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IYour FatherCarry a Big Stick Chapter 30: I Your Father Might Become a Father

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Chapter 30: I, Your Father, Might Become a Father

In order to present himself as someone that could be trusted, Wu never bothered snooping around or trying to gather information covertly. Most of the questions he asked were the kind anynaive and overconfident kid in his situation would have asked. After all, except for a few prisoners and some unfortunate souls being experimented upon, everyone in the facility was a Shinobi. They could usually intuit when someone was attempting to pry information from them.

After around three weeks of just going with the flow, Wu received a knock on his door, followed by the familiar voice of Guren calling out, “Otokage-sama has requested your presence, Dadi-kun.”

Springing to his feet, Wu approached the door, opening it to reveal the smiling face of Guren on the other side before asking, “When will you stop attaching honorifics to my name I even gave you my express permission to call me Dadi…”

Exhaling a throaty, amused chuckle, Guren elected not to answer Wus question. Instead, she narrowed her eyes slightly and said, “Come on. It wouldnt do to keep our Lady waiting.”

Shrugging helplessly, Wu replied, “Yeah, yeah…” before falling into step behind the bluish-purple-haired Kunoichi. The two of them had gotten a lot closer over the past twenty-three days, but there was also a notabledistance between them. If he had to guess, Wu would put his money on the possibility that Guren had a terminal illness and didnt want to burden him when she inevitably died…

After reaching one of the many labs spread throughout the underground facility, Wus eyes were briefly drawn to the presence of a group of girls, two of which he recognized. The Otokage was also present, however, so he focused on her as she perused the contents of a thick, manilla-colored folder.

Without raising her gaze from the folder, the Otokage revealed, “I have completed the preliminary analysis of your blood and chakra composition. As you are well aware, you possess a rather…remarkable constitution. Its to such an extent that I find it difficult to believe youre even human…”

Adopting one of his characteristically cheeky grins, Wu remarked, “I did always tell people I was built different. Now I have proof.”

Exhaling a light chuckle, the Otokage mused, “Indeed…” before raising her gaze to meet Wus as she gestured to the girls waiting off to the side, adding, “As you can see, I took your request on the day we met seriously. These are a just a few women I have deemed suitable for carrying your exceptional genes. Each possesses a Kekkei Genkai or is the descendent of a clan with unique abilities bordering on one…”

Noticing Tayuya and the green-haired girl whose ass he had poked were among the group, Wu couldnt help asking, “And these girls are actuallywilling to contribute to my legacy I may be shameless, but I also take pride in myself and my appearance. Im not so desperate that I need to force unwilling participants to bear my children.”

Reacting to Wus gaze, Tayuya averted her eyes, arms crossed in a huff. The Otokage interpreted this asromantic tension between the duo, so she decided to mediate, revealing, “Tayuya-chan is a distant cousin to the nearly defunct Uzumaki Clan. She endured many hardships to awaken the potential of her bloodline. As such, she can sometimes be a little; how can I put this nicely Standoffish Regardless, each girl here has consented to the arrangement. I have also prepared each of their files, so youre free to peruse them if it will help you make a decision.”

Handing Wu the folder containing his and each of the girls lab results and medical records, an obsessive smile developed across the Otokages face as she asserted, “I greatly anticipate the results, Dadi-sama…”

Accepting the folder, Wu elicited an amused chuckle from the Otokage as he began perusing the contents, starting with his own file. He was curious to see how the Otokages results compared to the data provided to him by Konohas lab technicians. There was always a chance they had been lying to him, so this was an excellent opportunity to ascertain how trustworthy his so-called allies were.

Fortunately for Hiruzen, and Konoha as a whole, nothing in the Otokages report contradicted the information they had provided. It wasa lot more detailed, but that could be attributed to the Otokages research intoSage Chakra, the result of combining Natural Energy and Chakra.

Seeing how focused Wu was on the folders contents, the Otokage issued another light chuckle before choosing to excuse herself. There were still a lot of experiments she wanted to conduct on Wu, but that could wait until his trust in Otogakure had strengthened. For now, she was curious to see who Wu would choose among the candidates she had carefully arranged for him. So long as he selected even a single one of them, she would be getting more information on the boy. And if things wentparticularly well, she would be acquiring multipletest subjects in the next ten to twelve months. Either way, it was only a matter of time before she got everything she desired from the boy…



With Guren following after the Otokage, Wu found himself in what some in his position would consider aprecarious situation. Excluding Tayuya and the green-haired girl, apparently named Kagero, there were ten complete strangers who had expressed a willingness tobreed with him. Quite the predicament, indeed…

Noticing that two of the girls shared the same surname as Kagero, Fuuma, Wu raised his gaze from the manilla folder and asked, “So, what Am I to be the next Patriarch of the Fuuma Clan Or are you just intending to use my bloodline to strengthen your next generation”

Answering on behalf of Kagero and another woman that could easily be mistaken as her twin, a raven-haired beauty with sharp black eyes and a hime-style haircut replied, “While it is our heartfelt desire to restore the Fuuma Clan, we have no attachment to the surname itself. If Dadi-sama would prefer our children to be named Saiko, we offer no complaints.”


Shifting his attention to the green-haired Kagero, Wu asked, “Is that so I would have assumed one of you would be a little…butthurt after the way I treated them in the past.”

Recalling the incident three weeks prior, Kagero involuntarily shuddered before using her hands to protect her backside. She didnt condemn Wu for attacking her or acting in self-defense, but the trauma of that day was still fresh in her mind. As for the matter of whether she was willing…there was nothing she wouldnt do to achieve the restoration of her Clan…

Forcing a look of conviction on her face, Kagero asserted, “Ill be in Dadi-samas care from now on…”

Though he initially planned to eliminate the girl outright, Kageroscalm assertion amused Wu quite a bit. He could see her knees shaking, but the look in her eyes showed she was serious. Her file also credited her with having a unique ability that exceeded even an S-Rank Ninjutsu, the only downside being that it consumed so much Chakra it placed the user in a near-death state. In other words, without adequate preparations, it was a one-time use, kamikaze jutsu.

Instead of refuting the girls conviction, Wu gave a curt nod before turning his attention back to the manilla folder. One of the girls nearest to his age, based on appearances, had caught his notice the moment he entered the room. She had pale hair tied into a lazy ponytail, bangs that reminded him a lot of Hinata, and silvery-grey eyes. More noticeably, at least from Wus perspective, she exuded a distinctchill from her body.

Referencing the girls profile, Wu mused, (“Yuki Sen…a wartorn orphan who managed to escape theBloodline Purge currently taking place in Kirigakure, the Village Hidden in the Mist. Exhibits basic mastery of her Clans unique Kekkai Genkai, Ice Release. Can produce an icy vapor that rapidly freezes everything in her surroundings. Neat…”)

Though he didnt intend to start a harem of girls with unique bloodlines, at least not any time soon, Wu could tell that the Yuki Clans Ice Release had potential. If he could get Sen and the rest of the girls present to defect to Konoha, the village might actually have a few interesting Clans…assuming he could prevent a certain cyclops from attempting to pilfer them…

Snapping the folder shut, Wu gave the group of girls, aged 14-27, one of his best smiles as he said, “First of all, let me thank you for expressing an interest in mine and Otokage-samas proposition. However, while it might be true that you have each given your consent, that isnt quite enough to convince me of yoursincerity. Were talking about restoring and creating brand new Clans here, so I need to choose my partners carefully.”

Meeting Tayuyas gaze, Wu left the scarlet-haired woman slackjawed as he revealed, “The only person Im seriously considering right now is the angry tomato. The Uzumaki Clan was legendary for their affinity with all things related to seals, and their vitality is nothing to scoff at. It would be pretty dumb of me not to at leastconsider having one as a wife…”

Passing his gaze over the remaining girls, Wus expression appeared to soften as he added, “As for the rest of you…Ill have to make my decision on a case-by-case basis. For now, how about we get to know each other first Even if youre willing now, you might regret it for the rest of your life if you enter into a relationship with someone you hate. Ill talk to Otokage-sama, so, at the very least, you wont have to worry about being sent on any dangerous missions for the time being…”

Though the twin-like women from the Fuuma Clan seemed a little irked by Wuspolite dismissal, neither said anything. While they had agreed when the Otokage approached them, the notion of getting knocked up by a boy less than half their age wasnt particularly enticing. They wouldnt have even considered it if he didnt possess an extraordinary constitution and a powerful Kekkei Genkai…

Finished with what he had to say, Wu took advantage of his much higher-ranking status to dismiss everyone but Tayuya. A hateful glower appeared on her face at the implication of his actions, but she waited until the other girls had departed before asking, “Dont tell me you want to do it right this instant Can you even get it up properly at your age…”

Instead of answering Tayuyas question, a teasing smile developed across Wus face as he remarked, “Awwwww…is the horny tomato worried about little old me Isnt that just precious…”

Narrowing her eyes, Tayuya snarled, “If you dont want to **, then whatdo you want Unlike you, the rest of us have other responsibilities. I have better things to do than standing around, listening to your bull**.”

Rolling his eyes, Wu lazily retorted, “The moment you agreed to Otokage-samas proposition, I became the most important thing you haddo. Now, am I going to have to order you to tell me your story, or are you going to tell me of your own accord”

Blinking in surprise, Tayuya uttered a confused, “Huh…” before regaining her usual ferocity and asserting, “Its none of your **ing business…”

Hitting the tomato head with anoh really look, Wu asked, “Isnt it We have just been given a license to ** like rabbits and make babies. I believe that gives me a pretty compelling reason to know at least a little of your backstory. What do you think”


Though Wus words were fairly compelling in and of themselves, Tayuya only hesitated for a few seconds before reiterating, much softer this time, “Its none of your **ing business…” Then, even though it went against the policies of Otogakure, she stormed past Wu and walked away without waiting to be dismissed…




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