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“You dont have to come with me…”

Murong Ying shook his head slightly and didnt say anything more.

He looked at Zhu Mier and said, “Show me all the possible locations of the stowaway.

I want to search for him immediately!”

No one wanted to chase after him.

Murong Ying was the only one who had difficulties and had no choice but to chase after him.

He knew that it was his credit for being the first to discover the battle situation here.

However, after mobilizing so many people, he didnt even manage to find a single trace of them before they all ran away.

When the time came, Sword Deity Rao would blame them.

It would be a great blessing if the merits and faults were offset.

However, if the faults were greater than the merits, then everything would be over.

Most importantly, Murong Ying had the duty of a law enforcer.

He could choose not to go because he was afraid of the Eighth Sword Deity and Huang Quan.

However, if he didnt even chase after an ordinary stowaway, then he would just be neglecting his duties.

Now, he had no choice but to chase after Ye Xiaotian!

Zhu Mier had no choice but to use the inter-spatial wheel to display all the spatial coordinates.

These spatial coordinates were marked with the code names of the law enforcers and were all displayed in digital form.

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If it were in the past, Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt have been able to understand them.

However, with Wang Chaos soul memory, he could understand them at a glance.

With just a glance, the powerful memory brought by his “Perception” had allowed Xu Xiaoshou to memorize everything.

Murong Ying received the coordinates and did not hesitate.

His spiritual source in his entire body shook, and the shadow under his feet squirmed as if it had become a living body.

Very quickly, the surrounding space was eroded, and a black spatial passageway was formed.

What appeared in the spatial passageway was only the spatial fragment that hid an unknown fear.

It was pitch black, and ordinary people were completely unable to figure out the direction.

“Shadow Pursuit Technique” Xu Xiaoshou looked at his captains actions, deep in thought.

In Wang Chaos soul memories, his captain Murong Ying had a unique skill.

He could send his spiritual senses into the shadow and turn it into a clone that could be abandoned at any time.

It did not have any combat power, but it was very suitable for finding out what was ahead.

At the same time, Murong Ying could only send a clone to trace 30 spatial passageways at most.

However, as long as there was enough time, he could follow the map and find the exits without any trace of heavens fluctuations.

This would mean that Ye Xiaotian had not gone to that exit.

Thus, after using the Shadow Pursuit Technique repeatedly, Murong Ying should be able to trace Ye Xiaotian to which of the 362 spatial exits he had escaped to.

As for why he was able to lock onto Ye Xiaotians tracks…

Xu Xiaoshou could also understand this point.

It was very simple.

Based on cultivation level alone, Murong Ying was in the cutting path stage, Ye Xiaotian was in the Dao realm, and the three realms of the Sovereign (Dao realm, Cutting path stage, and higher void stage) all comprehended the way of the heavens.

Regardless of whether Ye Xiaotian had grasped the Spatial Upanishad or not, as long as Murong Ying set out from the way of the heavens traces, his realm would forever be one level higher than Ye Xiaotians.

Naturally, he could use this to lock onto Ye Xiaotians way of the heavens traces.

“Very impressive…”

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but sigh.

When Murong Ying calmed down, he was actually quite a capable person.

As he thought, he also used his “Perception” to flow into the spatial passageway that Murong Ying had opened.

He wanted to use his own method to track down the headmasters whereabouts.

Xu Xiaoshou had a certain understanding of the way of space.

With the help of the coordinates of the “inter-spatial wheel”, in the spatial fragment, it was equivalent to having a guiding light.

Thus, he would not get lost.

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As for whether Murong Ying would notice anything strange when his perception flowed into the spatial passageway, Xu Xiaoshou was not worried at all.

He could use his perception to eavesdrop on the conversation between Rao Yaoyao and Mei Siren in the night sky, and he could also eavesdrop on all movements of Huang Quan within the Ye Xiaotians bounded domain without being noticed.

This meant that using the sovereign level perception to observe people and things from the birds eye view was theoretically difficult for a spiritual cultivator who belonged to the three realms of the sovereign stage to notice anything strange.

Unless he used his perception to pry into the secrets of a mighty figure, such as focusing on a single point to invade Huang Quans body secrets and take a look at his body structure…

Tracking in space was very fast.

Xu Xiaoshou knew the coordinates in advance, and based on his understanding of the way of space, he used the spatial node to track it.

In less than three breaths time, he found the exit of a certain spatial passageway, and there was something unusual about it.

“Its so obvious…”

After getting the result, Xu Xiaoshous first reaction was not surprised but shock.

Ye Xiaotian had reached the final stage of Spatial Upanishad.

He could have erased all traces of it after escaping.

Why did he still leave these 362 openings for others to trace him

Wasnt this an unnecessary move

“Thats not right.

The headmaster must have left this behind on purpose.

“He could have erased all traces of the spatial passageway and made it impossible for others to find it, or he could have left behind a spatial passageway as a cover.

“But there was only one spatial passageway, and it seemed to have been intentionally left behind, making it impossible for others to believe that a space attributes expert, who could make Huang Quan do the job himself, would be unable to erase all traces of the spatial passageway and leave behind a small tail.

“Thus, he left behind more than three hundred spatial passageway exits for…”

“Humans will not believe information that is simply obtained.

On the contrary, through their own hard work, they would be more willing to believe the information that they have obtained through breaking through all difficulties, even if it is wrong.

This is especially so for intelligent people.”

Xu Xiaoshou had been enlightened greatly in an instant.

The headmaster was also an old fox, incomparably cunning!

Just as Xu Xiaoshou had found the “only truth”, another ten breaths of time had passed, and Murong Yings painstaking but flattering traversal method had finally concluded.

Without the comprehension of the way of space, Murong Ying had spent a lot of energy completing the battle against the spatial fragment.


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