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The factions didnt even bother to hide.

They made up a shoddy excuse, then ran towards the center of the storm, Dongtianwang City.

There was absolute chaos!

Dao Qiongcang knew that his incarnation of the saints will hafailed to stop the Dragon Pearls final disaster in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

This might bring him a disaster.

However, Dao Qiongcang really did not know that this disaster could actually cause such a huge headache!

“Bazhunan, oh Bazhunan…”

After dismissing his underlings to deal with those troublesome news reports, Dao Qiongcang gazed into the distance from the top of the Sacred Mountain, his eyes filled with admiration.

“I originally thought that suppressing the news of your birth in the White Cave would not cause much of a stir in the continent.”

“I didnt expect that your rebound from the bottom would give me a blow right to my head instead.”

Dao Qiongcang held the compass in his left hand and extended his right.

It was as if he was touching the Net of Order in the great world beyond him.

He didnt feel discouraged.

It seemed like even though the whole world went mad, his mind was still calm.

If his mind were a pond, this couldnt stir up even the slightest ripple.

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After staring at the sea of clouds on the Sacred


“This game is getting more intense.

Its getting more and more interesting.”


In Eastern Sky Realm, near the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Leaving just a single sentence, Bazhunan had already left Abyss Island.

This was the same Bazhunan who had caused countless spiritual cultivators to go mad.

With the help of the Storyteller, he hid in the spatial crack.

“Brother, have you gone crazy”

“Why do you have to waste so much energy shouting Cant you let the leader of Black Vein do it What would happen if you were to injure yourself shouting”

The Storyteller held the limp Bazhunan.

He felt that he only needed to push…


He didnt even need to push.

The Storyteller only needed to let go of Bazhunan and let the spatial storm wreak havoc.

The chief Saint Servant would die before his eyes.

The Eighth Sword Deity would die in an unknown location.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Bazhunan coughed violently and wiped the blood from the corner of his lips after coughing.

He then said, “Who in the world knows about the Black Dragon Who doesnt know about Bazhunan”

“Do you think everyones stupid If I didnt use my name, would they be attracted by a random god from nowhere” Bazhunan sneered.

The Storyteller opened his mouth slightly, but he couldnt say anything to refute Bazhunan.

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Thats right.

Right now, was there any information that was more exaggerated than the Eighth Sword Deitys resurrection in the five regions of the Shengshen Continent

After his brothers words, the five regions and four seas were shaken.

How could his influence be compared to that of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, whose name had been forgotten immediately by the masses

Thinking of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, the Storyteller was a little worried.

“We have a close-to-perfect plan to enter Abyss Island.

But why would you left the Demoic Emperor… the leader of the Black Vein excite this mission Its rebellious.

Arent you afraid of accidents”

“There are no accidents.” Bazhunan cleared his throat and coughed out blood.

The feeling of being in a spatial storm was not pleasant.

He could only walk through the spatial crack by relying on the Storyteller.

The Storyteller pursed his lips and said, “There are three usable ancestors of the White Vein.

There are clearly three ancestors of the white vein that can be used.

The Infernal..

doesnt that old ancestor still have the infernal lineage in the Shengshen Continent It has already been passed down to Xu Xiaoshous generation.

Hes one of us.

Why not use him”

“We cannot use him precisely because he is one of us.

After all, the cost of using Remorse is too great.” Bazhunan explained.

This was something that was never mentioned in the battle plan.

The Storyteller could only ask after the incident ended.

The Holy Emperors Remorse… thinking about the power belonging to the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon made the Storyteller a bit worried.

“Brother, do you think theres a possibility that the Remorse has already been released, but hasnt been completely destroyed”

Bazhunan sneered.

“That damned Daoist isnt an idiot.

Hes more afraid of the power of the Holy Emperors Remorse than I am.

I just have to get the Black Dragon out.

He risked his life to summon the power of the Holy Emperor, but he has to help me eliminate the scourge.

This is an open plot, and he cant do anything about it.”

The Storyteller was speechless.

He only felt that his brain wasnt enough for this kind of intellectual discourse.

What kind of mentality could make a person believe in his opponent so much that he would help the opponent get rid of someone who was more like a teammate than an opponent

After a long silence, the Storyteller felt that he wasnt suitable to think about this matter.

In his opinion, there were too many parts of the battle plan that required the cooperation of the opponent, and these were all very crucial segments.

The opponent was clearly Dao Qiongcang, who was known to be unpredictable.

How could Brother still fool around like this!

However, the news spread throughout the five regions like wildfire.

Even the Storytellers clone had heard about it.

He knew that the battle plan was completely successful.

“I dont understand whats going on anymore…” The Storyteller sighed silently.

Before entering the Abyss Island, the Storyteller was still doubtful whether the Saint Servant Nine Thrones had the strength to influence the movement of an era.

Now, there was no doubt at all.

“Big Brother is awesome!” The Storyteller praised, starry-eyed.

“Its just the advantage of having the first move.” Bazhunan waved his hand weakly.

“This time, its our turn to face the overall situation of the Holy Divine Palace.”

“What situation” The Storyteller asked.

“Do you think Im a god and can see the future” Bazhunan snorted.

They finally walked to the end of the spatial crack.

Light appeared.

The Storyteller helped Bazhunan out and returned to the Shengshen Continent.

He raised his head.

Yunlun Mountain Tange, Dongtianwang City, and Abyss Island were all far away!

“The last one” The Storyteller looked at Bazhunan.

Bazhunan had promised to give the world the Devil Sword, the origin of Saint Ascension and the Saint Origin Crystal, as well as countless treasures.

However, Bazhunan only managed to fulfil the promise of the Devil Sword.

The power of the Dragon Pearl was depleted at the end, and the Red Coat Army led by Rao Yaoyao was eyeing the Abyss Island Rift.


If the treasures were to emerge out of the Abyss Island Rift again, they would only end up belonging to the enemy.

Now that the plan was completed, why would Bazhunan continue to fund the Holy Divine Palace out of his own pocket

Bazhunan stood on the land that no one was paying attention to.

He stared at the Abyss Island Rift in the distance for a long time.

It was as if he was looking at the nervous people in front of the rift through the endless space.

“Look, Im here…”

Bazhunan chuckled and shook his head.

He tapped on the space with his finger and turned around to leave.


A tiny crack appeared in the space.

Then, the spatial crack spread into the sky like a butterfly, engulfing the entire void in an instant.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sky in the Yunlun Mountain Range, Dongtianwang City, and even the land realm within a hundred thousand miles shattered like a mirror.

Faint light flickered in the darkness as if thousands of demon eyes had opened up in the sky!

Under the shocked gazes of countless spiritual cultivators, the supreme treasure that contained the power of the Holy Emperor passed through like a meteor shower.

The Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array formed by the Red Coats was shattered in an instant.

The supreme treasure meteors smashed onto the faces of the spiritual cultivators.

At this moment, the Earth began to buzz and bubble!

“Damn! There really is a treasure.

Bazhunan didnt lie to us.

He really gave it to us for free!”

“Hurry up and get it.

This is the opportunity to become a saint.

This is an era that belongs to all the saints!”

“Its fastest fingers first!”


Rao Yaoyao looked at this natural disaster.

No, this was a man-made disaster.

She saw the Cang Godhood Sword trembling in her hand.

She was completely powerless to stop it.

The power of a demi-saint was still okay.

There were more treasures in this batch than the previous two waves combined.

Moreover, it contained the power of the Holy Emperor.

What could she do to stop it

Dao Qiongcang had already left.

What could she do to stop this!

Rao Yaoyao lost her focus.

She tried her best to find the starting point of the spatial crack.

After a long while, she followed some of its traces and found the start.

However, when she looked into the distance, she saw that the place was empty.

There wasnt even the slightest trace of anyone passing by.

At the same time, the ears of all the spiritual cultivators who were snatching the treasures began to ring with ethereal songs.

Everyone stopped snatching the treasures for a moment and listened attentively.

This was because it was like the low moans of the Spiritual Gods, full of temptation.

Rao yaoyao frowned.

She was also listening.

She could no longer figure out Bazhunans intention.

She was afraid that this was another one of his schemes.

However, this time, what was transmitted to everyone was no longer a voice that had lethality.

Instead, it was a voice that was full of ridicule, as if it was mocking all living beings.

“I passed through the White Cave and conversed with the darkness…”

“I was a guest on Abyss Island and the Holy Emperor treated me with friendliness.”

“I went fishing in the Yunlun Mountains, giving you a chance to celebrate!”

After a pause, the voice became more melodious, ethereal, and unrestrained.

“I came from the west and flowed down the east with the current.”

“I watched the sages in the day and destroyed the ghosts in the night.”

“If the mayfly guesses my intention, the candles blow out in cold wind.”

“I drink the water of the world, but wake up with the immortals.”


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