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Xiu Yuanke suddenly felt his breathing become heavy.

He instantly had the thought of opening the large wooden box, taking out the peach wood sword, and killing these five assassins.

At this moment, Double Dumba*s reprimanded, “Elder Xie, since you have such a thoughtful intention, just tell me in private.

Why did you tell the others Maybe they are going to kill us to silence us.”

Xiu Yuankes action froze.

Elder Xie laughed strangely and glanced behind him.

“He dares

“Since I dare to speak so openly, it means that I am forcing him to make a move.

If he makes a move, I will pretend to die.

How can the Holy Divine Palace let go of someone who dares to make a move at the world-class teleportation portal

“He will then become a wanted criminal… and his head will become valuable.

We can then make a move at our discretion.”


Xiu Yuankes scalp went numb when he heard this.

This was a group of perverts!

After going around in a circle, it turned out that they were after money in the end


He silently suppressed his impulse to attack.

After he calmed down, he felt as if he had been teased.

“Thats not right.

How could these people so easily see through my thoughts Do they have the Mind Reading Technique…” Xiu Yuanke felt that he was like a piece of blank paper in front of these assassins.

At this moment, he was extremely eager to return to Eldest Senior Brothers side.

In the end, the place outside the Fringe Moon Immortal City was too dangerous.

It was simply not suitable for a pure and kind ancient swordsman like me!

Taking out the thousand paper cranes hidden in his pocket, Xiu Yuanke originally wanted to start searching for Eldest Senior Brothers location.

But at this time, he recalled the conversation of the assassins in his mind.

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“If I look for Eldest Senior Brother, they will follow the clues and target Eldest Senior Brother and me.

This will result in Eldest Senior Brothers identity being exposed.

What do I do then”

Just as he was hesitating, beads of sweat dripped down Xiu Yuankes forehead and unconsciously his sleeves became soaking wet.

In front, the five gold hunting token assassins were echoing to each other.

Unexpectedly but reasonably, they passed the identity registration and joined the stream of people in Dongtianwang City.

Their spiritual senses stared at Xiu Yuanke, who was standing still in the crowd behind them.

They all knew that this person was not simple, but they also did not know his identity.

But that guy was indeed simple!

He was really scared.

Holding the thousand paper cranes that he should be able to communicate with, he did not dare to…

“Its so funny.”

Little Ninja could not help but laugh.

“Are all swordsmen in the Eastern Region so dumb”

Elder Xies expression turned from mockery to solemnity.

He then said calmly, “Just laugh it off.

If we really want to fight, these guys who look the dumbest are actually the scariest.

When I assassinated Bazhunan back then…”

“Pfft!” Golden Foot who was holding a water bag and drinking the water elegantly suddenly could not hold back her laughter and spat out a mouthful of water.

“Elder Xie, Elder Xie, lets not mention these embarrassing things, okay”

“Hehe,” Elder Xie shrugged and did not care at all.

He said very proudly, “Its fine if you dont want to listen, but after all, Im somebody who could survive Eighth Sword Deitys sword.”

Double Dumba*s shook his head slightly and looked to the north.

“Its time to move.

“Dont forget our target this time is Xu Xiaoshou.

“As for other minor details, we can deal with them along the way as we please.

But remember, dont cause any unnecessary trouble.”

The four people behind him nodded.

Golden Foot wiped away the water stains on her lips with a handkerchief and asked indifferently, “Where is Xu Xiaoshou then”

“Lets go to the Yunlun Mountain Range first!” Double Dumba*s said.

The center of the storm was in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

No matter what, they had come to Dongtianwang City, so they had to go to the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou was probably there too.

They would find the exact location when they arrived.

The five assassins were about to fly to the center of the storm.

At this moment, the gold hunting token on each of them beeped at the same time.

The five of them looked at each other before taking out the gold hunting token.

A message was transmitted.

“Mobilization order has ended.

A new bounty order has been issued.

Black Gold Bounty.

Everyone is eligible.”

Black Gold Bounty

God of Dumba*s and the other four looked at each other in surprise.

Black Gold Bounty.

This was the highest level bounty that corresponded to the black gold mobilization order.

How many years had it been since they last saw it

They quickly scrolled down, and soon, the specific information about the bounty came out.

Black Gold Bounty Order:

“Target 1: Patriarch Wuji, original name Xuan Wuji, Divine Sorcerer, ghost beast.

Currently, the identity of the ghost beast host body is unknown.

Limited ghost beast host body cultivation.

Estimated Higher Void (level) combat strength.

Provide clues to receive the bounty.”

“Target 2: Saint Servant Storyteller, Cutting Path (stage) realm, Nine Death Thunder Calamity, Higher Void (level) combat strength.

Provide clues to receive the bounty.”

“Target 3: Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou, Grandmaster Realm, Cutting Path combat strength.

Current location: Lone Cliff in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Provide follow-up clues or bring his head to receive the bounty.”

The extremely eye-catching three words “Xu Xiaoshou” entered their eyes, and the five great assassins were stunned at the same time.

“The Black Gold Bounty also wants to kill Xu Xiaoshou.

What did he do exactly” Golden Foots face was blank, but soon she reacted and said anxiously, “Lone Cliff in the Yunlun Mountain Range! Theres no clue for the two above for the time being but we have a good chance on Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Its a good chance…”

Double Dumba*s was equally excited.

He looked into the distance and thought even more.

“But if even the Black Gold Bounty wants to kill Xu Xiaoshou, then our opponents will be far more than the assassins of the Eastern Region!

“Anyone can take the head of this Master (stage) and go to the Three Incense Stick to claim the bounty, regardless of whether they killed him with their own hands!”

As Double Dumba*s spoke, he looked at the four people in front of him, and wariness appeared in his eyes.

“This time, were in danger…”


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