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Why were these treasures all over the place

At this moment, Lei Xier withdrew her gaze from the small tower and didnt ask any more questions.

She looked in the direction where the treasure had broken out of the ground.

“There are still people chasing after us.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked over as well.

Using the “Perception”, he could feel a cold aura rapidly approaching from the underground.


In the blink of an eye, a black shadow flew out from the hole in the ground.

“Holy Power Treasure… Eh”

A black-clothed person stopped in mid-air.

He saw a man, a woman, and a cat floating in front of him.

His words came to an abrupt halt.

At the same time, he saw the small black tower in the young mans hand.

Damn it, I was a step too late, and this trial-taker took it… a hint of pain flashed in the black-clothed persons eyes.

In order to maintain his basic dignity, he quickly calmed down and did not snatch it.

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“Law enforcer” Xu Xiaoshous panicked voice sounded at the right time.

Black-robed, with a cultivation level of a Sovereign, traversing the Yunlun mountain range without fear…

Without a doubt, this was a law enforcer!

Facing the law enforcer once again, Xu Xiaoshou treated him as an equal.

He saw many details that he had not observed before.

For example, this fellow only had a cultivation level of a Sovereign, and his callousness and indifference were all faked.

He clearly coveted the small tower in his hand, and…

There was a black rhombus-shaped object on the earlobe of this law enforcer, which looked like an earring.


It wasnt an earring!

Perhaps this was the exclusive communication device between law enforcers!

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood a lot.

His “Perception” stayed on the black rhombus-shaped object for a long time, and he had an idea.

“Okay.” The black-clothed law enforcer, Wang Chao, nodded coldly.

“Law enforcer You, you are here for this treasure of Holy Power” Xu Xiaoshou raised the small tower in his hand as if he wanted to hand it over.

Wang Chao really wanted to take this thing.

He was only in the Sovereign realm, he was tempted for a second-grade spiritual weapon.

However, as a law enforcer, he couldnt bring himself to fight for the treasure with the trial-taker.

If the others found out about his behavior, he would be punished by Sword Deity Rao.

“Since you have obtained the treasure, it belongs to you.

Submit it.

It is worth 100,000 points.” Wang Chao endured the pain and said calmly.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his eyes and exchanged glances with Lei Xier.

His eyelids blinked.

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The latter immediately understood and turned his head back calmly.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head back and said with a troubled expression, “I cant submit it…”

“Oh” Wang Chao snorted, seemingly displeased.

He interpreted the trial takers words as “Although its worth 100,000 points, I dont want to submit it.”

As a spiritual cultivator, Wang Chao understood the importance of “100,000 points” or a “second-grade spiritual weapon.” If it was him, he wouldnt want to submit it either.

However, as a law enforcer, he knew that none of the treasures from Sky City could escape the Yunlun Mountain Range.

At that moment, Wang Chao sneered and said,

“Even if you dont want to submit them, you wont be able to take them away in the future.

“Im giving you a piece of advice out of goodwill.

Submit the treasure now and get 100,000 points.

Hurry up and continue the Imperial City Trial.

This is the path you should choose.”

After saying that, Wang Chao raised his eyes and looked to the other side.

He felt a special fluctuation of Holy Power rapidly approaching, so he wanted to leave and continue searching for treasures.

However, Xu Xiaoshou still shook his head.

“If its possible, I want to submit it, but I really cant submit it now…”

As he spoke, he held Greedy the Cat Spirit in his arms.

The little white cat obediently curled its body and its eyes rolled around like a harmless cutie.

Wang Chao was stunned.

What did he mean by that

He suddenly had a whim and had a bad premonition.

The two trial-takers who suddenly appeared in front of him had a low cultivation level, but they did not seem to have any fear when facing the law enforcer.

Wait a minute!

Cultivation level

Wang Chao keenly sensed that the two young people in front of him had low cultivation levels and a listless aura.

However, after a closer inspection, he could not see through the spiritual cultivation level of the two!

“Who are you” Wang Chao became vigilant and shouted, “Take out the trial jade pendant and let me have a look!”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and shrugged.

He raised Greedy the Cat Spirit up high and said, “I only have a cat, and I really dont have the trial jade pendant.

If I did, I would have submitted the Holy Power Treasure in front of you.”

Wang Chao instantly felt a chill down his spine.

These two guys…

Are they stowaways

He immediately reached out his hand and wanted to touch the black battle communicator on his earlobe to send a signal.

However, as he thought in the direction of the stowaway, a human face suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was ninety percent similar to the young man in front of him.

Wang Chaos pupils instantly constricted.

“You are Saint Servant Xu…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt like the world was spinning


Wang Chaos mind went blank on the spot.

It was like countless silver needles were stabbing his body wildly.

Wang Chaos consciousness immediately collapsed.

His hand, which had been pressing down on the battle communicator, stopped in midair.

To the side, Lei Xiers God Devil Eyes were spinning at high speed.

White mist floated out of her left eye.

Her silver hair was blown to a side by the wind, making her look extremely evil.

“Hes under control.” She said indifferently.

“Shes really strong…” Xu Xiaoshou looked at Xiers mysterious God Devil Eyes and couldnt help but be amazed.

She could control a Sovereign level red-clothed person in an instant even though she was far away from him

Even with his Soul Reading, he could only control the other party for a brief moment!


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