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“Is it because of Elder Sang…”

No matter what Ye Xiaotian thought, he could only get Bazhunans help to save him.

It was because Elder Sang was the second-in-command of Saint Servant

He stopped thinking about it.

After applying the medicine, he looked at himself up and down.

The flesh and blood on his body, which was almost shattered by Huang Quan, had begun to recover under the effect of Elder Sangs powerful healing medicine.

However, the recovery speed was not fast enough.

Ye Xiaotian pondered for a moment.

He spun the Spatial Upanishad under his feet and his body gradually turned transparent.

Then, he completely merged into the space.


The moment his body merged into the space, his injuries were also transferred to the space.

In just a blink of an eye, the space around him collapsed and shattered.

It showed how serious his injuries were after the battle with Huang Quan.

However, the space had self-healing properties.

After a short while, the surrounding space recovered to its original state.

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The void rippled again, forming a blurry silhouette that seemed to be struggling, trying to escape from the void space.

After a long time, Ye Xiaotian finally completed his morph forms and returned to his human form.

He sized up his body again.

His injuries had all healed, which was a good thing, but Ye Xiaotian still had a lingering fear.

“Turning into space, I can use the Great Path of space to heal my injuries, but the consequences are also very serious.

“As the number of times I assimilate space increases, my consciousness will gradually integrate into the Way of the Heavens.

In the end, I will live as long as the heavens.

“This iseternal Life in a certain sense, but it is alsodeath in a different sense!”

The power brought about by the completion of the Spatial Upanishad was almost flawless.

Ye Xiaotian had such a method to heal himself, but he still used healing elixirs.

He was just afraid that one day he would really live as long as the heavens.

He didnt like eternal life.

He only liked to follow his consciousness in his limited life and walk through this uneventful life.

Unfortunately, after his battle with Yama, what awaited him would be an endless storm!

“Saint Origin Crystal…”

Ye Xiaotian took out the hexagonal crystal hidden in his own space.

The crystal stone of the size of a fist was emitting a fascinating mysterious Holy Light.

But it was also the same thing that had got him into this mess.

“Elder Sang, Elder San.

Ive helped you to this extent.

I have indeed done my best…”

Ye Xiaotian sighed, holding the Saint Origin crystal he protected with painstaking efforts.

For an instant, he lost the next target.

“Elder Sangs letter only told me to snatch this Saint Origin Crystal, but he didnt tell me what he wanted it for…

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“He wouldnt give it to me to make me a saint, would he”

Ye Xiaotian knew very well that although he had mastered the Spatial Upanishad, he still had a long way to go before he could become a saint.

It was impossible that Elder Sang had wanted him to fight for this Saint Origin Crystal to make him a saint.


“It was for Xu Xiaoshou”

Ye Xiaotian speculated and quickly rejected it because Xu Xiaoshou was far from becoming a saint.


Just as he was thinking, the unique spatial bead on his body cracked into pieces.

Ye Xiaotian took out the fragments of the spatial bead and frowned.

There were originally two spatial beads that formed a pair.

The other bead was in the hands of Qiao Qianzhi from Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Although this thing did not have a communication function, and even though they were separated by two domains, the other one would react if one of them was crushed.

Ye Xiaotian knew that communication was prohibited in the cloud realm world.

Hence, during his trip this time, he left this spatial bead at Tiansang Spirit Palace.

“Unless the Tiansang Spirit Palace is in a life-and-death situation, Qiao Qianzhi will not crush the spatial bead.

Obviously, he has wanted to contact me…

“What has happened over there”

Ye Xiaotians heartbeat accelerated slightly.

He raised his eyes to look at the sky.

A spatial barrier instantly appeared above him, changing the image of this place.

Then, he waved his hand in the void, creating a mirror.

At the end of the Tiansang Spirit Palace, even Qiao Qianzhi had tried his best, he couldnt contact Ye Xiaotian in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

However, Ye Xiaotians Spatial Upanishad had reached the final stage.

With a little effort, he could see any space in the five domains of the continent.

In the spatial mirror, Qiao Qianzhis face slowly appeared.

Even though there was a distance limit, Ye Xiaotian could still see the anxiety on his face.

“What has happened” Ye Xiaotian asked.

Qiao Qianzhi was in a slightly dim space.

Behind him was a square table with a dark red roast goose which made one mouth-watering.

He was holding a chopstick in one hand and a fragment of the spatial bead in the other.

Apparently, he had received some kind of information in a hurry and immediately sent out an invitation communication.

Seeing the spatial mirror appear, he could not wait to speak and get straight to the point.

“Someone from the City Lord Mansion came.

Fu Zhi acted personally.

With the search warrant from the Holy Divine Palace in hand, he took away all the information about you.

“Not long after, the people from the Holy Divine Palace personally came to verify your resignation report.

“Of course, theres nothing wrong with this report.

The relevant procedures have been completed in the past few days.

Old Xiao is now the new dean, so they cant find anything wrong with it.

“But they left a message.”

Qiao Qianzhi paused, and his eyes were full of worry.

“What message” Ye Xiaotian took a deep breath.

He understood that his identity had been exposed.

Rao Yaoyao had sent people to verify it and it had been verified successfully.

Qiao Qianzhi sighed and imitated that persons sarcastic tone, “‘In Tiansang Spirit Palace, first there was Saint Servant Sleeveless, and then Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou.

Now, theres also the stowaway, Ye Xiaotian.

The quality of the elites youve nurtured is really good… These are his exact words!”


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