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After hearing Fang Panxias words, Shen Ruojing felt a little annoyed and impatiently said, “Back then, someone helped me and passed me Dugu Xiaos medical files.

Are you happy now”

She had made her preparations back then.

However, her identity as the organization leader was too sensitive, and it would involve the people around her.

Even people in the organization would wear masks when they were meeting as they were afraid of being exposed.

Anyway, Shen Ruojings parents were still living in Sea City, so she definitely had to hide her identity.

Hence, when she had been in the organization, she had never exposed the fact that she was skilled in the medical arts.

This was why she had told people outside that she had a few friends who were highly skilled in the medical field.

This was also the reason why she dared to treat others after she feigned her death.

When Fang Panxia heard this, she unhappily spoke, “Was it Dugu Xiao who sought help from you”

After speaking, she looked at Chu Cichen.

She asked this question naturally because she wanted to tell Chu Cichen that Shen Ruojing and Dugu Xiao had an ambiguous relationship!

Bro Chen hated Dugu Xiao.

There was no need to doubt this.

If Shen Ruojing and Dugu Xiao were friends…Bro Chen would surely alienate her.

However, Chu Cichen clenched his fists tightly as he looked at Shen Ruojing.

So, Shen Ruojing was also acquainted with 518 back then Was Shen Ruojing one of the doctor friends mentioned by 518

A complicated feeling filled his heart.

This caused him to stare dumbly at Shen Ruojing.

Maybe, Shen Ruojing knew 518s true identity.


When Fang Panxia saw his expression, she mistakenly believed that her plan worked.

Hence, she frowned and said, “Since you are Dugu Xiaos friend, why did you have to embroil the Chu Family in this manner You caused me to fail to complete the mission Bro Chen gave me…”

However, even Lu Cheng could no longer bear to listen to this.

He coughed lightly and reminded, “Sis Fang, Shen Ruojing didnt affect our plan.

Rather, she made our plan even more flawless.

Others dont know this, but how can you not understand Bro Chen only wants to find a chance to concentrate his shares so that when the Chu Corporation undergoes a transformation, he wont be affected.

During this period, Shen Ruojing suffered anger from the other shareholders and it has been really tough on her…”


When Fang Panxia heard this, she felt a slight shock in her heart.

She had been muddle-headed.

Because she was fawned upon by the shareholders during this period, in addition to being tortured in Dugu Xiaos villa, her state of heart had collapsed.

This was why she had said such things.

She hurriedly wanted to make up for it.

“Bro Chen, Im sorry…I dont mean things like that.

I only feel that Ive let you down because I failed to cure Dugu Xiao and also failed to investigate what you want… Thats why I lost control for a moment and said the wrong things, blaming Miss Shen…”

Lu Cheng heaved a sigh of relief.

“Sis Fang, its enough that you know you are wrong, you…”

Before he could finish speaking, a crisp female voice as cold as ice rang out.

“Stop the car.”

Lu Cheng subconsciously stepped on the brake.

The car screeched to a stop and only then did Lu Cheng realize that the earlier command was spoken by Shen Ruojing.

When he drove, he would only take orders from Chu Cichen.

How did he subconsciously take orders from Shen Ruojing right now

Just when Lu Cheng was vexed, he heaved a sigh of relief when he glanced at Chu Cichen through the rearview mirror and saw that Chu Cichen didnt blame him.

After the car was stopped, Shen Ruojing spoke to Fang Panxia, “Get out.”


She truly couldnt stand this white lotus* in the car any longer.

Fang Panxia.


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She clenched her fist, but she subconsciously looked at Chu Cichen.

“Bro Chen, I really know my mistake.

Miss Shen, please dont be angry…”

Chu Cichen had been silent ever since he had learned that Shen Ruojing had a connection with Dugu Xiaos sickness.

This was why Fang Panxia thought that Chu Cichen was angry.

“You dont want to get off, right Fine, Ill go.” Shen Ruojing placed her hand on the door and was about to open it.

However, her wrist was caught by a strong wrist.

Chu Cichens voice rang out in her ears.

“Dont be nonsensical.”

His voice contained a strange gentleness.

Upon hearing this, Shen Ruojings anger immediately dissipated.

Chu Cichens heavy gaze then turned and looked at Fang Pangxia.

“Get out.”



Fang Panxia looked at him in astonishment and bit her lips, feeling reluctant to be chased off like this.

There were naturally gossipers among the bodyguards in the cars behind.

If she got out like this, Chu Cichens subordinates would definitely spread the story wildly.

In that case, she wouldnt be able to maintain her status.

She bit her lips and said, “Bro Chen, I still have something to report to you.

Although I didnt manage to investigate what you want, I have some understanding…”

518 had a place in Chu Cichens heart that couldnt be touched.

As long as she mentioned this matter, Chu Cichens attitude would surely alleviate.

Through these many years, Chu Cichen would estrange himself from her every time she revealed the slightest bit of liking for him.

After that, she would always choose to use this method to bring their relationship closer.

Chu Cichen looked at her.

“I said get out.”

Fang Panxia clenched her fists.

She drew in a deep breath.

“Okay, Ill get in one of the cars at the back.

After we arrive back at the manor, Ill report to you again.”

She pushed the door open and got out of the car.

Just when she did so, Chu Cichen commanded.


Lu Cheng was stunned.

“Sis Fang hasnt…”

But before he finished speaking, he hurriedly drove off when he matched his gaze with Chu Cichen.

The moment he drove off, the cars behind him drove off as well.

The bodyguards in the car were all following Chu Cichen and protecting him closely.

Not a single car stopped for Fang Panxia.


After Fang Panxia got down and was preparing to get into one of the other cars, she only saw the convoy zooming past her.

Not a single car stopped and she was directly abandoned on the highway!

Fang Panxia.



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