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Chapter 24: Freedom

Following the introductions, Hiruzens expression became marginally more serious as he said, “Now, as for your duties as Genin of the Leaf. It should be quite obvious, but Im long past my prime as the God of Shinobi. There is also the matter of my responsibilities as Hokage, so I dont have time to accompany you for training or oversee your missions outside the village…”

Though Wu and Kaia listened patiently, Kazuo couldnt help asking, “Then how will we improve H-How will we advance to Jonin…”

Unbothered by the interruption, Hiruzen waited for Kazuo to finish before explaining, “The three of you have been given a rather unique opportunity. Instead of requiring you to undergo various evaluations to determine your capabilities, I am allowing you to pick and choose which organizational branch of the Shinobi Forces you would like to become a member of. Be it the Medical Squadron, the Aviculture Department, the Survey Corps, the Cryptoanalysis Team, or even the ANBU Black Ops. If you think you have what it takes, I will arrange for you to receive specialized training in your chosen field…”

Shifting his gaze to Kaia, Hiruzen added, “Or, if you would prefer, you can focus on the duties assigned to you by your Clan. Just keep in mind that our Team will meet at the end of each month so that I may evaluate your progress. If your results are satisfactory, I will teach you any Jutsu in my repertoire, starting from the lower ranks and working your way up.”

Hearing that she would be able to remain in your Clan and focus on her studies as a Kennel Master, Kaias smile threatened to tear the muscles of her face. She had improved considerably over the past four years, but she knew better than anyone that she would only get in Wus way. His senses were better than hers, and everything from his speed, power, and intellect were in a league of their own. Thus, even though she really liked spending time with him, Kaia was relieved to hear she wouldnt be holding Wu back. If he came to hate or resent her because of her ineptitude, she wouldnt know what to do…

Contrasting Kaias glee, Kazuos expression was one of shock, confusion, and a trace of fear. The part about being able to join any department he wanted was incredible news. However, if they were to be evaluated at the end of each month, he knew he wouldnt be able to compare to a monster like Wu. Even if he lost 60kgs and tried his absolute best, he would always be in the shadow of his twoteam members…

As if seeing through Kazuos thoughts, Hiruzens expression softened as he said, “Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Being the best at something isnt as important asdoing your best. So long as they make an effort, anyone can become a great Shinobi. To that end, the three of you have my full support.”

Feeling marginally less anxious, Kazuo nodded his head and replied, “Ill do my best…” in an uncharacteristically meek tone. He had no idea which department he wanted to enter, but having the Hokages backing would make it much easier to achieve his dream. If he could accomplish that, he wouldnt care even if Wu became the next Hokage…



With Hiruzen giving them a week to make their decisions, Kaia and Kazuo returned to their homes while Wu joined the elderly man in his study. The moment they entered, Hiruzen immediately removed his hat, an indicator that everything they discussed would be kept between them.

As Wu sat across from him, Hiruzens silvery-grey eyes glimmered with a hint of expectation. It was a little vain of him, but he saw much of himself and a hint of the Second Hokage within his grandson. He still wasnt sure what the future held, but he believed Wu would be the Keeper of the Will of Fire moving forward…

After making himself comfortable, Wu initiated the conversation, stating, “Ive graduated. According to you, this was when myofficial training was supposed to begin. So tell me, Jiji, whatmischief have you prepared for me this time”

Exhaling a light chuckle, Hiruzen took a moment to caress his thinning but still-pointy beard before revealing, “The next Chunin Exams are scheduled to take place in Konoha, officially beginning on June 6th. I intended you to make your debut there, but there have been stirrings along the borders as of late. Your…abilities make you especially suited to slipping in and out of places undetected. As such, I intend to employ you to Kumo and possibly Suuna on a special, off-the-books assignment…”

As his interest in the other villages had increased considerably over the past few years, Wus usually golden eyes gained a fiery hue as he said, “Now youre speaking my language. Let me guess, you want me to gather information on the teams participating in the Chunin Exams Maybe mess up a few of their missions to undermine the trust between the villages and their respective Daimyo…”

Unable to contain himself, Hiruzen burst out laughing. He could easily imagine Wu running rampant in other countries, and because he didnt care about money, the village wouldnt have to fork over a small fortune to incentivize him. Hiruzen just needed to give Wu a bit of freedom, and the Kage of enemy villages were bound to shed tears or cough blood.

After regaining his composure, Hiruzen met Wus gaze, a sly smile on his face as he said, “So long as you dont violate the tenets of any treaties, Ill leave it to you to decide how to operate. After all, this is an off-the-books mission. Unless you uncover something that jeopardizes the village and its people, you dont need to send back a report. Just be sure to return at the end of each month for a debriefing. Understood…”

Punching his right fist into his left palm, a massive grin developed across Wus face as he said, “Leave it to me, Jiji. Ill cause so much havoc those alphabetical apes wont even be able to imagine plotting against us. Just one last thing before I go…”

Though he didnt plan to let Wu leave immediately, Hiruzen nodded his head, prompting the boy to ask, “Since its off-the-books, I wont be able to collect bounties using the Bingo Book, right So my question to you is: if I encounter an enemy Shinobi, should I beat them half to death or fully to death…”

Adopting a markedly wrier smile, Hiruzen paused to consider his response before eventually answering, “Ill leave it to your discretion. Just dont get carried away or go on a killing spree. If a village feels as though its being backed into a corner, it may start a war out of desperation. Ill issue you a Bingo Book, but feel free to spare anyone that isnt listed asKill on Sight. If they have a designation like that, it means they have committed a grave sin against the village and its people. If the opportunity presents itself, do not hesitate to kill them…”

Nodding his head in understanding, Wus expression emulated Hiruzens severity as he asked, “The First Hokages dream, right Dont worry, even I would feel guilty about killing children. Unless my hand is forced, Ill just break their arms and legs before healing them just enough to hobble their way home. As for those KOS assholes Unless I shout out the name of my techniques, those bastards wont even know what hit them.”

Having witnessed Wus capabilities firsthand, Hiruzen had no doubt the boy could pull what he described off. Wu had, for reasons they still didnt fully understand, struggled with conventional Ninjutsu. He was able to do all the things an ordinary Shinobi could do, but the methods he employed were unique to Wu. He had also developed techniques that defied reason, so Hiruzen had great expectations for the boys future.

As that thought crossed his mind, Hiruzen briefly lamented that things hadnt worked out between Wu and Hinata. They had yet to annul the marriage contract formally, but neither had they signed the certificate. Fortunately, while Wu didnt seem to have an interest in Hinata, there was still hope in the form of Kaia and the girl from Team 9, Tenten. And, who knows Maybe Wu will have a fateful encounter during his journey to the West…



With Hiruzen asking him to delay his departure for a few days, Wu decided to meet up with Tenten. The latter had promised to treat him to a meal once he had graduated, so he hopped, skipped, and jumped over to the Higurashi Tool Shop. The roofs of buildings had been off-limits to him as a student, but now that he had graduated, it was like the whole world had opened up to him.

Landing in Tentens backyard, an area with stacks upon stacks of kindling and several mineral storages, Wu briefly looked around before walking up and knocking on the back door. The sounds of movement on the opposite side of the door indicated that it wasnt Tentens mother coming to check things out, so Wu formed a Half-Ram Seal anddisappeared. At least, that was how things appeared. In reality, he had shrunk down to the size of an ant, slipping into the house the moment Tenten opened the door.

Seeing the empty backyard, Tenten immediately became alert, pressing her back to the nearest wall as she threatened, “I swear, Wu-kun. If you jump out and try to startle me, Im eating all of Kaa-chans homemade ice cream…”

With adefeated expression on his face, Wu slowly increased to his full size, remarking, “You used to be funner…what happened”

Blushing fiercely, Tenten exclaimed, “You know darn well what happened, you perverted monkey! I let you into my room, and you went through my drawers while I was taking a bath…!”

Hardening his expression, Wu defended himself by saying, “You called my name and told me to bring you some clothes. You should have been more specific. Besides, whats the big deal Bears are-”

Before Wu could finish speaking, Tenten hammered him in the face with a punch. She told him never to speak of thesecrets he had uncovered that day, so even though she understood it was pointless, she at least tried to punish him.

As his Size Alteration Jutsu was still active, Wu shrunk down, evading Tentens punch and adding insult to injury by slipping between her legs. He didnt touch anything, but the ruddy expression on her face became even more prominent as she covered her front and back, shouting, “You little rascal…!”

Growing tall enough that he had to hunch over to avoid hitting his head against the ceiling, Wu stared down at Tenten, teasing, “Now Im a big rascal…”

With a hand that was nearly the size of Tentens torso, Wu made as if to grab her before stopping as the dango-haired girl stood her ground and stared back at him with a defiant expression, hands on her hips.

Clicking his tongue, Wu returned to his normal size, surprising the petite and athletic girl by scratching the back of his head and revealing, “Im going to be away from the village for a while. If I took things a little too far, its your fault for threatening my ice cream…”

Ignoring the part about the ice cream, Tentens expression softened into one of concern as she asked, “Are you returning to Jigokudani It cant be a mission, can it I know youre capable, but newly-promoted Genin must complete D and C-Rank Missions around the village before receiving any long-term assignments…”

Adopting one of his characteristically toothy smiles, Wu remarked, “I told you before, didnt I Im just built differently. Besides, instead of a normal Jonin Sensei, I got saddled with the old man. This was his idea, so Ill be away for a while, undergoing training.”

Though she was a little surprised to hear that Wus Jonin Sensei was the Hokage, Tenten set aside her other questions and asked, “How soon will you be leaving”

Making a so-so gesture with his left hand, Wu replied, “Three to five days, depending on how long the preparations take.”

As another question popped into her mind, Tenten blinked a few times before asking, “And you decided to come here first…”

Shifting his gaze from Tenten to the fridge, Wus expression appeared to express longing as he responded, “I had to…”

Completely misinterpreting Wus words, a ruddy hue returned to Tentens face as she lowered her head and linked her hands behind her back. A lot had changed since her initial encounter with Wu, and while it had taken her a while to figure it out, she eventually realized that her parents were attempting to set them up. She still believed it was a little early, but now that Wu had graduated from the Academy…it wouldnt be too weird if they started dating, right




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