroyed by several worlds of Human Clan.

Not only that, a few Void Realm experts was also killed.

This wasn’t an ordinary Immortal King realm, but an ultimate Void Stage expert.

It was hard to find one in ten thousand years.

They began to feel fear in their hearts.

There were other supreme experts in Human Clan, so they were certain about this matter.

With such an expert present, they wouldn’t be so afraid if they openly occupied a world.

However, the Human Clan was holed up in a certain place all this time.

The hidden danger was the real danger.

Now, that person became a huge threat to all races.

As the two sides were confronting each other.

A Great Heavenly Path suddenly disturbed the entire Void.

They could even feel the heaven and earth trembling along with it.

The lingering charm of Great Dao made everyone shiver in fear.

At this moment, all the supreme experts in the spatial zone were staring at the Great Heavenly Path with their mouths agape.

The supreme expert of Yi Die Family was very close to the Great Dao.

She was stunned by this sudden turn of events.

However, even though she was thousands of miles away from the Great Dao, she was still torn apart by the lingering charm of Great Dao.

As powerful as she was, she was easily torn apart like a piece of paper.

All the experts instantly distanced themselves from the place.

Everyone was scared out of their wits.

Even the old man stood up and stared at the Great Dao with his round eyes.

They never saw a scene in their lives.

They only heard of it in legends.

It was rumored that Great Taoist Master was born, and the complete Great Dao would appear in front of the world.

From now on, the world could only comprehend this Dao, and there was no possibility of controlling it, unless the Great Taoist Master of this Great Dao died.

Could it be that Great Taoist Master was born

All of them looked at the old man, because amongst them, only the old man was the closest to Great Taoist Master.

Sensing everyone’s gaze, the old man shook his head with a solemn expression.

It wasn’t just the Ten Thousand Ancient Races that were afraid of it, he was also afraid.

Now, there was a rare balance in the universe.

If Great Taoist Master really appeared, it would be fine if this Great Taoist Master was from Human Clan, but if he was from a small clan among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, then the Human Clan would be in danger.

When everyone saw the old man shaking his head, they heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, they were also afraid of it.

They had the same thought.

This Great Taoist Master was most likely not a senior of their clan, because if there was such a powerful expert in their clan, they would already knew about it.

Furthermore, their strength couldn’t possibly be suppressed by the old man.

They knelt on the ground and trembled.

Fortunately, the Great Dao only flashed for a brief moment, but to them, it felt like a century passed.

Even though the Great Dao had disappeared, it was still a long time before everyone came back to their senses.

God Clan, Devil Clan, Immortal Clan, and a few other powerful races all walked to the old man’s side and sat down.

“Aren’t you going to treat us to a drink”

The old man glanced at them and said indifferently, “Didn’t you already sit down”


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