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“How did I get it…” Ye Xiaotians eyes twitched when he heard that.

“When I was strolling in the Yunlun Mountain Range, it flew over by itself and landed on my face.

I got it with my hands.”

As he said that, he even freed up his hand to grab a handful of air in the air and performed a very cold joke.

Qiao Qianzhi was speechless.

He was completely dumbfounded.

The Saint Origin Crystal, the Saint Origin Crystal that everyone dreamed of, had flown into Ye Xiaotians hands

When he made the request just now, Qiao Qianzhi did not even have much hope.

He did not expect this thing to seem to be fated with him and come to him on its own accord.


How could there be such a coincidence in this world

“Ye Xiaotian, has there been anything strange with you lately Do you feel that you have been arranged by someone” Qiao Qianzhi asked sharply.

“Yes,” Ye Xiaotian nodded immediately.

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“Who” Qiao Qianzhi was terrified.

Ye Xiaotian sighed.

“How Im feeling now is that from the moment I entered Dongtianwang City, I have become a chess piece in an unknown chess game, at the mercy of others… including how I obtained this Saint Origin Crystal.

I cant figure out the reason even after thinking long and hard about it.”

On the other side of the spatial mirror, Qiao Qianzhi was stunned, and he was silent for a long long time.

Ye Xiaotian could see that Qiao Qianzhi was frantically struggling and making choices from the bottom of his heart.

In the end, it was as if rationale had overcome his emotions.

Qiao Qianzhi suppressed his greed and said resolutely.

“Ye Xiaotian, throw away the Saint Origin Crystal.

We dont want it anymore.

Whoever wants it, go and pick it up.

“As for you, leave the Yunlun Mountain Range immediately!”

Ye Xiaotian smiled.

He understood that Qiao Qianzhi was still the same old Qiao Qianzhi.

The Great Path of Heaven and earth, the pursuit of his whole life, in Qiao Qianzhis heart, had never been more important than family members.

Just like how he could always sit at the Spiritual Affairs Division of the Tiansang Spirit Palace as the number one counselor.

All that he wanted was to wake up every day, see the fresh blood of the Spirit Palace, feel the vitality of the children, and then scold them with his bark worse than his bite.


Thinking of this, Ye Xiaotian shook his head and rejected Qiao Qianzhis idea.

He then said indifferently.

“I will send theSaint Origin Crystal to you through spatial teleportation.

You study your so-called Way of Spirit Array and the Divine Path well.

If you can really come out with the so-called demi-saint puppet, Ill salute you.

“As for the Aje in Xu Xiaoshous hand, give me some time and Ill help you find it.

“During this time, think about the power of the Saint Origin Crystal.

After all, Ive got only one, and I believe I wont be able to get a second one.

So, you only have one chance.

“As for the other miscellaneous matters…”

Ye Xiaotian paused for a moment and said disdainfully, “With me here, you dont have any worries.”

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How would Qiao Qianzhi listen to him

Even though Ye Xiaotian had grown to the point where he could smash Yama into pieces with the Hand of Ripping Heaven, his hands still trembled and his face was full of worry.

“Ye Xiaotian, I dont want theSaint Origin Crystal.

I can find a substitute for this thing.

Hurry up and return to the Spirit Palace!” Qiao Qianzhi said angrily.

Ye Xiaotian could not help but laugh.

How could a substitute be stronger than the Saint Origin Crystal of the origin of Saint Ascension

Moreover, the power of this world was equal.

Even if Qiao Qianzhi had great abilities, could he really turn a stone into gold and create a Demi-Saint Stage Divine Puppet with an ordinary object

Without saying anything else, Ye Xiaotian summoned the spatial passageway and sent the Saint Origin Crystal in.

He hurriedly waved his hand at the spatial mirror, ignoring Qiao Qianzhi who kept calling out to him.

With a smile, he said the last sentence:

“Divine Puppet, Ill give it to you later.

Study well and cut your path.

As for the rest, Im around.

You dont have to worry.”

With that, he waved his hand and closed the spatial mirror.

The world instantly quieted down.


The demonic wind of the Lone Cliff passed through the two shores, forming an incomparably mournful and desolate sound.

It swept past the white-haired lad who was all alone on the high cliff.

“Its really quiet…”

Ye Xiaotian stood quietly on the top of the high cliff.

Hearing the sound of the wind and looking at the sea of clouds, he was like a rock that had never moved since ancient times.

He felt his heart begin to beat faster.

This was a long-lost feeling of blood boiling.

It was the same feeling he had before the numerous battles and confrontations when he was in the Holy Palace.

Bending his body, he picked up a piece of gravel and threw it away.

The pebble drew a parabola from the high cliff, passing through the clouds and falling into the bottomless bottom of the cliff.

However, all traces of it disappeared halfway, and even spiritual senses could not track it.

“Im in the trap…”

Ye Xiaotian narrowed his eyes and suddenly regained his calm.

Even his heartbeat had returned to normal.

Once the gears of fate began to turn, no one would be able to escape.

Not even himself, who had lived in the Tiansang Spirit Palace for so many years in an attempt to escape the maelstrom of power.

“When did I get dragged into this…” Ye Xiaotian frowned and thought hard.

He thought of Dongtianwang City, but he quickly denied it.

He then thought of White Cave and Eighth Palace, and he quickly denied it.

“Neither were they.

“Perhaps, it was at the Tiansang Spirit Palace, when Bazhunan first appeared.”

Ye Xiaotian thought of this and sighed slightly.

He still remembered that night…

When the law enforcer of the Spirit Palace stayed up all night to guard against the external dangers, the Inner Yard disciples, Feng Kong and Shao Yi, went to the Outer Yard to assassinate the Outer Yard disciple, Xu Xiaoshou, who had just won the Windcloud Competition.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Xu Xiaoshou completed his stunning counter-attack and chased after them to the shore of Goose Lake.

In the end, he even used his sword to almost pierce through the heart of the masked man who had suddenly appeared.

At that time, it was still not known that he was Eighth Sword Deity.

But at that time, what Xu Xiaoshou could do, he could not do himself…

Ye Xiaotian thought of the shame of losing his arm.

He thought that he was the prodigy of the Holy Palace.

He had also awakened the rarely seen space attributes in the continent.

However, in the hands of Eight Sword Deity, his arm was broken only after a few rounds.

After leaving the Spirit Palace for dozens of years, Ye Xiaotian didnt defer his cultivation.

However, he was always one step away from what he wanted the most.

Perhaps it was because there was no external force to push him, Ye Xiaotian was too lazy to make a comeback.

Therefore, he had stopped before the final step of the Spatial Path and never crossed it.

However, after the battle with Bazhunan, he was stimulated.

It was precisely because he “wanted” that he decided to make a comeback.

He wanted to take that final step and reach the final stage of the Spatial Upanishad.

Looking at it now, under Bazhunans push, his Spatial Upanishad had indeed reached the final stage.

However, it was because he “wanted” to take that step that he had taken that step.

Being seen by others, perhaps he would have no choice but to say goodbye to the stable and peaceful life of the past few decades.

“As expected, one cannot be greedy…”

Ye Xiaotian shook his head and let the cold wind from the high cliff wake him up, returning to the present.

To him, giving out the Saint Origin Crystal was what he wanted at the present moment.

Perhaps this was also the arrangement of fate.

However, since the situation could not be reversed, he would just have to deal with it as it came!

How could he throw away what he had obtained just because he was afraid of the unknown

It was time to leave this d*mned place…

Ye Xiaotian thought of the Divine Puppet and Xu Xiaoshou.

He needed to spend some time finding where Xu Xiaoshou was.

However, he did not dare to stay in the Yunlun Mountain Range for the time being.

After the battle with Huang Quan, he used the 362 spatial passageways to hide his whereabouts.

Ye Xiaotian was certain that no one could find him.

For this move, he had studied a lot of information.

Naturally, he knew that Rao Yao Yao, the Ruler of the red-clothed people, was an extremely intelligent person.

“With Rao Yaoyao and red-clothed peoples tracing abilities, if I were to erase the traces of space on the spot, I might be tracked down by special spiritual technique and special items, and subsequently I might not be able to escape.

“After all, I was still heavily injured at that time…

“Therefore, I used 362 possibilities to hide and then exposed myself slightly through one of them.

“Rao Yaoyao was so clever that she was mistaken by her cleverness.

She didnt guess that I would dare to take a break at the only exit of the spatial passageways which had a flaw.

“As the saying goes…”

Ye Xiaotian smiled confidently.

“The most dangerous place is often the safest place.”


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