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Elder Sang smacked Xu Xiaoshou right then and there without so much as flinching.

“Five my a**! What nonsense is that!

“Are you at Innate Level already Have you been outside the spirit palace Do you know what its like out there You sure know how to talk big!

“I just told you to devote yourself to your training and be serious about serving as a pawn, but you went on to talk big instead.

You really think that just because you have something that others dont, youre already better than others, eh”

The elder then twisted Xu Xiaoshous ear so hard that tears almost rolled down Xu Xiaoshous cheeks.

“L-Let go of me!”

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded.

The old man was definitely doing this to vent his frustrations from that attack before.

That had to be it!

“Its not every day I get to be in such high spirits,” he thought.

“Why did it end up like this

“Arent masters supposed to encourage their disciples and tell them to be ambitious and dream big

“So why the h*ll is this guy his student to lay low and be a useful pawn!

“How could I ever

“You think that I, Xu Xiaoshou, would be okay with being a nobody for the rest of my life”

“Im sorry,” he said.

“Let me go already.”

However, he immediately submitted.

After all, he was still under Elder Sangs tutelage and had to follow his rules.

Elder Sang sternly told him off.

“From here on out, keep such words to yourself.

Dont say them to anyone else.”

“I only said it once…” Xu Xiaoshou grimaced.

His ear was hurting so bad that his eyes were squinted as he pointed at his ear.

“Let go.”

Elder Sang finally let go and clapped him on the shoulder.

“Even once is enough to get you killed.

Keep that in mind.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded furiously.

“Back to the case of the Tianxuan Gate.

What you said made some sense.

Foundations are important.

“Well then, after you get through the gate, keep walking as far as you can and find theBlack Cliff. That place should enable you to solidify your foundations.

As for the process…

A familiar chuckle was heard from the old man.

“It might be quite painful.”

Xu Xiaoshou shuddered.

“What is thatBlack Cliff thing”

“The Tianxuan Gate is a lesser secret realm, and there are a lot of places for training there.

Black Cliff is one of those places.

“Water from the falls over there is extremely heavy and contains terrifying sword aura, making it just right for you.

The question then is if you can endure the process.

“But then again, its not like you need to head there and nowhere else.

You could still just find somewhere, anywhere, to train once you get inside the Tianxuan Gate.” Elder Sang was apparently saying this to rile Xu Xiaoshou up.

Xu Xiaoshou was momentarily stunned.

If this was someplace that intimidated even that old fart, then he wasnt so sure about it himself.

“Ill think about it.”

Elder Sang rolled his eyes.

“Heh, all that big talk about setting your sights on the five regions, and youre already getting scared” he thought to himself.

The elder flicked his hand and conjured an intricate jade scroll, then handed it over to Xu Xiaoshou.

“If youre heading to the Black Cliff, you should be able to train whats in this thing.

“But then again, the most important thing to do after getting in there is to make a breakthrough into the Innate Level.

Dont ever forget that.

I wont be able to get you any resources after you come out otherwise.”

Xu Xiaoshou carefully took the jade scroll, not so sure about training whatever was in it.

That Infernal Heavenly Flames alone had already brought him so much pain, and he wondered what the old fart would make him train this time.

However, he was completely stunned when he put the jade scroll to his forehead.

“10 Sections of the Finger Sword

“And a complete version”

Shocked, he looked at the elder.

“Where did you get this”

It was the broken piece hed found back in the library that had piqued his interest like nothing else.

If it hadnt been for Elder Sang appearing after hed found it, he wouldve been training in that set of techniques instead.

But then again, a broken piece being returned to its original complete version was still quite surreal.

He nonetheless very well knew the value of the 10 Sections of the Finger Sword.

If nothing else, the part about infusing ones being with sword will alone was something most couldnt have thought of.

Which meant no one couldve restored this thing to its original complete version if it was originally only a broken piece…

Unless theyd managed to find the creator…

“Wait,” he thought.

“This jade scroll looks so new.

Does that mean Elder Sang knows who the person who created it”

The elder went on to smack the kid again, and he seemed to have gotten addicted to doing so.

“Thats none of your concern.

Just train well and hone your skills in alchemy.

Ill be happy just as long as you dont get yourself in any more trouble.”


Xu Xiaoshou put the jade scroll away and took a look at the overturned massive tub.

“So, umm, Ill get to alchemy now

“I might be able to get the extracts with just a few more tries.”

He was very confident in what he said, as extracting the essences was but a matter of keeping the flames under control.

After acquiring “Cooking Expert,” most of his obstacles had been removed from his path.

The only thing left to do was simply to get familiar with the process.

Elder Sangs mouth twitched instead, and he answered, “Well leave that aside for now.

Get yourself your own place, then well talk about refinement.”

“No, Im about to succeed.”

Xu Xiaoshou then looked at the sky.

It was dusk, and nightfall was around the corner.

Hed only need one more night to work at it and would definitely succeed, so he wasnt about to just give up.

Yet, the elder wasnt about to let him have his way.

“Go and do it somewhere else then.”

“Why” Xu Xiaoshou was exasperated.

He then looked at that massive red pearl above him and said, “This place is cool enough.”

The elder was silent.

“Why” he thought.

“Are you really asking me why

“I sure as h*ll cant figure out how youre capable of such a level of destruction at Spiritual Cultivation Level nine, but I have to admit, Xiao Qixiu really has good eyes.

“Youre really a walking menace!

“I just left this place for a bit and you managed to almost blow the library up working on compressing the flames.

If you were to really get to refinement…

“Boy, I couldnt imagine.”

Although he thought this, he wasnt about to voice his thoughts aloud.

He wasnt going to just let the kid have his way.

“Get your own new place in the Inner Yard and do your thing at your own place.

Come to me after youve finished extracting the essences.”

His words caught Xu Xiaoshous attention.

He was perceptive enough to catch the keyword.

“Inner Yard”


“But then again, youre not yet an official disciple of the Inner Yard, so you wont be getting an Inner Yard Disciple Token Pass.

That means youll have a problem getting a place…

“Hmm, go to my place, then,” Elder Sang said.

He looked on his table for his token.

“Hmm Why is it gone I remember putting it on the table…”

Xu Xiaoshou then awkwardly pulled a reddish-black token out of his ring.

Hed thrown the token inside along the way earlier.

“Umm, is this it” he asked.

Elder Sang turned around and asked in surprise, “Why is that thing with you”

“It was blown to the ground, didnt you see…” Xu Xiaoshou brushed over the matter and changed the subject.

“By the way, is it okay for me to use it Arent you abusing your authority”

Elder Sang was amused.

“So what if I am

“Im the vice dean of the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Is anyone going to stop me from letting my disciple train in the Inner Yard

“If I were to be particular about it, a personal disciple of an elder is of a status a lot higher than the Inner Yard ones.

“Furthermore, Ive already gotten you a slot to get inside the Tianxuan Gate.

So, are you going to be particular about me abusing my authority”

“Well, that makes sense…” Xu Xiaoshou scratched his head, stunned by the magnanimity the old man was displaying.

“Matters like these arent even worth mentioning in the eyes of those in power, I guess,” he thought to himself.

“Well… Ill at least need a cauldron for alchemy.

This one here seems nice enough.

Could I use this one” He then walked over to the three-legged bathtub.

“In your dreams!”

The elder immediately appeared before the tub and put it away before taking out a considerably smaller tub from his ring.

“Take this one instead.”

“The grade” Xu Xiaoshou asked, his face glum.


“What about that huge tub” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“You know of the famed swords, right Some cauldrons need no grade classifications,” he snickered.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

“Go**amnit!” he thought.

“I wouldve taken that tub with three legs if Id known it was so awesome…

“I guess one really cant judge a cauldron by its looks.”


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