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Chapter 21: Rage

With Hiruzen asking him to show Hinata around while he and Hiashi talked, Wu habitually led her to their usual spot at the training ground before turning to her and saying, “You should have refused when your Tou-san asked if you were willing. I wasnt lying when I said I was okay with the arrangement, but I wasnt expecting you to say yes. Not when you were actually given the option to refuse…”

Blushing slightly, Hinata averted her eyes and uttered faintly, “Sorry…I thought if I said yes, I could…Im not entirely sure…”

Though she wanted to say she would pay Wu back for all of his kindness, Hinata wasnt sure how she would go about it. As far as she knew, there was nothing she could give Wu that he couldnt obtain himself. She could ask him if there was something he wanted, but Hinata was almost certain he would just ask her to try harder during their training.

Shaking his head, Wu said, “Whats done is done. All we need to do is set you up with Naruto, and everything will work out. To that end, use todays experience as motivation to develop your confidence. Not to sound rude, but, as it stands, Naruto is more creeped out by you than anything. If you cant even look him in the eye, how do you expect him to fall for you…”

Hearing Wu point out that Naruto found her creepy, the smile on Hinatas face visibly cramped. She knew Naruto didnt pay a lot of attention to her, but she assumed it was due to Sakura. Naruto had had a crush on Sakura since their first year in the Academy, so even though she had wanted to approach him numerous times, Hinata could never muster the courage to do so while he was fawning over thevexing pinkette…

While Hinata was visibly lost in her thoughts, Wu gave her a quick once over before pointing out, “In your current getup, neither Ino nor Sakura would be able to hold a candle to you. You have delicate features and a gentle nature, so theres really no reason you shouldnt be able to sway the heart of someone like Naruto. Even if you simply smiled at him, you should be able to make him feel nervous…”

Blinking in surprise, Hinata raised her face to meet Wus gaze as she asked, “Do you really believe that someone like me can shine brighter than girls like Ino and Sakura…”

Without any hesitation, Wu replied, “Ino is improving, but her status and personality will make it difficult for her to find a partner that can tolerate her. Sakura is very knowledgeable, but she is also self-centered. Before I pointed out what should have been obvious to everyone, she genuinely believed that Sasuke was just putting on an act whenever he called her and the other girls hindrances…”

Recalling the interchange, Wu shook his head in genuine exasperation before adding, “As far as looks are concerned, well, that depends on the person doing the looking. Everyone has their own standards. However, as far as general appeal goes…you definitely stand out…”

While Wu may not have called her cute or beautiful, Hinata could feel her heart beating as she blushed up to her ears. She knew Wu was probably just trying to help build her confidence, but she still felt gratified. The last time someone had unabashedly complimented her was during her initial encounter with Naruto. He didnt seem to recall the encounter, but it had left an enduring impression on her heart and mind.

Freeing Hinata from her daze, Wu waved his hand in front of her face as he said, “This is something well need to work on. Blushing can increase a womans appeal, but too much of anything is usually bad. If you pass out while trying to confess your feelings…well, lets not worry about that right now. First things first, Im the realist…secondly, stand up straight, narrow your eyes, and try to speak more than a single sentence without pause…”

Though she was a little confused, Hinata obeyed Wus words, rising to her full height before narrowing her eyes. It immediately changed the sort of appeal she gave off, but thats what Wu was going for as he said, “Speak.” in a firm, authoritative tone.

Suddenly feeling nervous, Hinatas posture relaxed as she attempted to ask what she should say. Before she could, Wus expression hardened as he repeated, “Back straight and eyes narrowed. If youre confused about what to say, tell me what you had for breakfast or something interesting that happened recently. It genuinely doesnt matter, so long as you dont avert your eyes or fumble your words.”


Standing straighter, Hinata narrowed her eyes and attempted to recount what she had for breakfast that morning. Whenever she looked away or paused for any length of time, Wu would order her to change topics and start from scratch. It was a little…frustrating. However, understanding he was trying to help her, Hinata continued recounting the mundane aspects of her life until she got it right. Then, just as she thought that was the end, Wu offered a terse compliment and commanded her to start again…over, and over, and over again…



With Hinata eventually beingsaved by her father, Wu was requested by Hiruzen to accompany the old man to his study. There, he had Wu sit on a cushion, a wisened smile on his face as he remarked, “I want you to know Im proud of theperformance you put on during the wedding interview. I had hoped you speak out in young Hinatas defense, but seeing you stare down Lord Hiashi…well, lets just say I havent felt this satisfied since the day I passed on my hat to the Fourth…”

Since Hiruzen had made it clear, time and again, that hismask couldnt fool him, Wu adopted a genuine glower as he said, “You knew damn well your words would put me in a compromising position. I trusted you, and you abused that trust…you made me a pawn in a game I had no interest in playing…”

Instead of refuting Wus words, Hiruzen nodded his head, a melancholy causing him to appear several years older as he said, “Im not getting any younger, Wu…However, that doesnt change the fact I have an obligation to ensure the villages continued peace and prosperity. While its true that I used you, I believed that someone of your considerable intellect would be able to understand and appreciate myresolve. If you one day come to hate me, I will endure that burden. Just promise me youll never let hatred consume you…”

Furrowing his brows, Wu asked, “And why should I promise you anything Trust, once shattered, may be mended. However, no matter the effort you put into repairing it, the cracks will remain…”

Closing his eyes, Hirzuen allowed Wus words time to settle, a tired smile developing across his face as he muttered, “Because you know, no matter how I scheme against you, we are not enemies. I genuinely desire whats best for you, Naruto, and all the children in this village…if I had the power, I would carry on Lord Hashiramas dream of a world where no child has to experience war or bloodshed…”

Reaching up to massage his forehead, Hiruzens voice softened into a weary murmur as he added, “Ive been at this for nearly forty years, Wu-kun. While the world has slowly progressed forward, I have struggled to keep up. Konoha…no, the Elemental Nations have been on the cusp of a revolution that will usher in a new, more prosperous era. We simply lacked someone suitable to act a herald…until now…”

Lowering his hand, Hirzuen stared directly into Wus eyes as he asserted, “You are still young, Wu-kun, but I believe you have the potential to bring about the change many so desperately crave. To that same end, you also have an unprecedented potential to cause harm…if forfeiting my life might prevent you from deviating down such a path, I would gladly cut open my stomach. All that I would ask is that your hatred dies with me…”


Though he was still resentful about what had transpired with Hinata, Wu found himself floored by Hiruzens conviction. The old codger knew he would never ask him to commit ritual suicide, but Wu got the impression he would actually do it. This was one of the things he most hated about Hiruzen, as, despite their infrequent contact, the man could see through him like a glass pane…

Averting his eyes, Wus expression was a mixture of anger, confusion, and bitterness as he groaned, “You really piss me off sometimes…”

Exhaling a chuckle, Hiruzen reached for his pipe as he replied, “Someone has to keep you humble, at least until you have matured enough to do as you please. I know youre biding your time until you have the power to act freely, and I intend to let you act independently once you attain the rank of Jonin. For now, just humor this old man a while longer…we both know I dont just smoke this pipe for my glaucoma…”


Instead of answering Hiruzen, Wu rose to his feet and made to depart the room. Hiruzen made no attempt to stop him, so he stepped into the dimly lit hallway before looking back and saying, “Dont die too soon, old man…I still need your hat as an umbrella…”

Amused by the apt comparison, a hearty laugh emanated from Hirzuens throat. He planned to offer a retort, but by the time he was exhaled a few light coughs, Wu had already disappeared from the entryway. In his wake, Hiruzen adopted a truly grandfatherly smile as he mused, “I should check in on my actual grandson. Im sure Wu-kun wouldnt mind another dozen or so students showing up to receive his guidance…”



Though it was still early in the afternoon, Wu retired to his room to collect his thoughts. A lot had happened in a short period, so he couldnt wait until later that evening to decompress and compartmentalize everything. Thus, starting from the moment Hiruzen appeared outside of his door, Wu replayed the days events over and over again, his temperature gradually increasing as he strained his brain to think of ways he could have handled things better. After that, he weighed how his actions today would affect future events, barely noticing the passage of time as he created a script of sorts within his mind…



(A/N: I was genuinely disappointed by the amount of vitriol I got in response to the previous chapter. Ive been doing my best to release chapters quickly so that everyone isnt left speculating about how things might end up. I thought I made it pretty clear that Wu isnt interested in relationships, yet there were several people crusading about the story was going to be like pokemon with the MC just arbitrarily collecting girls. If that was the case, why would I write tens of chapters building up said girls and showing how their actions influence and are influenced by the MC All of these chapters are basically setting up the foundation for the rest of the story. Assuming Hinata will marry the MC when neither of them is in pursuit of such an outcome is just senseless. I would literally have to write Naruto to be a petulant asshole for Hinata to stop liking him, so all the people shouting NTR this and Cuck that need to get off their asses, go outside, and get some fresh air. Either that or put down the novel for a few days and then come back to verify if yourpredictions were correct. Unless youre irredeemably delusional, you would quickly realize you were talking out of your ass.)


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