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“WHAT!! How can Angels be here…”

Someone murmured as if putting into words what everyone was thinking at this moment.

‘Why did the Angels surround this place’

Of course, the answer was as clear as day.

There was only one reason for the Angels to suddenly surrounded this place.

It was Lilia.

They are after Lilia, who broke the rules of the dimension and crossed over from the Demon world to the Earth, and her presence must have brought them here.

‘How did we get caught Did they put some kind of surveillance on me’

‘Did Director Lee or Director Yung snitch on us

Several suspicions kept flooding my mind, disabling my thinking process.

At the time, when everyone was trying to make sense of the sudden situation, Ryan, who was the first to come to his sense, organized the current situation.

“Andras! How much more time do you need to open the dimensional door”

“Wait a minute…”

Andras quickly began to check the dimensional door device.

“In case we increase the rate of charging, we can forcibly reduce the time, but even then it would take at least 30 to 40 minutes to enable the device to determine stable coordinates.”

“Can we use it before that”

“It is possible to forcefully open it up.

But, in that case, the connection with the coordinate will be unstable and there are chances of ending up in a completely different dimension, or in the worst case, we might end up in an uncharted dimension with no possible return…”

Ryan nodded with a stiff expression upon hearing the explanation.


Then I’ll go outside and drag it out for as long as I can.”

“Thank you, Ryan.”

Andras gave Ryan a look filled with gratitude and moved immediately.

With the help of Lilia and Director Yung, he began to work on the dimensional door device.

Before going outside, Ryan approached me and spoke.

“Sihyeon! Don’t worry.

You don’t have to answer even if the Angels ask you something.

This has nothing to do with you.

I’ll take care of the rest.”

“All right.”

“I’ll see you later.”

Ryan forced a smile on his face as if to reassure me, and quickly walked out.

As time passed, the noise on the outside grew louder and louder.

I could hear someone shouting from time to time.

My heart was choked with helplessness and anxiety that I couldn’t do anything.

Ten minutes went by quickly.

Fortunately, the three finished adjusting the dimensional door device.

Director Yung said, wiping the cold sweat off his forehead.

“I think I’ve done everything I can do here, so I’ll go out and get you some time.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you,”

Andras and Lilia bowed their heads and thanked Director Yung one after another.

“Haha! It was a great honor for me to be able to work with you today.

I hope there will be another opportunity like this.”

Soon after saying that, Director Yung rushed outside.

The loud noise that kept coming from the outside stopped, and it became quieter, to the point it made me feel creepy.

Then suddenly a short text came from Ryan.

I immediately shouted to Andras and Lilia.

” Guys, I don’t think we have any more time!”

Andras’ face was filled with hesitation.

It seemed like the device still needed some time to determine stable coordinates of the Demon world.

The more unstable the coordinates, the higher the risk of dimensional movement.

Andras, who made up his mind, approached the dimensional door device.

The device on the workbench was carefully lifted and put down on the floor.

“I’ll open the dimensional door.”

Both Lilia and I nodded nervously.

When Andras operated the device, a wave of mana began to swing inside the workshop.

Woooooo!  Woooooo!  Woooooo!

An eerie sound that was completely different from the dimensional leap magic echoed in the room.


After a while, a strong spark sprang around the dimensional door device, distorting the space.

The space, which had been distorted, stretched and created a space through which one can enter.

Lilia approached the dimensional door and gulped down her dry saliva.

No one could predict what risks there would be beyond the unstable dimensional gate.

“I’m coming with you.”


Andras approached her.

“No, brother.

I was supposed to be the only one who should be going.”

“I would have allowed that if things had gone well, but I can’t send you alone when I know there are risks.

I’m coming with you.”


The warm atmosphere of the two siblings didn’t last long.

Boom! Boom! Boom boom!

Someone began to knock hard on the door.

It was so rough that it felt that the door would break at any moment.

Determined Andras and Lilia stepped toward the Dimension Gate.

Just before the two tried to pass through the dimensional gate, I felt something ominous and screamed.



“Brother Sihyeon, what’s wrong”

“Something’s wrong… Something is wrong with that dimensional door, I don’t feel good about this.”

Andras frowned slightly.

“I understand your anxiety, Sihyeon, but we don’t have a choice.

It’s whether we go through this door or Lilia gets captured by the Angels.”

“I know that.


It wasn’t just a hunch.

It’s a feeling of certainty because I’ve felt like this many times before.

In addition, an unknown impulse that kept saying I could do something, spread in my head.

I was confused because I couldn’t be sure of myself.

I didn’t know whether this was the extreme tension that clouded my judgment or something I didn’t know.

Boom boom boom! Crack!

The closed door began to break without being able to overcome the strong shock.

Through the cracks in the door, I could see several beings dressed in white.

“Sihyeon! We’re going to go!”

“Thank you, Brother Sihyeon!”

Saying their goodbyes, the two started walking towards the dimensional door.

With every step they took towards the dimensional door, their backs kept on blurring.

“Ahhhh! Darn it.”



“Brother Sihyeon, what in the…!!!”

Right before they could go through the door, I ran forward and grabbed the arms of the two, but before they could express their surprise, we got tangled together and got sucked by the dimensional door.

The voice of the Angels was heard for a moment behind my back, but soon it got buried under a buzzing noise in my head.

[K→Ability Activated]


I slowly opened my eyes, feeling dizzy as if someone had grabbed my head and shaken it.

I tried to move my arms on the floor.

I felt the softness and smell of fresh grass on my fingertips.

I quickly realized that I was lying on the lawn.

I slowly raised myself up, feeling my consciousness becoming clearer little by little.

Around the same time, someone’s voice was heard.

“Uh! Lilia Sihyeon Are you all right”

“I’m fine, brother.”

The three of us immediately examined each other’s condition.

Fortunately, no one seemed seriously injured.

I felt at ease for a moment because everyone was safe.

Lilia stood up first and looked around.

“Where are we”

“I don’t think it’s Demon wo…”

Andras blurred the end of his sentence while answering.

The more I looked around, the more I felt something was strange and my expression became darker and darker.

Unlike Andras and Lilia who had no idea where we arrived, I was feeling familiar with this place.

Technically, I can’t explain where this is, but I remember exactly where I saw it.

“The place I saw in my dream…”

“Tsk, this stupid disciple…I told you it wasn’t a dream!”


I stood up in surprise at the hoarse voice.

Andras and Lilia also looked at the owner of the voice with a wary posture.

“Master Bellion”

“Fortunately, you didn’t forget your Master’s name.”

“Sihyeon Do you know this person”

I stuttered at Andras’ question.

“Yeah… he…is..

my Master.”



“How should I explain this…”

I slowly organized my thoughts and explained my relationship with Bellion.

About the honor duel with the Selberg family.

Meeting with Kael, the Elder of the Verdi family.

And the story of meeting Bellion and training with him after swallowing the thought beads that Kael gave.

Andras, who had already known about the honor duel, quickly got my story.

“At that time, I watched the training next to you, but I didn’t know you were training with Bellion in the world of consciousness.”

“Wait, brother.

Is that Mr.

Bellion that we read about in history books Wait… Did you work with Hero Kael”



Kael personally helped Sihyeon with his training.”


Lilia glistened her eyes as if she had met a great man in history while looking at Bellion.

Andras, even though not as much as she did, was also surprised by the appearance of Bellion.

Bellion smiled satisfactorily as if he liked the reactions of the two.



“How did we get here”

Bellion answered my question while frowning.

“Why are you asking me that You guys came in here by yourself”


“As I just said.

You came here on your own, and to be exact, you brought those two.”


I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Andras and Lilia also looked as puzzled as me.

– Pow wo woooo!

“Sihyeon is here to play, Popi!”

Akum and Gyuri came running toward me from a distance.

– Kiiiiiiii!

– Ukiiiiiiiiii!

Poison ants, that I haven’t seen in a while also gathered around me one by one.

“Huh! Brother Sihyeon!”

“It’s okay, they are not dangerous.”

I patted the Demon beasts and reassured Lilia.

Lilia quickly relieved her vigilance when she saw the Demon beasts accepting my touch.

Later, she showed curiosity and asked.

“Brother Sihyeon, is that little bear also tamed”


A little baby bear was staring up at me where Lilia pointed.

I saw him in my dream… no, where I believed was a dream.



I slowly reached for the baby bear.

At first, it trembled with caution seeing my hands approaching him.

As I waited and continued to try to communicate, he slowly eased his guard and began to approach.

– Cooo.


– Cooooo

Soon after, the baby bear broke his guard to the point where he accepted my touch without resistance.

“Wow! Brother Sihyeon is amazing.

As expected of the guy who was rumored to have tamed the Yakums!”

Lilia, who watched me tame a beast in real time, continued to speak in amazement.

I enjoyed the cozy feeling of interacting with a Baby Beast after a long time.

While I and Lilia were distracted by the baby bear,  Andras, who kept thinking about something, suddenly opened his mouth.


Bellion, my name is Andras from the Schnarpe family.

If you don’t mind, may I ask you a question”

Bellion nodded as if liking his polite attitude.

“We originally intended to head to Demon world.

But due to some circumstances, we got sucked into an unstable dimensional door.

But you said earlier that Sihyeon brought us here.”


“That means Sihyeon changed the unstable coordinates to the coordinates of this place inside the dimensional door.

It is impossible to determine the coordinates of a dimension in such an instant.

Rather, the explanation that we fell here by accident is much more realistic.”

Bellion did not particularly affirm or deny Andras’ words.

He just listened to him.

“Guessing from the conversation between Mr.

Bellion and Sihyeon about this place not being a dream, does that mean Siheyon came here before”


Andras looked around.

“The Demon beasts that Sihyeon tamed……a landscape that looks incomplete……and Mr.


Andras asked with his eyes wide open.

“Is this the world created by Sihyeon”

A strange smile formed around Bellion’s mouth.

“Haha, not everyone seems to be as stupid as my disciple.”


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