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After hearing this, Shen Ruojings heart sank.

She directly pushed the cubicles door open.

The few women here didnt expect that there was someone in the cubicle, hence, they jumped in fright.

They then glanced at the panicking woman.

Someone even touched her forehead.

“Its not hot at all.Your temperature is normal.

It is even lower than the temperature of my palm!”

That persons expression turned pale.

“However, I really feel unwell.”

“It must be from fright, right It is all due to your psychological state.

Dont worry, how can there be so many transmissible diseases in this era” The others didnt treat this seriously.


After seeing how they were acting, Shen Ruojing directly walked to the pale woman and grabbed her wrist.

The woman was badly shocked.

“What are you doing”

The others also all turned to look at Shen Ruojing.

“Who are you”

“Do you know where this place is How can you grab people randomly Even if you are a woman, you cant do this!”

“Release Xiao Li quickly!”


Shen Ruojings brows were tightly creased amidst the noise they made.

She then released the woman and directly spoke, “You have been infected.

You have to eat the pill immediately.”

Xiao Li was stunned.

Shen Ruojing didnt care if this girl listened to her or not.

After she finished speaking, she directly left the toilet to look for Captain Cui.

The transmissible disease had started spreading.

She had to immediately get Captain Cui to think of a solution.

After she left the toilet, the women there heaved a sigh of relief.

“She must be mental, right Who is she”

“I recall it now.

Ive seen [Masked Singers] before, and I think shes that huge celebrity, Anonymous! I heard that shes the fiancee of the Chu Family”

“Ah In that case, how would she be skilled in the medical arts She must be blindly talking nonsense.

Xiao Li, dont be scared by her words.

If it was really a transmissible disease, how could there not be any symptoms after these few days”


The others also nodded.

Everyone glanced at the black pill in their hands and decided not to eat it after contemplation.


Shen Ruojing directly found Captain Cui and said, “There would be a virus break-out soon.

Back then, Chu Cimo hit Yan Zihao and the attacks caused Yan Zihaos blood circulation to quicken.

This also hastened the incubation period of the virus from two-to-three days to a few hours.

However, this is also good as Yan Zihao didnt have the chance to run around and spread the virus.

But since there were people handling his corpse, I need you guys to talk to the public and say that if there are people feeling feverish recently and have spells of dizziness, they can…”

She paused and pondered before giving a name to the previously unnamed medical pill.

“They can purchase the heat dispersal pill.

Those who are infected have to continuously eat the pills for three days before they can be cured.

Those who are not infected can just eat one for prevention purposes.”

Captain Cui regarded this matter with great importance.

The cooperation they had a few years back made him understand that thismajor boss before his eyes wasnt someone without substance.

He then immediately asked solemnly, “Okay, where can they purchase the heat dispersal pill”

Shen Ruojing spoke, “Ive gotten the Chu Corporations pharmaceutical factory to mass-produce it.

We will work together then with the various major pharmacies and hospitals.”


Captain Cui was an action-oriented person.

In addition, the quicker this matter was resolved, the easier it would be to control it.

He directly announced this to the public and even made sure that this was on the news in Sea City.

The news was broadcasted, saying that they had recently discovered a transmissible virus here.

If someone showed symptoms of flu, they should quickly head to the hospital or pharmacy to purchase the heat dispersal pills.

Once this was announced, a commotion rang out in Sea City again.

All the reports were sensitive enough to sense something, and all of them were trying to look for news.

Inside the Chu Corporation.

Lu Cheng went to the factory to check the progress of the medicine that was being manufactured.

Earlier, Lord Jing had sent a message to him, telling him to create another 100,000 pills to prepare for the worst case.

However, the moment he entered the factory, the person in charge here, Fang Panxia, immediately walked over.

She directly frowned and spoke, “Lu Cheng, do you know that her recipe contains a lot of valuable ingredients The capital of manufacturing 100,000 pills has reached millions…”

Lu Cheng didnt know anything about medicine, so he only nodded.

“Whats wrong Are we not able to purchase the ingredients I can source them from outside…”

“…” Fang Panxia choked before sighing.

“I feel that it is enough to just manufacture 10,000 pills.

Why is there a need to add on another 100,000 pills Isnt it very wasteful to use such valuable ingredients”


Lu Cheng started.

“Sis Fang, what do you mean by this As long as the pills are eaten by those who need them, how can they be considered a waste If we can sell these pills, we wouldnt necessarily make a loss…”

Fang Panxia frowned and helplessly continued, “Why cant you understand my meaning I feel that she is going too far.”

Lu Cheng still didnt understand.

“Whats going too far”

“She wanted to clear Chu Cimos name and it was enough as long as she said that Yan Zihao was poisoned.

Why was there a need for her to lie and say something about there being a transmissible disease I know that the Chu Corporation is currently transforming and aiming to become a pharmaceutical company.

Currently, we are still not in the market and our negotiations with the various major pharmacies arent smooth.

Hence, I understand that she is trying to help the companys development, but the public arent fools.

Such a lie is too easily exposed…She even caused the reputation of our Chu Corporation to sink drastically.

Now, she wants to waste money to treat a so-calledtransmissible disease.

I feel that shes going too far.”


Lu Cheng finally understood.

“You feel that there isnt any transmissible disease and everything was a lie made up by her”

Fang Panxia sighed.

“Even the professionals from the capital failed to discover this.

However, she merely took a look at the corpse and said that there was a transmissible disease.

Lu Cheng, no one is that stupid.”

“Sis Fang.” Lu Chengs expression turned unsightly and his tone was filled with certainty.

“She is a divine doctor.”

Fang Panxia bitterly smiled.

“You must be awed by her title, right A divine doctor is merely a traditional chinese medicine practitioner.

Even a scientific instrument couldnt confirm that there was a virus, yet she could tell just by touching a wrist How could that be possible…”


Lu Chengs chin tensed.

At this moment, he also wavered a little.

But when he thought of how confident Shen Ruojing sounded and the few times before when he didnt trust her…

He determinedly continued, “I believe in her.

In addition, manufacturing these pills is Bro Chens order.

Do you dare not obey”

Fang Panxia didnt expect Lu Chengs attitude would be so firm.

Hence, she frowned and pondered before speaking, “Alright then, lets manufacture another 100,000 pills.”

After speaking, she turned and wanted to leave.

“Sis Fang.” Lu Cheng called her again.

Fang Panxia turned her head.

Lu Chengs expression turned fierce.

“Even if you have doubts in your heart, you shouldnt be saying something like this in this place.

Everyone here is a staff thats manufacturing the medicine.

If they heard your words and spread it out, what should we do”

Fang Panxia choked and pursed her lips.

“My apologies.

I only feel bad for the millions of dollars that are invested.

Ill take note of my words in the future.”

Lu Cheng nodded.

She had already said it, so Lu Cheng could only hope that the staff here could keep their mouths sealed.

Sadly, hope was hope.

There were simply too many people who wanted to find out more about this matter.

Very soon, the conversation between Lu Cheng and Fang Panxia spread to the reporters.

The internet exploded once more.

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