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From fantasy to reality

Xu Xiaoshou didnt understand the concept, but it did sound rather crazy and familiar.

Just from the words of the headmaster, he felt that Elder Qiaos path was similar to his owndrawing expertise.

However, there was a fundamental difference between the two.

Drawing expertise was essentially the manifestation of onesfantasy and the addition of some spiritual quality to it, allowing it to have moreself-awareness.

However, thisself-awareness was ultimately still the consciousness of the main body.

Just like the Portrait Clone of Bazhunan and so on, if Xu Xiaoshou wasnt controlling from afar, then it would only be a lifelike painting that transcended the confines of paper.

It would remain a dead object.

While the path that Elder Qiao was working towards, which the headmaster had mentioned, focused more on spiritual array, or in other words, Divine Secret.

No matter what, when Xu Xiaoshou heard this, he felt as if he had returned to his previous life.

The time when he was still barely able to move in the early stage of his hospital stay but still forced himself to continue learning those obscure physics and philosophy knowledge.

In his heart, the old impression of Elder Qiaos sloppy behavior was instantly refreshed.


At this moment, Ye Xiaotian did not stop describing.

He looked at Xu Xiaoshou who pretended to be deep in thought, but was in fact slightly dazed.

It was as if Xu Xiaosho was reminded of himself when he first heard these concepts.

Hence, Ye Xiaotian smiled and continued.

“According to what your Elder Qiao had said, thediagram of everything can be expressed as the traces of the Order of the Heavens, or even the Holy Path.”

“Thevein is in each of the rules, such as the great path of fire-type.”

“Other than that, the growth rings of trees, leaves, and grass, along with the musculoskeletal and veins of a human body are alldiagrams andveins.

Changing these can change the essence.”

After a pause, his voice became somewhat deafening.

“The essence of spiritual cultivation is to evolve thediagrams andveins of ones body.”

“The essence of the growth of all living things is to evolve and further improve their own high-levelveins anddiagrams.”

“Once one grasps the ability to change thesediagrams andveins, a mortal can become a saint overnight!”

As soon as he said this, Xu Xiaoshous pupils suddenly constricted.

He suddenly realized why he felt a strange sense of familiarity when he heard those abstract concepts just now.

This wasntdrawing expertise!

What the Dean said was actually the core ofweaving expertise!

Only then did Xu Xiaoshou remember the fantasy realm he had experienced when he first obtainedweaving expertise.

There, everything had a hiddenthread.

The Order of Heavens and Earth materialized into anet of order that covered the entire continent.

Fate was more like an intangible giant hand that transcended here.

With a move of the giant hand, the thread moved, and the net moved.

Everything began to revolve, like a puppet master controlling a puppet.

If one had the ability to change the “thread” and the “net” after mastering these concepts, then this person could become the one who controlled the giant hand of fate.

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In Elder Qiaos concept, “vein” was equivalent to the “thread” in “weaving expertise”, and the “diagram” formed by “vein” was equivalent to thenet that was formed fromthread inweaving expertise.

Anet could be small or big.

A small “net” could be the musculoskeletal diagram of a human body or the growth ring diagram of trees, leaves, and grass.

Whereas, a large net could be the Net of Order or the Net of Holy Path.

“So, when Elder Qiao was young, he had already comprehended the core ofWeaving Expertise, and he resolutely stepped onto this path” Xu Xiaoshou was inexplicably shocked in his heart.

He felt that this was simply outrageous!

Were all people in the Holy Palace of this level

At that time, had the concept of Divine Secret been formed Was there someone leading the way ahead of Elder Qiao for him to be dared to go down this path

Was the difference between a genius and a madman really just a single will

Ye Xiaotian seemed to be very satisfied with Xu Xiaoshous reaction because when he obtained these specific explanations from Qiao Qianzhi, his reaction was worse than Xu Xiaoshous.

He smiled and added some important information.

“At that time, Hallmaster Dao had yet to become famous.

Your Elder Qiao had studied these things by himself, causing his cultivation speed to slow down and almost got expelled from the Holy Palace.”

“But he didnt give up and continued to study.

At that time, he didnt even know that his concept had already surpassed the scope of spiritual array.”

“Many years later, among the Ten High Nobles, Hallmaster Dao became famous throughout the world with Divine Secret.”

“At this moment, your Elder Qiao only knew that the Holy Divine Palace had gathered all the geniuses of the entire world to study these things that he carried on his own.”

“Thats the path division.

The concept that your Elder Qiao put forward is slightly equivalent to the embryonic form of Divine Secret!”

This was simply too ridiculous… at this moment, all that was left in Xu Xiaoshous heart was a crazed f*ck.

Could Elder Qiao alone be comparable to the entire path division

Was this the level of a genius from the Holy Palace

“What about his research result” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

He was thinking that since Hallmaster Dao became famous for Divine Secret, Elder Qiao wouldnt really be stuck as a sovereign level Spirit Array Caster for so many years, right

“He failed.”

Ye Xiaotian said with disappointment, and then he changed the topic.

“However, this is only our conclusion.

Your Elder Qiao is stubborn.

He has always thought that the level of the concept he has been researching is higher than Divine Secret, so its difficult for him to make a breakthrough.

To him, this isnt called a failure.”

“He also thinks that Hallmaster Dao is indeed a genius.

The divine puppet that the latter developed belongs to the same level as his concept… its similar to a man-made man.”


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