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This idea that appeared at that time could be said to be earth-shattering.

It was not much different from the birth of the “Penetrating Divine Senses”.

The only difference was…

Kui Leihan proposed the “Penetrating Divine Senses” and then it successfully evolved into the “God Punishment Tribulation”.

He stood on the shoulders of the giant in the era of Spiritual Cultivation and realized what he had wanted.

Qiao Qianzhi had no one to refer to.

There was no one before him on the path he had chosen, so he could only rely on himself to explore.

Decades had passed…

Even Ye Xiaotian thought that Qiao Qianzhi was indeed crazy and was about to give up on him.

However, the other party suddenly said that he was at the final step.


Ye Xiaotians thoughts drifted.

Suddenly, the corner of his mouth twitched and he almost laughed out loud.

He laughed at himself for having worked so hard for so many years to reach the final stage of Spatial Upanishad.

He was still a long way from reaching the demi-saint.

At the same time, he also wanted to bless his good friend who had studied the alternative path of becoming a saint.

He wanted to bless the success of his idea.

If he really had the chance, he would be the first to become a saint before him and Elder Sang!

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“It wasnt me who became a saint, it was me who made the Divine Puppet become a saint.

Moreover, this is just an idea, it hasnt been implemented yet.” Qiao Qianzhi seemed to have seen through Ye Xiaotians expectations.

He immediately spoke up, trying to lower Ye Xiaotians expectations.

Ye Xiaotian smiled.

“You already have an idea.

Will you be far from success”

There was one more thing that he did not say: if the divine puppet became a saint, wouldnt you have a way to learn from it Would you still be afraid that you couldnt cross the three realms of the Sovereign (stage)

Qiao Qianzhis idea seemed to have gone astray.

If it was someone else who brought it up, Ye Xiaotian would definitely scoff.

However, the Holy Palace did not recruit mediocre people.

Anyone who could enter it would mean that the person was unconstrainedly imaginative, and would also keep his feet on the ground.

Qiao Qianzhi had spent decades working from the Holy Palace to the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

If he brought up an idea at this time, no matter how modest his words were, would he tell without a 70-80% chance

Besides, wouldnt every path in the world, big or small, reach its end

In the era of the ancient swordsman, wasnt the first person to have the idea of “Spiritual Cultivation” a freak who was abandoned by that era

“What do you need my help with” Ye Xiaotian was a little excited and decided to help Qiao Qianzhi, no matter how difficult it was.

“Do what you can.

You dont have to be impulsive.

Your safety comes first,” Qiao Qianzhi said cautiously.

After that, he chuckled and rubbed his hands.

“The test subject is a Divine Puppet.

I dont have one in hand.

The only one in the Spirit Palace had been taken away by Xu Xiaoshou.

Go and get it back for me.

“That was the first generation Divine Puppet developed by Hallmaster Dao.

It has the ability to grow.

It was also the test subject that I was most familiar with after analyzing it for decades.

“At that time, I was just lending it to Xu Xiaoshou to play with and see if he could activate more spiritual quality…

“Yes, with my relationship with Elder Sang, Xu Xiaoshou and I have a good personal relationship.

If you can find him, he will agree.”

Ye Xiaotians brows twitched when he heard that.

He thought to himself that it might not be the case.

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Who knew how Xu Xiaoshou had been corrupted after he joined the Saint Servant.

“Ill try my best.

The premise is that I can find traces of Xu Xiaoshou.

Hes secretive.” Ye Xiaotian nodded and asked, “Is there anything else”

“Theres one more thing…”

Qiao Qianzhi took a deep breath and said.

“Didnt Eighth Sword Deity say in the five regions that theres this foundational roots of Saint Ascension in the Sky City I dont need it, but if possible, help me find something that he mentioned…”

“The Saint Origin Crystal!”


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