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“Therefore, your Elder Qiao has never given up on his research on the divine puppet.

However, he actually disdains Divine Secret.”

“He believes that other than the first generation of divine puppet, everything that Hallmaster Dao has achieved afterward is merely the product of Divine Secret.

At the conceptual level, your Elder Qiao no longer has any interest in it.”

Speaking up to this point, Ye Xiaotian looked at Aje, who was in Xu Xiaoshous arms, and said, “As a result, the only subject that your Elder Qiao has been studying for decades is Aje.”

Xu Xiaoshou fell silent after hearing this.

The deans words were completely beyond his imagination.

Apart from the fact that the Chief Elder liked to exchange some information for some small change, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt understand why the Chief Elder, who had been sleeping soundly in the first director office of the Spiritual Affairs Division, would have such a huge goal in his life.

“I was too shallow.

There are tigers and hidden dragons everywhere in this world…” Xu Xiaoshou thought as he felt ashamed for a moment.

“Its very stupid of him, isnt it He actually looked down on Divine Secret and thought that it was just something similar to the essence of spiritual array.

One involved theEarth and the other involved theHeavens.

Both of which were actually on the same level.” Ye Xiaotian shrugged as he said this somewhat helplessly.

It could be understood that he had once advised Qiao Qianzhi to seriously study Divine Secret and then perhaps, there would be a second Dao Qiongcang in the world.

However, Xu Xiaoshou did not think so.


The concept that the Dean had described for Elder Qiao was too similar to theweaving expertise.

If that was really the case, it was normal for Elder Qiao to look down on Divine Secret.

This was because in theweaving expertise, Divine Secret was only a part of theway of the heavens.

It was included as a basic knowledge.

If one really had great ambitions, then one should indeed set their sights onWeaving the Heavens and Earth, or evenWeaving the World, and not justWeaving the way of the Heavens.

However, if that was the case, Xu Xiaoshou knew how difficult it was.

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This was like the path of the ancient swordsman…

When one said that they wanted to learn the “Fantasy Sword Technique”, everyone would think that this person might be able to succeed because no matter how difficult the path was, someone had achieved it before.

However, if one said that they would definitely be able to master the “Nine Major Sword Techniques” and started minoring in the “Nine Major Sword Techniques” from the very beginning, how would this person be able to achieve any results in a short period of time

Compared to the slow and long journey of the way of the sword, a few decades of studying the way of the sword would only be considered a short period of time.

To master the 3000 styles of the sword, one had to be Bazhunan.

Otherwise, no one in the world would dare to believe that the person would be able to achieve anything.

Elder Qiaos path was different from this.

Even if Bazhunan had mastered the path of the ancient swordsman, there was still someone leading the path.

He had a goal to follow, such as Mei Siren, Youtu, and the God of Sword, Gu Louying.

However, Qiao Qianzhis philosophy…

At least, other than his ownweaving expertise, Xu Xiaoshou had never seen anyone try this path.


He had never heard of it, not even a legend!

“Madman…” Xu Xiaoshou muttered.

Ye Xiaotian nodded in agreement.

No… at this moment, Xu Xiaoshous sharp senses sensed the slight strangeness in the Deans words.

Hallmaster Dao was indeed a genius, and there was no dispute about this.

He had developed the first generation of divine puppet, and it had even been recognized by Qiao Qianzhi as a “high-grade product”.

From this point, it was not difficult to see that Hallmaster Dao did not only have Divine Secret in his conceptual realm.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to develop the first generation of divine puppet.

Therefore, to put it another way, Hallmaster Daos path was perhaps on the same level as Elder Qiaos path, and both paths have similar effects.

However, why did the first generation of divine puppet only have one attempt

Such a “high-level product” should have been completed at an endless cost.

The Holy Divine Palace should not be short of money.

But why was it eliminated so quickly

Was it because Dao Qiongcang had no ambition compared to Qiao Qianzhi Did he not want to do it anymore

He had settled for the second-best, choosing a divine puppet that “would not lose control, but came with the price that it would not have spiritual intelligence”

“Its not that he cant, but he didnt dare…”

Xu Xiaoshou instantly felt that he had touched on some secrets of the world.

However, at this time, for some reason, his train of thought had stopped, and he was completely unable to continue.

Frowning, Xu Xiaoshou had no choice but to abandon his thoughts.

He was already very used to having such similar feelings.

If there was no enemy beside him, with how Yu Lingdi interfered with the matter, only the Will of the Holy Emperor would be left.

It would then manipulate the thinking habits of the people in the world, disallowing them to explore the depths of this train of thought.

“If nothing goes wrong, will Elder Qiao lose his memory frequently Or will he always forget the results of his research as if he had lost his memory” Xu Xiaoshou asked abruptly.

Ye Xiaotian was just thinking about how to bring Xu Xiaoshou back to the conversation about returning Aje after he had completed his topic evasion technique.

When he heard this, his pupils constricted.

“How do you know”

He blurted out, and his expression turned serious as soon as he spoke.

He sighed, “You really know a lot…”

“Hehe.” Xu Xiaoshou successfully verified his idea and thought that there was indeed a trap in this world.

No wonder Elder Qiao and the others were the Four Disciples of the Holy Palace.

They had to leave the Holy Palace and live in seclusion in a corner like Tiansang Spirit Palace… The Holy Palace was too close, and there were people watching them from above!

No wonder during the time when Xu Xiaoshou was just apprenticed, Elder Sang had instilled Qiu Long Words into him, someone who had no social experience at that time, without even considering whether or not he could understand.

Some things could only be seen in the shape of the truth after one had travelled and experienced a lot.

“Lets not talk about this.”

Ye Xiaotian understood the will of the Holy Emperor, but he also knew that he should not mention it at all.

He quickly skipped this matter and returned to the main topic.

“Xu Xiaoshou, I didnt tell you so much because I wanted to show off my past achievements.

I just wanted to make you feel at ease.”

“Just like how I feel at ease with your Elder Qiao, how your master feels at ease with me, and you with your master.

“Now that your Elder Qiaos research has reached a critical moment, he has asked me for the Saint Origin Crystal.

All he needs now is Aje.

You know… Oh, perhaps you dont know, but I have to say that he will never do something that hes not certain of.”

“Are you willing to believe him”

As expected, the time for him to make a decision had arrived… Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself that he could not avoid this matter.

The main purpose of the headmasters topic evasion technique was to convince him to return Aje.

The headmaster had even given the saint origin crystal to Elder Qiao…

So, the headmaster had indeed obtained the saint origin crystal.

Huh, how did he obtain it

Huang Quan must have set his eyes on the saint origin crystal or the headmaster as a whole, just like how he had set his eyes on Xu Xiaoshou at that time.

After all, the headmaster was very outstanding…

“Should I give Aje to him or not”

Xu Xiaoshous heart was rather agitated, and his thoughts were a mess.

It had to be said that Ye Xiaotians words had really persuaded him.

If Elder Qiao was just an ordinary spirit array caster from Tiansang Spirit Palace, Xu Xiaoshou would definitely not return Aje.

However, after learning Elder Qiaos true background, his talent which was even higher than that of the headmaster and Elder Sang, and the possibility that he could be on par with the Hallmaster Dao if he took another path, Xu Xiaoshou really hesitated.

Perhaps in this world, Elder Qiao was the only person who could cure Aje.

But when he thought about the risks…

No matter how high Elder Qiaos theoretical level was, his current practical experience was only at the sovereign stage as a spirit array caster.

In the past decades, he had never succeeded in practicing his highest theoretical ideas.

“How would I, how would I dare to hand you over to him…” Xu Xiaoshou thought as held Aje and hesitated.

Ye Xiaotian quietly watched the scene and did not judge.

He put his hands behind his back and slowly floated to the edge of the cliff.

Facing the howling wind and the sea of clouds, looking at the vast sky, earth, and fog, Ye Xiaotian was silent for a long time.

He used a calm tone and said meaningfully,

“Every person who has yet to shine is either still dreaming in the day, or has already walked into the depths of the dying night… At this time, the only thing that will crush them is the darkness of extreme despair.

The only thing that can save them is usually the first ray of light of the dawn.”


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