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“Divine doctor, Master is waiting for you.

This way please.”

When the butler saw Shen Ruojings expression, he quickly spoke up to disrupt her attention and pointed in another direction.

Shen Ruojing looked at Leng Ling once again.

In order to increase Shen Ruojings good impression of Dugu Xiao, the butler explained, “Miss Leng was rude to you and Master punished her.

She deserves this.

Is Miss Shen satisfied”

Upon hearing this, Shen Ruojings fingertips tensed up and a wave of fury suddenly surged in her heart.

A moment later, she let out an exhale and looked at the butler coldly, her lips slightly curled.

“I am.”

The butler.


The divine doctor was smiling, but why did he feel a chill down his spine

The two of them went straight to Dugu Xiaos treatment room.

The man was more docile today and was already lying on his stomach on the bed.

When he heard the door opening, he looked up and smiled a little.

“Miss Shen, Ill be troubling you again.”

“Treating illness and saving lives is the job of a doctor.”

Shen Ruojing opened up her bag of acupuncture needles.

Thinking of the injuries Leng Ling was suffering outside, she once again drew the thickest needle out and pierced it into the top of Dugu Xiaos head.

This time around, she pierced it deeper than she had done previously.


As a result, Dugu Xiao was in so much pain that his body tensed up uncontrollably.

His hands clenched tightly onto the edges of his blanket, but he was headstrong and managed to withstand this pain that was almost equivalent to broken bones without making a sound.


After the rest of the needles were placed into the respective acupoints, Shen Ruojing sat on the sofa next to the window, staring out.

From this angle, she could see Leng Ling.

After an unknown amount of time, the butler suddenly came in and handed a phone to Dugu Xiao.

Dugu Xiao looked a little ridiculous with needles all over his head, just like a porcupine.

But after reading the message on the phone, he sneered coldly.

“As expected, Miss Shen has amazing medical skills.”


Shen Ruojing looked over, puzzled.

Even though Dugu Xiao was bearing an intense headache, his tone was still composed.

“Chu Cimos murder case has been concluded.”

Hearing this, Shen Ruojing quickly took out her phone.

As expected, a popular search topic with the label “hot” appeared in the news for Sea City.

It was the sentence for Yan Zihaos murder case.

The relevant department announced that according to the autopsy results, it was determined that the victim, Yan Zihao, had died from an infectious disease and not Chu Cimos beatings.

As a result, Chu Cimo was found not guilty and released.

Thereafter, another sentence was issued.

Chu Cimo was found guilty of assault and was sentenced to a five-day convict as well as a $500 fine.

The case was clear and Chu Cimos act of beating up the victim was also punished.

However, in view that Chu Cimo had been detained for five days as a suspect, he was released straight away and just had to pay the fine.

Shen Ruojing was a little surprised.

She didnt expect Captain Cui to respond so quickly when she had just gotten Ye Lu to hand him the autopsy results.

However, she understood why this was the case.

After all, the virus on Yan Zihao was infectious, and it was better to take care of the case as quickly as possible.

This would allow for the cremation of his body as soon as possible.

However, the comment section blew up.

——Infectious disease That must be a lie, right Why have I not heard of any small-scaled infectious disease being spread recently

——Ha, these days, the ways the second-generation rich kids could get away from their crime are increasing!

——Infectious disease Whod believe that

——Im really disappointed with the Chu Corporation now.

Theres obvious video evidence, but yet they can still say that the death was due to an infectious disease.

They must be trying to destroy the corpse as soon as possible and destroy all evidence.

Most people felt pity for the weak.

If an ordinary person had their girlfriend scammed into marriage and their child tortured for many years, they would have the publics understanding even if they were to beat up the perpetrators to death.

However, since the victim was Chu Cimo, they would just suspect that this was a new way of exoneration from the Chu Corporation.

Suddenly, the Internet was filled with questions.

Shen Ruojing was never one to care about these things, so she switched off her phone directly.

Her gaze was heavy as she looked at Dugu Xiao.

“Dugu Xiao, are you the one to poison him”

Dugu Xiao smiled.

“Would Miss Shen believe me if I said no”

“I would.”

Shen Ruojings reply was very fast.

“But you should know who they are.”

She had thought that the reason Dugu Xiao would get someone to keep an eye on Yan Zihao was because he was certain Chu Cimo would go and beat Yan Zihao up.

After that, Dugu Xiao would have Yan Zihao killed and shift the blame on Chu Cimo.

But then, why did Dugu Xiaos subordinate continue to film for another few hours until Yan Zihao died

How was Dugu Xiao so certain that Chu Cimo would beat Yan Zihao up in the middle of the night And also that Yan Zihao would die

Shen Ruojing suddenly understood.

Dugu Xiao hadnt gone to film the scene of Chu Cimo beating Yan Zihao up.

He had wanted to film Yan Zihao from the very beginning! He knew that Yan Zihao had been poisoned!

Seeing that Shen Ruojings reaction was so fast, Dugu Xiao didnt hide anything.

“Hmmm, theres an overseas organization that isnt very obedient.”

That was why he had the evidence filmed.

With the cooperation of the relevant authorities, he could wipe out everyone from the said organization and remove any dissidents.

After Shen Ruojing understood these, she didnt say anything else.

Dugu Xiao would definitely contact Captain Cui regarding the follow-up, and it wouldnt have anything to do with her then.

At this moment, a commotion rang out from outside.

Hence, Shen Ruojing turned her head abruptly and realized that Leng Ling had fainted!

Leng Ling knelt with her face on the ground, which caused Shen Ruojing to panic and stand up suddenly.

The butler also came in.

“Master, Miss Leng fainted again.”


Shen Ruojing frowned and headed out.

“Ill go take a look.”

Seeing that Shen Ruojing was so anxious about Leng Ling, Dugu Xiao felt a little perplexed.

He wanted to go with her to take a look, but the moment he stood up, Shen Ruojings aloof voice rang out.

“You cant move for now.”

“…” Dugu Xiao lay back down and instructed the butler, “Go with her.”

“Yes, Master.”

Before Shen Ruojing arrived at Leng Lings side, the family doctor in the villa had reached her.

At this moment, two people lifted Leng Ling and entered a room.

Shen Ruojing followed behind them.

The moment they entered, Leng Ling was placed on the bed and had her shirt cut open.

As a tearing sound rang out, Leng Lings back was exposed to Shen Ruojing!

It was gruesome.

Not a piece of skin on Leng Lings back was intact, and the wound had become infected.

Even pus had formed.

Moreover, some of the overlapping whip marks looked very serious, and Leng Ling also had a high fever.

At this moment, the family doctor wanted to put her on a drip straight away.

However, Leng Ling woke up groggily.

When she felt that someone was pressing down on her wrist, she pushed the person away.

Leng Ling had the best fighting skills here and no one could get close to her.

When Shen Ruojing saw this, she quickly went up and locked down Leng Lings wrist, finally getting close to her.

Leng Ling wanted to struggle and she said in a hoarse voice, “Shen Ruojing, I dont need you to save me! Im going to kill you…”

Seeing Leng Ling like this, Shen Ruojing suddenly let out a sigh.

She got close to Leng Lings ear and whispered, “Little Leng Ling, dont make a fuss.

Its me.”


Her words caused Leng Ling to be stunned on the spot.

Feeling startled, she looked at Shen Ruojing in disbelief!!!

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