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Yunlun Mountain Range.

On the road leading to the Nine Dragon Range, Xu Xiaoshou, who had revealed his true form, was flying side by side with the silver-haired Lei Xier.

“Wheres the trial jade pendant”

Lei Xier asked in a low voice while flying at high speed.

Previously, Xu Xiaoshou had promised to let her enter the Yuan Mansion.

Then, he would find a trial jade pendant so that she could swamp her identity to come out from the Yuan Mansion.

Now, she had come out.

However, it seemed like Xu Xiaoshou did not care about the trial jade pendant at all.

Faced with the question, Xu Xiaoshou only waved his hand slightly and said, “Its fine.”

“Theres no need to.”

“My trial jade pendant is now in Xu Xiaojis hands, and your “Mu Zixi” trial jade pendant is now on my portrait clone.

We dont need them for this trip.”

Although the portrait clone, Mu Zixi, was also moving in the direction of the Nine Dragon Range, it used a different way.

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If they were closer, he could control the portrait clone easier.

Even if they were discovered, the portrait clone would not affected by Xu Xiaoshou and Lei Xier who were closer.

This was what Xu Xiaoshou wanted.

Lei Xier thought for a moment and looked over.

“Is it because of the Cloud Realm World”

“Yes.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

After meeting many big shots in the Yunlun Mountain Range, he finally understood that he did not need to be so careful.

There were too many stowaways here.

Many of the best stowaways did not enter with the trial jade pendant in hand.

Instead, they used the spatial crack.

Xu Xiaoshou pondered as he flew, “I suspect that the trial jade pendant is just a tool to locate trial-takers.

If we keep this thing with us, the red-clothed people will be able to see us.”

“On the contrary, we could move freely without this thing.”

“The only thing we have to guard against is encountering a law enforcer halfway without any proof of identity.”

“But now, we had revealed our true identity.

We dont have to be afraid of ordinary law enforcers.”

Xu Xiaoshou turned around as he spoke.

Greedy the White Cat Spirit was enjoying the breeze on his shoulder.

He thought that with his combat strength and Lei Xiers sovereign stage, they could deal with the Cutting Path easily.

Moreover, after losing Young Master Xu and Mu Zixis identity, he still had another trump card.

Touching the metal ball in his arms, Aje seemed to sense his owners thoughts.

He called out in a low voice, “Ma Ma…”

Lei Xier nodded in agreement, but she still said, “But this is only your speculation.”

“Thats right.” Xu Xiaoshou said affirmatively.

“Next, well see if anyone will chase after us if they see us.

If not, then my speculation can be established.”

Lei Xier didnt say anything else.

The God Devil Eyes had its danger warning.

If there was any danger to herself, she could even detect it before Xu Xiaoshou did with the help of divine power.

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But after flying for such a long distance, she still didnt sense any danger.

This meant that Xu Xiaoshous speculation was most likely valid.

After speeding forward for a while, even without the trial map, Lei Xier could see where the target was.

“This is the direction to the Nine Dragon Range… Whats there” Lei Xier asked softly.

“I dont know…” Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

He didnt know what Bazhunan would leave for him.

After all, this was just a guess.

Halfway through his words, he suddenly stopped and stopped abruptly.

Lei Xier did the same.

She stopped in mid-air and lowered her head to look at the ground.

“Fluctuation of Holy Power…”

She could keenly sense that there was a faint fluctuation of Holy Power coming towards her and Xu Xiaoshou.

“Somethings wrong.” Xiers eyes narrowed, and her God Devil Eyes began to spin at high speed.

“No, its fine!” The corners of Xu Xiaoshous lips curled up slightly.

They only waited for a short while before abang sounded from below.

The ground split apart, and an unknown object wrapped in Holy Light shot towards him.

“As expected…”

Xu Xiaoshou stretched out his hand and blocked the treasure.

The shockwave of Holy Power hit his body.

However, theStrengthening,Recoil,Toughness and so on blocked this terrifying power.

Xu Xiaoshou was unscathed.

After taking the attack of the weak Holy Power head-on, his internal organs were slightly injured.

However, theEternal Vitality and theTransformation also healed his injuries instantly.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately spread the item in his hand.


What appeared in his hand was a small tower of a high rank.

It was black and nine stories high, emitting a dark light.

“A second grade spirit tower” Lei Xier was surprised.

When the battle of the saint happened in the Yunlun Mountain Range, she was still in the Yuan Mansion World, so she didnt know what happened in the outside world.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and said, “Here its come again, and Im on the way to the Nine Dragon Range too.

This is already the fifth treasure that came to me on its own.”

The four treasures he found before were mainly third and fourth grade.

This time, the small pagoda in his hand was a second grade spiritual weapon that surpassed the sovereign stage.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know if other people had such good luck as him.

He knew that if he continued at this pace, he could still obtain a large number of treasures unless all the treasures in the Yunlun Mountain Range were plundered by the trial-taker in a day.

What kind of place was Sky City


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