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Once the control was removed, he could move and could can the other party.

However, Lei Xier was different.

She could completely control anyone without any sign!

Just based on these God Devil Eyes, Lei Xier should be able to crush any Sovereign realm expert, right

No wonder the higher void Lei family of the past had a reputation that was not inferior to, or even higher than the demi-saint family!

“We dont have much time.

Once they discovered this law enforcer is in trouble, Rao Yaoyao might be coming for us.” Lei Xier knew that Xu Xiaoshou was looking at her, but she didnt even turn her head.

Xu Xiaoshou came back to his senses.

He instantly walked towards the Sovereign level law enforcer and raised Greedy the Cat Spirit.

“Its up to you.

Now, do as I say.”


Greedy the Cat Spirit let out a cat cry, and three flowers began to appear in his left eye.

“If I remember correctly, the most famous ocular power of the Three Loathsome Eyes is called the Mind-changing Aperture.

It can manipulate other peoples souls and understand the information one wants” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly looked in the direction of Lei Xier.

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Lei Xiers face was still cold.

She calmly explained, “Its not just information, and its not just targeted at the soul.

If youre strong enough, you can directly twist his will, plant a soul seed, make him your slave, or even manipulate a corpse to become your second clone.”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by this sudden big piece of information.

Lei Xier knew that Xu Xiaoshou was asking how to use the Mind-changing Aperture, so she immediately said it.

She looked at Greedy the Cat Spirit, and her voice became gentler.

“Focus, turn into a point.

Try to pierce through his soul and try to control it…”

“Okay.” Xu Xiaoshou said to Greedy the Cat Spirit.

Greedy the Cat Spirit stared as hard as it could.

Soon, the three gray spots in its left eye rotated and merged, pulling all the colors to a point in the center.

Then, a strange gray hole was in the middle of its eye!


Wang Chaos body immediately trembled, and his eyes turned white as he subconsciously let out a guttural sound.

After breaking free from the control of the God Devil Eyes, he entered the powerful control of the Three Loathsome Eyes.

“It worked.” Lei Xier cried in surprise, and the God Devil Eyes immediately stopped functioning.

As a cat, Greedy the Cat Spirit was able to grasp the power of the Mind-changing Aperture so quickly.

This cat had an extraordinary talent!

“Very good.” Xu Xiaoshou was also overjoyed.

The plan had succeeded, and he began to send a mental message to Greedy the Cat Spirit.

Greedy the Cat Spirit listened to the order and conveyed its owners mental message, “Meow, meow, meow.”

Wang Chao replied subconsciously, “Wang Chao… Sovereign realm…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the black rhombus-shaped object in Wang Chaos earlobe.

Greedy the Cat Spirit, “Meow, meow, meow”

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Wang Chao, “This Is… a one-way combat communicator… It was stimulated by physical contact to send out a warning signal… I didnt succeed just now…”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

A one-way combat communicator

Very good.

This situation was within his expectation.

Indeed, no law enforcer would immediately send a warning signal when they encountered two “Ordinary trial-takers.”.

It made sense that a combat communicator could only be used by physical stimulation.

This was because some stowaway bosses might directly seal the law enforcers spiritual source the moment they met.

At such a time, using the spiritual source to send a warning signal was not as simple as the physical activation.

Xu Xiaoshou quickly thought of another problem.

What if there were other law enforcers around during the questioning


Greedy the Cat Spirit, “Meow, meow, meow”

Wang Chao, “There are… leaders… team members… Cutting Path … Sovereign…”

There were law enforcers around

Cutting Path and Sovereign

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He suddenly realized that he still had many problems.

According to the telepathic message, asking Greedy the Cat Spirit to question him was a little too slow.

His heart sank.

Greedy the Cat Spirit, “Meow, meow, meow.”

Wang Chao: “Recently… other than… just now… I havent seen… a demi-saint…”

With a slap, Xu Xiaoshou stuffed Greedy the Cat Spirit into the arms of Lei Xier.

Under the latters astonished gaze, his eyes widened.

“Soul Reading!”


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