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“From the very beginning, Xu Xiaoshou had mastered Sword Will.

It was just like how he had mastered the Infernal White Flame which originated from the same origin, Saint Servant Sleeveless…”

Rao Yaoyao seemed to have understood what Night Guardian had wanted to say: Xu Xiaoshou could also imitate Bazhunan.

Moreover, based on Bazhunans current weak state, the more sloppy Xu Xiaoshous disguise was, the more the people at the higher level did not dare to act rashly.

This helped Xu Xiaoshou disguise himself as Bazhunan more successfully.

Not to mention after Yi died in the battle, the imitator had very likely fallen into Xu Xiaoshous hands.

This had helped Xu Xiaoshou disguise himself as Bazhunan even more successfully, not just one level more.

“I really cant underestimate him…”

Rao Yaoyao finally raised her guard.

The words of Night Guardian were unpleasant to hear, but they were true and there was a reason for their existence.

If she fell into Saint Servants trap and was surrounded by many people, and she even treated Xu Xiaoshou with more contempt, then even Rao Yaoyao would not face a good consequence.


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The only thing that was still unacceptable was…

“He had just broken through to Master (stage) under my sword not long ago…” Rao Yaoyao frowned.

She couldnt accept that a Master (stage) junior could be a threat to the Higher Void (level).

“Lets get out!”

She had understood what she needed to understand.

Rao Yaoyao didnt wait any longer.

She got Wang Dachui to remove the bounded domains seal and led Night Guardian back into everyones line of sight.

“Inter-Spatial Wheel.”

She personally requested the Inter-Spatial Wheel.

She then looked at the recording of the battle traces on the wheel and reflected on the scene.

However, she was unable to find Huang Quan, and traces of Bazhunan and others leaving.

The only traceable traces left at the scene were the spatial passageway aura left behind by the stowaway with space attributes.

Stowaway with spatial attributes… Rao Yaoyao pondered.

She felt that since Huang Quan and another stowaway with space attributes had appeared at the same time, then in the Yunlun Mountain Range, based on the probability, a third person with space attributes shouldnt exist.

Therefore, the space attribute stowaway that escaped in the end was very likely the white-haired short young man, the one that she had paid attention to previously and probed with spatial origin stone.

However, it was disrupted by Young Master Xu, Jiang Xian, and other conflicts.

In the end, due to the various major events that happened frequently, she had no choice but to let it go.

This was only a suspicion.

Rao Yaoyao didnt verify it immediately.

Instead, she personally came to see the remnant fluctuations of the spatial passageway.

After such a long period of time, the remnant spatial traces had disappeared.

Fortunately, the Inter-Spatial Wheel had recorded the coordinates of the 362 exits of the spatial passageway.

Rao Yaoyao slashed out the spatial fragment to verify them one by one, but she still couldnt find many clues.

The spatial fragment was too chaotic.

It could erase many traces in an instant, not to mention after such a long time.

Standing beside the spatial fragment, Rao Yaoyao was not discouraged.

To her, this was just the beginning of the mission.

She had come into contact with more complicated and difficult tracking events than this.

“Wheres the image of the stowaway with space attributes Give it to me.”

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Rao Yaoyao spread her hands and Night Guardian went forward.

He handed over the jade scroll that Zhu Mier had carved and expressed his thoughts.

“I suspect he is the Dean of the Inner Yard of Tiansang Spirit Palace, Tiansang City, Ye Xiaotian.”

Rao Yaoyaos brows twitched.

She scanned the jade scroll with her spiritual senses and successfully identified that he was the one whom she had probed with the spatial origin stone.

“He didnt take the spatial origin stone back then as he had anticipated my probe Hes very smart…” The corners of Rao Yaoyaos lips curled up.

Her eyes met the Night Guardians serious gaze and she said softly.

“I suspect the same.”

Suspicion was useless.

Rao Yaoyao was a person of action.

She immediately turned to look at her subordinates and said in a deep voice.

“Immediately send a message to the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace in Dongtianwang City.

Have them contact the City Lord Mansion of Tiansang City and get all the information about the Dean of Tiansang Spirit Palace, Ye Xiaotian, as soon as possible.

Also, send someone to Tiansang Spirit Palace to verify it.

“I dont want hearsay.

I want the City Lord of Tiansang City to see it with his own eyes and reply to me personally on all the information he has verified.

“After that, the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace in Dongtianwang City will send someone to Tiansang City to verify it.

If what the City Lord of Tiansang City said doesnt match what our people said… The City Lord Mansion of Tiansang City will be destroyed!

“As for Ye Xiaotian…”

After Rao Yaoyao gave her instructions on all the procedures in an orderly manner, the corners of her mouth suddenly curled up.

She then teased, “If nothing goes wrong, you should be able to submit a report of Ye Xiaotians resignation.

At the same time, tell me who the new dean of Tiansang Spirit Palace is, right”


The many red-clothed people around her shivered when they heard this.

In just a short while, Sword Deity Rao had concluded what she wanted the most, and what was most likely the correct answer.

She had even suspected the possibility of the City Lord Mansion secretly communicating with the Tiansang Spirit Palace and included other minor details in her suspicion.

She also gave clear instructions for her actions.

From the beginning to the end, how much time had passed

Even Night Guardian could not help but exclaim in admiration.

As expected of the Ruler of the red-clothed, her thoughts were clearer than ever before!

The Cutting Path (stage) subordinates around her took their orders and left.

Rao Yaoyao returned to look at the spatial crack.

She slightly narrowed her eyes and her spiritual senses transformed into 362 portions.

In an instant, they passed through the spatial fragment and landed at the 362 exits.

There were still no clues…

After all, it had been too long.

“Did you guys say that Murong Ying and one of his team members had headed toward the only exit with an anomaly of the spatial passageway” Rao Yaoyao asked.


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