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Chapter 19: Inner Turmoil

After calming down and reminding himself that it wouldnt be particularly wise of him to beat up hisfriend just because he wanted to play, Wu rose to his feet, exhaled a sigh, and said, “Sorry about that…this week hasnt been the easiest…” in a voice just loud enough for the other boys to hear.

Never one to overthink things, Naruto immediately regained his smile and answered, “Its no problem, Wu…” before realizing he should probably be at least a little concerned, asking, “Want to talk about it”

Returning a smile of his own, Wu mused, “That depends…do the four of you really want to hear what its like dealing with four girls every single day Let me remind you that one of them is Ino…”

Answering on behalf of the group, Kiba groaned, “Yeah, thats a hard pass from me…”

Releasing Akamaru from his grasp, Kiba bounced to his feet, asking, “So, what now I feel a little guilty, especially after the effort youve put into helping Kaia-chan get stronger. If youre still down for it, Im willing to join you and train for a bit.”

Taking advantage of Kibas words, Naruto hopped up and shouted, “Yeah! Lets do this…!” as if he wasnt the one who had nearly sent Wu teetering over the edge just minutes prior.

Surprising the two boys, Wu shook his head, answering, “Maybe next time. In hindsight, I realize that my actions were pretty selfish. I should have discussed the specifics with each of you before inviting you here today. Leaving things vague and open-ended was a mistake on my part…”

Though he did want to train, there was no way in hell Wu was going to help people who believed they were in a position to pity him. Even if all four similarly aged boys were to team up against him, he would trounce them without effort. Thus, unless they expressed a sincere desire to train in the future, he would never again invite them to accompany him.

As neither boy was particularly known for their intellect, Naruto and Kiba accepted Wus decision at face value. Shikamaru also didnt say anything, though he clearly wanted to, while Choji just munched on a bag of potato chips. The latter had better grades than Naruto and Kiba, largely thanks to Shikamaru, but he was unquestionably the most simple-minded of the group. He barely even spoke…



After the debacle near the beginning, Wu showed the guys around the manor and let them into his room. Then, they just hung out together for the better part of six and a half hours. Wu and Shikamaru mostly played Shogi, Kiba and Naruto played with Akamaru, and Choji engorged himself on the snacks provided by the manors servants. It was an exceptionally slow and monotonous day, but at least Wu got in some Shoji practice. He lost every single game, but each defeat was a stepping stone toward his first victory…




Hearing the sound of her father, a fairly tall man with long, nearly black hair and fierce features, Hinata grit her teeth. Across from her, standing nearly a full head shorter, was her younger sister, Hanabi. She was only four years old, but her mastery of the Byakugan and the Gentle Fist had earned her the recognition of the Clan Elders.

Since her sister didnt move, Hanabi, a 104cm tall girl with fair features and long brown hair that cascaded down the sides of her face, charged forward. Their father had informed them that this was a very important match, and Hanabi took it seriously.

Surprising both Hanabi and the middle-aged man, Hiashi, Hinata didnt immediately back down or backpedal. She had a vexed expression on her face, but she was able to bat away each of Hanabis strikes as if she were swatting bugs out of the air. Wus training had helped her strengthen both her core and legs, so she was as firm as a heavy boulder as she deflected all of her sisters attacks.

Realizing she couldnt break through her sisters defense, Hanabi backed away for a moment and asked, “Since when did you get so strong, Hinata-neesama Is it due to your training at the Hokage Manor”

Interrupting the discussion before it could begin, Hiashis face hardened as he said, “Enough idle chatter. Continue.”

Regaining her seriousness, Hanabi spread her legs a little further apart, a tense atmosphere permeating the courtyard where she and Hinata were fighting. The veins around her eyes began to bulge, causing her quite a bit of discomfort, but she retained her focus as pale blue light began to emit from the tips of her index and middle fingers.

Moving nearly twice as fast as before, Hanabi began targetting Hinatas arms rather than aiming for her body. For an ordinary person, focusing on such a small, fast-moving target would result in tunnel vision. Members of the Hyuga Clan, however, had their Byakugan. Though there was a small blind spot near the back of their head, they could seeeverything within a given area. Hanabis maximum range was only thirty-two meters, but that was exceptional, considering she was only four years old.

Despite the pain in her fingers and forearms, Hinata continued to block her sisters attacks without committing to any counters. She did launch the occasional feint, but her movements were noticeably telegraphed, at least from Hiashis perspective. Hanabi was so focused on her attacks and dodging that it never even crossed her mind that Hinata was holding back.

Spotting a gap in Hinatas defense, a triumphant smile bloomed across Hanabis face as she attempted to take advantage of it. The moment she lunged forward, however, Hinata stepped back for the first time, resulting in Hanabi briefly stumbling forward. At that exact moment, Hinata could have easily landed a counter, but she simply didnt have the heart to hurt her little sister.

Out of sheer panic, Hanabi caught herself and immediately launched acounter. Hinatas hesitation had created another opening, but before Hanabis fingers could impact the Tenketsu beneath her diaphragm, the elder Hyuga abruptly twisted her body, spinning around Hanabis lunge and ending up behind her.

Seeing Hinata fail to take advantage of yet another opening, a profoundly exasperated sigh emanated from Hiashis throat. It was clear that Hinata had improved tremendously in a fairly short period, but she still lacked thedecisiveness necessary for the leader of the Hyuga Clan.

Interrupting the battle, Hiashis expression and tone hardened as he said, “Thats enough. Both of you, come here.”

Ceasing their battle immediately, Hinata and Hanabi rushed over to their father, both bowing slightly once they reached him. The Hyuga Clan was the mosttraditional within the village, so manners and respect were very important.

Gesturing with his right hand, Hiashi said, “Raise your heads…” Both girls immediately complied, but Hiashi didnt speak. He had yet to make up his mind on the Hokages proposal as, despite his stern demeanor, he didnt want either of his daughters to suffer. He had already sacrificed too much for the sake of the Clan and village…too much, but never enough…

Forming his resolve, Hiashi met Hinatas gaze and said, “Tell me about this boy, Sarutobi Wu. What manner of person is he What are his values His dreams His ambitions…”

Taken aback by her fathers questions, Hinata didnt immediately respond. The truth was that she didnt really know Wu that well, only that he was a very earnest and studious person. He also took his trainingvery seriously and encouraged others to do the same…

Recalling the words Wu had said to her near the start of their training, Hinata eventually replied, “I dont know much, but I know he believes inmastering oneself. He is constantly trying to improve and does his best to encourage and support others. As for his dreams and ambitions…Im not sure. I believe he just wants to be the besthim he can be…”

Nodding his head, Hiashi responded with a curt, “I see…” before falling silent. He didnt doubt his daughters words, but it was difficult to believe she was talking about an eight-year-old boy. Most boys his age just cared about playing around and having fun with their friends. It was generally only after they had become Shinobi and were forced to face the reality of theirchosen path that most boys began their journey to becoming men…

Deciding to be honest, the reason he had conducted thetest in private, Hiashi opened his eyes and revealed, “There is a good chance one of you will be engaged to Sarutobi Wu in the future. Be sure to steel your hearts for when the time comes.”

Hearing her fathers words, Hanabi was equal parts surprised and curious. Hinata, however, opened her mouth slightly as if she wanted to speak but couldnt find the words. It didnt show on her face, but she suddenly felt like her entire world was on the verge of collapse…

Meeting Hinatas gaze, Hiashi could feel his throat tightening but forced himself to say, “Due to his status, Sarutobi Wu cannot marry the heir of a founding clan. If you find this arrangement disagreeable, prove yourself worthy of becoming the next head of the Hyuga Clan…”

Without waiting for either of the girls to respond, Hiashi raised his hand and said, “Return to your positions. This is not your final bout, but know that, henceforth, your every action will factor into the decision of myself and the Elders…”

Having been taught never to question her fathers decision, Hanabi gave an affirmative nod before returning to her position. Hinata did the same, but her movements were dull and lifeless. Her Byakugan was active, but she seemed to be staring off into space, not even bothering to put up her guard.

While Hinata didnt hate Wu, she had never once imagined that they might be engaged. Marrying him meant giving up her pursuit of Naruto, but defeating Hanabi meant consigning her little sister to being engaged to a man—a boy she didnt even know. Wu might be one of the better options for a political marriage, but Hanabis young age meant she might not even be able to attend the Academy or experience anormal childhood…

Though he waited several seconds for Hinata to get into her form, Hiashi eventually slipped his hands into his sleeves and said, “Begin.” in a calm, almost chilling tone.

Instead of immediately rushing toward her sister, Hanabi looked to her father for confirmation. Hinata clearly wasnt ready to begin, so it didnt feel right to attack her.

Unable to meet his daughters gaze, Hiashi closed his eyes and repeated, “Begin…” in a slightly softer tone. This time, Hanabi rushed toward Hinata, but there was very little intensity to her attacks. More surprisingly, Hinata was able to weave and evade most of them with minimal movement.

Having never witnessed such a scene, Hanabis pearl-white eyes widened before she began accelerating her attacks. Her hastened pace seemed to snap Hinata out of her daze, but the older girl didnt immediately retaliate. There was an extremely unwillingness in her eyes, but veiled beneath the conflict was a compassionate glimmer that could be repressed but never extinguished.

Just as the tempo of the fight reached the level of their usual sparring, Hinata surprised Hanabi with a sharp counterattack. The palm of her left hand struck the smaller girl directly in her chest, but the force behind the blow was virtually nonexistent. As a result, Hanabi was able to bounce back and continue her assault unabated, her expression now serious as the veins around her eyes thickened.

Hearing the sound of a collision, Hiashi opened his eyes to a scene he had once thought impossible. Hinata was evading each of Hanabis attacks by a hairs breadth before immediately launching a counterattack. There was no power behind the blows, but they were swift and precise, each finding its mark on Hanabis body. Yet, despite her clear superiority, it was Hinata who was knocked back in the end, her guard lowering at the last moment to allow Hanabis attack to impact her lower abdomen…




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