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“Ye Xiaotian was trapped by the boss of Yama, Huang Quan, and Xu Xiaoshou rushed over upon discovering the situation.

He then disguised himself as the Eighth Sword Deity.

He didnt dare to use force, but he still managed to resolve his headmasters predicament effortlessly before leaving…”

“This sounds very much like Xu Xiaoshou!”

Night Guardian speculated that his conjecture was… 50% likely!

This possibility was not low.

Even if his speculation was wrong and this matter had nothing to do with Xu Xiaoshou, it was enough to startle the higher-ups.

After all, if he was wrong, then the real Eighth Sword Deity and the real boss of Yama, Huang Quan, were fighting in the Yunlun mountain range.

This thought was more terrifying than the one he was thinking about.

As he was thinking, a flying sound came from the distant sky, and Rao Yaoyao, who was carrying the Cang Godhood Sword on her back, floated down.

“Come here,” She said calmly.

The one following behind Rao Yaoyao was not the Chief of the Combat Division, Teng Shanhai, who was guarding the Abyss Island Rift.

It was also not Teng Shanhais new subordinates, the thirteen higher voids.

Instead, it was the short, stooped, but solemn-faced Wang Dachui.

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When the surrounding leaders of the cutting path stage heard this, they immediately went forward to greet her.

Zhu Mier was more terrified.

She went forward to report everything that the leader, Murong Ying, had told her.

“What do you think” Rao Yaoyao didnt seem to have any reaction after she heard that.

She only turned her eyes to the many cutting path subordinates in front of her.

What could they think of… Many of the cutting path team leaders had only dealt with ghost beasts in the past.

They only knew about the Saint Servant and the boss of Yama from the arrest warrant and information list.

The leaders had never seen them before, so they could only look at the other party awkwardly without any thoughts.

“I have some speculations about Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou.” Night Guardian stepped forward and told everyone what he had thought just now.

Xu Xiaoshou…

This person, who wasnt known by everyone in this incident, was suddenly drawn out of Night Guardians mouth.

The mention of his name had successfully won the doubts of the law enforcers team leaders.

“Night Guardian, are you serious” The law enforcer, who was a cutting path and had a good relationship with Night Guardian, asked in a low voice.

Even if he did not ask, he knew that Night Guardians words were groundless!

Rao Yaoyao muttered the name “Xu Xiaoshou” in a low voice.

Her gaze was also slightly strange as she glanced at Night Guardian.

“What basis do you have”

“No basis,” Night Guardian replied very frankly.

He had never found any evidence for anything that he suspected about Xu Xiaoshou.

However, after every incident, he felt that he might have been right, but there was still no evidence to prove what he had thought at that time.

As a result, a lot of things ended up in vain.

Night Guardian felt that it was time for the red-clothed to change some organizational policies.

This was not just because of the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

It was because there were too many capable people in this world.

After these capable people fully understood the red-clotheds way of doing things, they would find loopholes in the rules and take advantage of the red-clothed to achieve their goals.

Xu Xiaoshou might be one of them.

But Night Guardian believed that this was only one case.

Xu Xiaoshou was definitely not the only one!

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“Theres no evidence.

Yet you pinned all these things on the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou” Rao Yaoyaos eyes had a faint smile.

If she did not know Night Guardians loyalty to the red-clothed and the fact that there was no irreconcilable enmity between Night Guardian and the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou…

At this moment, she would have suspected that Night Guardians selfishness was causing trouble.

That he wanted to take revenge on Xu Xiaoshou…

It was obvious that Night Guardian did not have such thoughts.

He looked around and asked, “Sword Deity Rao, I have some personal thoughts that I would like to talk to you about in private.”

“Sure.” Rao Yaoyao did not think that this would waste her time.

Night Guardian was a mature and steady person.

He was also the first batch of participants in the Holy Divine Palaces plan.

His personal abilities were extremely strong.

She waved her hand and dismissed everyone around her, leaving only Wang Dachui behind.

Wang Dachui did not say anything.

He opened the bounded domain and isolated them from the outside world.

“Right now, no one else can hear your thoughts.

If you have anything to say, feel free to say it.” Rao Yaoyao gestured.

Night Guardian took a deep breath and looked at the silent Chief of Physique Division, Wang Dachui, before he began to make his statement.

“In the White Cave, Xu Xiaoshou turned into his own master, the saint servant, Sleeveless.

He imitated his aura, cultivation level, and other abilities perfectly, and deceived us.”

“Lets put aside the fact that our red-clothed teams abilities were indeed insufficient, but at that time, Xu Xiaoshou was only at the innate stage, and he could already imitate a higher void expert!”

Night Guardians tone became heavier as he tried to make Sword Deity Rao pay more attention to his words.

Wang Dachuis mouth twitched, there was a sneer on his face.

“Saint Servant, Sleeveless, is his master.

He has the ability and the courage.

He also has the prerequisite to imitate… No, to take out his infernal white flame.

Is there a problem”

Night Guardian glanced at him but did not reply.

He continued to speak on his own.

“Sword Deity Rao, you have already deduced that Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, was involved in the battle where the Chief of the Transformation Division died.”

“Furthermore, although he and the cutting path survived the Nine Death Thunder Calamity, they were still one step away from reaching the higher void level.

The divine sorcerer who was suspected to be Patriarch Wuji, is a ghost beast who sneaked out of the Abyss Island and their ability is restricted by the Ghost Beast Host body.

These three joined forces and killed Elder Yi in a very short period of time.”

“Let me ask you.

Yi was a higher void and he was known to be ever-changing and elusive.

Even if he was ambushed by the enemies in advance, how could he be killed by three guys who arent even at the higher void level”


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