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Yunlun Mountain Range, above the Fourth Dragon Range.

Xu Xiaoshou finally stopped groveling.

He patted the dirt on his beloved robe as he stood up and looked at the meteor shower in the distance with lingering fear.

It hadnt been long, but he felt like he had been lying flat on the ground for a century!

“What a wonderful scene that was…”

The Yang Godhood Swords Golden Fate Dragon, the demi-saint Dao Qiongcangs Divine Secrets Array, Ai Cangshengs Arrow from the Evil Sin bow that spanned two regions, the Holy Emperors Remorse, and the Black Dragon Scales.


And the chief of the saint servant, Bazhunan, who controlled everything with his hands without even showing his face!

“Too powerful.”

“The peak of combat strength in this world is quite terrifying.”

Xu Xiaoshou finished watching the battle, and his heart palpitated.

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When he really encountered a battle at its peak, Xu Xiaoshou was still weak.

He didnt even have the qualifications to have a finger in the pie.

Xu Xiaoshou wasnt killed by the aftershocks of the battle, and he had to thank both sides for trying their best to control it.

He didnt want to hurt the innocent.

“Drunk with the water of the human world, awake with the Immortals…”

Bazhunans singing remained in his ears.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a long time, but he still didnt recover from his state of shock.

He seemed to understand why Bazhunan had so many rabid fans in the Holy Sword Land of the Eastern Region and even the five regions of the continent.

With his free and uninhibited fighting posture, and a nonchalant, carefree style of doing things without caring about fame.

It was hard not to be charismatic and not attract fans!

“This is the first time since his fall that he truly announced his comeback to the world, and it was just a side attack.”

“Its hard to imagine how arrogant Bazhunan at his peak was when he fought with others in all his glory.”

Xu Xiaoshou heaved a sigh of relief.

When he came back to his senses, he saw that the ten or so members of the Xu Faction who were kneeling on the ground due to the holy power had also taken a normal posture.

They patted their clothes and stood up.

No one had recovered from the battle in the sky just now.

Everyone was still reminiscing about the indistinct song that been sung after the battle.

After a long time, one member of the Xu Faction held his saber with an excited expression on his face.

He shouted hysterically, “The Eighth Sword Deity, this is definitely the Eighth Sword Deity.

He is really the one who is leading this battle between the Saints!”

Xu Xiaoshou gazed over.

There was no need to ask.

He knew that this fellow must be one of Bazhunans fanatical admirers.

The few people beside him were also attracted by the voice and turned their heads over.

However, they heard the excitement of the Xu Faction, waved their hands and said, “Legend has it that when the Eighth Sword Deity was young, he wrote a poem with a sword, step by step.

Wherever he went, no one was his match! Such a carefree and unrestrained poem was definitely written by him.

He is back!”

This fellow was so excited that he was crying.

As he spoke, he even covered his spiritual sword and started sobbing.

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“I knew it.

I knew it.

The Eighth Sword Deity has never fallen.

I have always believed that he is still alive!”

“As expected, he is back.

He is really back!”


Xu Xiaoshou was silent as he watched.

He could not understand why a dignified man, a dignified spiritual cultivator, would be so fanatical towards a person whom he had never met before.

They were even concerned about the life and death of the other party.

There was clearly someone who was also deep in thought beside him.

This person was born in the Central Region and was an orthodox spiritual cultivator.

He covered his face and wept as he looked at the fellow in front of him, smiled and said, “Why do you need to be like this We spiritual cultivators dont have any gods or Buddhas in our hearts.

We only focus on the Holy Path.

Why do we need to…”

“What do you know!”

The Swordsman Faction members interrupted him.

They raised the saber in their hands and said angrily, “When I was bullied in my clan, when I chose the Way of the Sword and was ridiculed by others, when I stayed up all night cultivating, and when I wanted to give up…”

“The sentenceOne sword from the East forms a Sword Deity was what supported and encouraged me.”

“This is faith!”

“People like you who were born in a big clan or strong faction and grew up peacefully dont know anything.

What right do you have to judge me!” His eyes were red and anger seemed to be bursting out of his hear.

The orthodox spiritual cultivator was stopped by the shout.

He withdrew his head somewhat paradoxically and said, “Im sorry, I didnt know that you had such a past…”

The mountain suddenly fell silent.

Xu Xiaoshou continued to watch silently.

Suddenly, he had a different interpretation of the Eighth Sword Deitys influence in the sword cultivation system, or rather, the influence of all the disadvantaged groups in this world.

Perhaps, people like the members of the Swordsman Faction in front of him did not only worship the words Bazhunan.

There was also the spirit behind these three words, which was to “Rather die than submit, and pursue freedom”.

“Whats your name” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly asked.

The swordsman who was still wiping his tears was slightly stunned when he heard this, but he quickly reacted and replied, “Leader Mu, my name is Li Yan.”

“Li Yan…” Xu Xiaoshou muttered softly and walked over with a smile.

He tiptoed and patted the swordsmans shoulder, “Li Yan, do your best.

Others may not believe you, but I do.

The power of faith is infinite!”

Li Yan was stunned for a moment.

His spiritual source shook, and his tears dried.

He lowered his head and said, “Thank you…”

Xu Xiaoshou did not look at him anymore.

He turned his eyes back to the sky.

The meteor shower fell and scattered the seeds of hope in the sky.

The figure in the red coat was still circling the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Even if he could not form a formation, he was still making interceptions.


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