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H-He threw it away…

Murong Yings heart clenched when he saw this scene.

It could be said that he had placed all his hopes on the battle communicator.

At the same time, it was also his last hope for survival.

Even if Sword Deity Rao could quickly notice the abnormality of a battle above the sovereign stage and the aura of a bounded domain…

Even if his cultivation level, which was at the cutting path stage, was above the two opponents…

Murong Ying wasnt arrogant enough to think that he could successfully survive under the cooperation of the stowaway who had mastered the Spatial Upanishad and the saint servant Xu Xiaoshou who had participated in many terrorist attacks.

He was undeniably one of the team leaders of the law enforcers.

But his shadow attribute determined that he wasnt the kind of battle-type cutting path talent who could take on ten opponents by himself, such as the Night Guardian.

On the contrary, Murong Ying had a clear understanding of himself.

He knew that he was a control type and a support type.

He was a team player who needed his teammates by his side so that he could display more strength by blending in with the characteristics of many people.


Since he had lost his battle communicator, staying in here was nothing more than a dead end…

Glancing at the sea of clouds in the strange Lone Cliff from the corner of his eye, Murong Yings thoughts worked in a flash and made the final decision.

At this moment, his face was filled with grief as he muttered, “Wang Chao, I never thought that you would choose to betray me…”

It was as if until this moment, Murong Ying still did not believe that the Xu Xiaoshou in front of him was the real Xu Xiaoshou, but that there was a problem with Wang Chaos will.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows slightly, wondering if there was something wrong with Murong Yings brain.

He had already made it so obvious, yet Murong Ying still did not realize that the real Wang Chao had already been replaced

At this moment.

While both Xu Xiaoshou and Ye Xiaotian were still in a daze.

Without any warning, a magnificent spiritual source fluctuation burst out from Murong Yings body.

His face became distorted, blue veins popped up on his body, and a layer of faint blood mist burst out from the surface of his body due to excessive force.

Then, after squeezing out 120% of his cutting path power, Murong Ying turned into a ray of black light and shot toward Xu Xiaoshou, who was standing on the cliff.

“Be careful!”

Ye Xiaotian reacted and immediately saw through Murong Yings intention.

That was his last struggle as a trapped beast, a desperate counterattack!

With a quick thought, the force of rules in the realm of the Lord of Ten Thousand Realms surged.

While he tried to restrain Murong Ying who had used theBlood Sacrifice Technique, he changed space and directly shifted Xu Xiaoshous position to his side.

At the same time, Xu Xiaoshou also noticed Murong Yings strange behavior.

However, the wordambushed did not appear in the information bar.

On the contrary, the moment Murong Ying rushed forward, the information bar only popped.

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“Deceived, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized that he and Ye Xiaotian were wrong.

Murong Ying didnt want to attack him, he wanted to chase after the battle communicator.

His only chance to escape was at the bottom of the Lone Cliff, which had taken away his attention earlier and made him feel a little strange.


Xu Xiaoshou only had time to say one word.

He wanted to intercept Murong Ying, but his body was repositioned by the bounded domain power to Ye Xiaotians side.


Murong Ying flew through the air.

His fully powered cutting path stage broke through the seal of the sovereign domain and the layers of spatial shackles in a short period of time.

Murong Ying turned into a black stream of light and left a long trail of blood from being blocked by the spatial power as he activated his ultimate power.

Then, he rushed out of the Lone Cliff and shot toward the sea of clouds.


Murong Ying returned to his original form as he flew above the sea of clouds.

His body was covered with two severe wounds that had been cut open by the spatial crack.

However, his eyes were full of excitement.

“Saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, how dare you deceived me”

“And you… stowaway Ha, so what if you have the Spatial Upanishad If you have the ability, come after me!”

“Ill wait at the bottom of the Lone Cliff…”


Before Murong Ying could finish his words, the sea of clouds in the Lone Cliff suddenly burst out with endless dazzling light.

When the dazzling light emerged from the bottom of the cliff and reached the top, it had already been weakened by layers of energy.

However, it was still very dazzling.

Besides the dazzling light, the sea of clouds didnt have any other special fluctuations.

Murong Ying, who was arrogant a moment ago and thought that he had found the last way to escape, was fearless.

However, when the dazzling light bloomed, he was like a bird with a broken wing.

After a miserable cry, he fell to the bottom of the cliff and disappeared without a trace.


The miserable cry went from near to far and soon disappeared without a trace.


On the Lone Cliff, the sound of the strange demonic wind that seemed to have never changed since ancient times was still echoing.

It was desolated and merciless.

“Startled, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart almost stopped beating.

He looked at the scene in front of him in complete confusion.

He felt that the cliff had suddenly become strange and mysterious.

Under the sea of clouds, it looked like an abyss full of unknown horrors.

“What… What had just happened” He looked back at Ye Xiaotian in confusion.

Ye Xiaotians face was solemn.

When he withdrew his gaze from the sea of clouds between the cliffs, he also withdrew the power of his bounded domain completely.

Then, he shook his head slightly.

“I have no idea.

However, I know that the cliff is dangerous.”

“…” The corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched, and he inexplicably felt a toothache.

It was too sudden!

He had just thrown an earlobe, and Murong Ying had only wanted to escape.

But he had never thought that such a mysterious situation would happen at the Lone Cliff.

An expert of the cutting path stage could not even resist and was directly swallowed…


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