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“Oh, oh…” the brothers behind him immediately cowered and retracted their heads.

Ye Xiaotian smiled and knew that the people behind him were all trash, so he was no longer angry.

He only looked at the crystal in his hand and said, “This isnt an ordinary Holy Power treasure.”

“Brother Zhou Shen, what do you mean” Lei Zhou unconsciously touched the large saber on his waist and frowned.

“This is the Saint Origin Crystal,” Ye Xiaotian said.

With a click, the first 13 people who came to their senses were all petrified.

“Saint Origin Crystal” Lei Zhous eyes widened.

The broadsword on his waist was suddenly exerted by the arm, causing the blade to be pulled out of its scabbard and flashed with a sharp light.

The dozen people behind him were also in shock.


“How could this be the Saint Origin Crystal Theres only a trace of Holy Power leaking out of it.”

“TheSaint Origin Crystal is theorigin of Saint Ascension that Eighth Sword Deity mentioned.

It should have a stronger Holy Power fluctuation.

How could it be so similar to the spiritual sword that we found earlier in terms of the level of Holy Power fluctuation”

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Before he could finish, Lei Zhou turned around and shouted in a deep voice, “Shut up!”

Everyone immediately shut up, knowing that they had a slip of the tongue.

Ye Xiaotian found it interesting.

These people were not simple.

They had already found a Holy Power treasure in such a short time

According to what they said, the Holy Power fluctuations of the Saint Origin Crystal were not much different from those of the spiritual sword that they had found earlier.

So, under the premise that they did not recognize the Saint Origin Crystal, they had thought that it was an ordinary Holy Power treasure.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiaotians expression turned subtle as he glanced at the void by his side.

He then looked back and said, “The Saint Origin Crystal is worth 100 million points.

You want to use 50,000 points to exchange for it, do you Do you think I look like a beggar”

Ye Xiaotian chuckled.

His tone was extremely gentle as he calmly stated something that would make most people fly into a rage.

Lei Zhou felt that the person in front of him was not simple.

However, how would he have 50 million points to give to Zhou Shen

If he really could earn 50 million points within 10 days, he would have been the Dragon Lord of the Nine Dragon Range by now instead of finding another opportunity to earn points because of the “treasure hunt” mission.

“You said that its the Saint Origin Crystal so its the Saint Origin Crystal.

But how do we know “Lei Zhou looked at the hexagonal crystal in the hand of the person opposite him.

The greed in his eyes gradually became more intense.

“Heh, ignorant junior,” Ye Xiaotian shook his head and smiled as he injected the spiritual source into his hand.


A nearly transparent and profound Holy Light flashed in all directions as if it could cleanse ones soul.

In just a blink of an eye, Lei Zhou and all the brothers behind him felt as if they were bathed in a spring breeze.

The doubts they had about the order or the Great Path vanished like the melting ice and snow, and they were instantly enlightened.

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“Big Brother, I…”

At the back, a black-clothed man with a saber suddenly had a twisted expression.

Then, he closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged.

In just a moment, he closed his eyes and opened them.

The spiritual source surged around him, and the Path Principles were faintly discernible.

It was a sign of the energy reserve!

He had broken through!

“Brother Wu Guan…” Lei Zhou suddenly stuttered, and his lips began to tremble.

The black-clothed saber-wielding man called Wu Guan was extremely excited and said in ecstasy, “Big Brother, Ying Yang State! Ive broken through to the Ying Yang State! Ive taken the last step!”

After this, the entire place was dead silent.

Even the excited Wu Guan seemed to have realized something.

Everyones gaze fell on the hexagonal crystal in Zhou Shens hand.

Like a pack of wolves that had been hungry for 10 days, they had met a little lamb and its tiger friend by chance.

Their eyes were so green that they were glowing.

A tiger was indeed a little scary.

However, this tiger seemed to be malnourished.

As long as they could take him down, that little lamb could get rid of the confusion and hunger for a lifetime!

“Brother Zhou Shen…” Lei Zhous gaze could no longer move away from the Saint Origin Crystal.

While he muttered, a cold killing intent brewed and began to erupt.

“Whats the matter” Ye Xiaotian smiled and moved the Saint Origin Crystal from right to left and the left to the right.

“You want to kill me and snatch my treasure”

Everyones eyes followed from the right to left in unison.

The scene was once very comical.

In the next second, with a clanging sound, Lei Zhou pulled out his saber and raised his blade to slash the sky.

“Im sorry, Brother.

I dont have 50 million points on me to give to you.

This time, Ive let you down.

In your next life, you can only pray that you dont have a treasure and are restrained!

“I, Lei Zhou, want this Saint Origin Crystal!

“Brothers, kill!”

With a final shout, Lei Zhou and the five brothers at the front drew their swords and sabers and charged forward.

The other seven people at the back led by Wu Guan, formed hand seals.

They either used sword forms or spiritual techniques to suppress the enemy.

Saber lights, sword shadows, and lights of water and fire appeared simultaneously.

With such skillful coordination, Ye Xiaotian could immediately see the reason why this team was able to survive in the Yunlun Mountain Range to this day.

“Its quite powerful…” he thought.

However, it was only “quite powerful” to a Master (stage) junior.

Ye Xiaotian had almost forgotten how many years ago he had experienced such a powerful attack.

Perhaps it was before his hair turned white

Or perhaps it was before he entered the Holy Palace

He could not remember.

However, these people were also quite cute.

They were so cute that make him recall the past and his experiences.

Therefore, Ye Xiaotian slightly raised his foot and took a step forward in the face of this group of pitiful little worms that seemed to be playing in slow motion in front of his eyes.

With a swish, his figure suddenly passed through the crowd and the torrent of element without being stained by dust.


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