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“Headmaster, stop!” Xu Xiaoshou finally recovered from Ye Xiaotians terrifying combat strength and shouted.

He was indeed frightened by Ye Xiaotians “Lord of Ten Thousand Realms” just now.

Who would have thought that Ye Xiaotian would still be beaten up by Huang Quan even though he had opened his bounded domain.

Moreover, who would have thought that his opponent would be changed from Huang Quan to Murong Ying.

An expert of the cutting path stage, in front of Ye Xiaotian, was completely nothing!

In a single exchange, Murong Yings bounded domain was seized, and his figure was controlled.

He was like a dead fish on a chopping board, at the mercy of Ye Xiaotian.

Just as Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by how terrifying the headmasters strength had become, the other party turned his head and tried to smash him to death.

How could he let this happen

They were on the same side!

“Headmaster, dont mess around…”

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Xu Xiaoshou shouted as he changed his appearance.

He waved his hand and said, “I am Xu Xiaoshou, I am the outer yard disciple of Tiansang Spirit Palace, Xu Xiaoshou.

Headmaster, please dont mess around.

I just saved your life!”

“Suspected, passive points 2.”

Murong Ying, who was hiding in the void but had been controlled, was dumbfounded when he heard that.

Wang Chao

Saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou

W-what was going on

Ye Xiaotian, who had inserted one hand into the spatial fragment, was also a little stunned when he saw the transformation of the sovereign stage law enforcer into a familiar face.

Xu Xiaoshou

Was he really Xu Xiaoshou

Ye Xiaotian could not help but laugh after a short pause.

He was almost amused by theXu Xiaoshou across him.

“As expected, you have indeed grasped the space attributes and know some principles of using the refraction of the spatial mirror to morph forms into other people.”

“Just because you fooled others with these, you think that you can fool me”

Ye Xiaotian did not hold back at all.

He was about to break off a piece of the sky and smash the law enforcer of the sovereign stage, who dared to play tricks on him, to death.

Not far away, Murong Ying, who was controlled by theLord of Ten Thousand Realms bounded domain, also reacted when he heard the sound.

The appearance ofXu Xiaoshou must have been Wang Chaos scheme.

This fellow, Wang Chao, actually had such an idea at such a critical moment.

He even put it into action to stall for time.

“I cant give up…”

Murong Ying tried to grab hold of the opportunity.

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Wang Chao had indeed bought him some time.

Durinperioderiod of time when he was under control, he had already familiarized himself with the power of theLord of Ten Thousandconcludedhe conclusion that even if he couldnt break free from the control of the sovereign domain, the sovereign domain was only at the sovereign level after all.

He could use his cutting path level to suppress the sovereigns way of the heavens, thus successfully escaping.

Just as he thought of this, Murong Ying immediately took action.

In terms of cultivation level, he was indeed a sub-level higher than Ye Xiaotian, and his comprehension of the way of the heavens was also a level higher than Ye Xiaotian.

Although within theLord of Ten Thousand Realms, almost 99% of the other elements had been discarded, leaving only the power of the space attributes, and Murong Ying could not even borrow the shadow element that was less than 10%…

But since it was daytime, shadows were everywhere!

Murong Yings gaze moved down, revealing his figure from the void.

Soon, a faint shadow was reflected on the ground.

He immediately communicated with the existence of his own shadow and established a connection.

“Shadow Escape Technique!”

Murong Yings energy reserve moved, and his spiritual source surged.

His body turned into a stream of light and flowed down from the void, merging into the shadow on the ground.

Ye Xiaotian immediately looked sideways.

How sharp was he

Although he was hovering in mid-air and seemed to be targeting Wang Chao, Ye Xiaotians attention had never left Murong Ying.

After all, it was impossible for Wang Chao, who was on the same level, to harm him.

However, Murong Ying was in the cutting path stage.

As long as Ye Xiaotian was careless, there was still a chance that he would fail miserably.

Sensing that Murong Ying had broken free from the confinement of his bounded domain, Ye Xiaotian immediately changed his move.

The “Hand of Ripping Heaven”, which was cast halfway, had yet to break off the sky fragment.

He twisted his wrist and pulled back the downward force, inserting it into the right hand of Abyss Island.

Borrowing the force of the collision with space, he pulled back forcefully.


With a swish, the void was like a large tablecloth.

After being pulled by Ye Xiaotian, countless folds appeared.

Then, the folds collapsed.

All the space on the Lone Cliff that was contained within theLord of Ten Thousand Realms bounded domain suddenly collapsed like a mirror.

Crack crack crack…

Boom boom boom…

The sounds of cracking and explosions rang out.

The three-dimensional space that had no blind spots collapsed in all directions.

Not to mention Wang Chao, even Murong Ying, who had just turned into a stream of light and poured into his own shadow, was unable to defend himself effectively at the first moment.


When the spatial patterns in the middle of the shadow split open, Murong Ying let out an agonizing cry.

His original body was also cut open by the spatial crack, and blood spurted out from the wound.

And this was only the first damage from Ye Xiaotiansdisintegrate move!

As the dense spatial crack shattered, Murong Yings invisible shadow was also completely shattered into over a hundred pieces.

Blood splattered everywhere around each piece, and the scene was extremely bloody.


The Shadow Escape Technique was ultimately unable to withstand such a high-intensity attack likedisintegrate.

Murong Yings main body was blasted away from the shadow, his entire body was cracked and covered in blood.

He immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, and his aura was extremely malaise.

He took out a bell cauldron and hid his damaged physical body within it.

However, the bell cauldron swayed back and forth in the never-ending spatial crack.

In the end, it was blasted into pieces and turned into small crystals.

Murong Ying was sent flying once again, crashing heavily onto the edge of the cliff.

He was only half a step away from falling to the bottom of the cliff!

“What a terrifying power…”

“I cant go against him in his bounded domain at all…”

Murong Ying struggled to hold his body up to prevent himself from falling to the bottom of the cliff.


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