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It was very obvious that Bai Lian had received her inquiry, but he did not open his mouth to explain.

On the contrary, he pointed at Yu Zhiwen in front of him and respectfully turned his head to introduce her to the person behind him.

“Yu Zhiwen, Dao Xuanjis favorite disciple, possessor of Pearl Gem Star Eyes, second on the Path Divisions Heaven Roll of Honor, the future star of Divine Sorcerer, she and Dao Qiongcangs disciple, Situ Yongren, are known as the distinguished duo of the Path Division… I think highly of her.”

Yu Zhiwens red lips, which were hidden under the veil, opened and couldnt close.

Calling out the names of her Master, Dao Xuanji, and Dao Qiongcang… Well, that was nothing as he was one of the five great authorities of the Holy Palace, Bai Lian…

But his attitude toward the man without eyebrows was a little too respectful, wasnt it

Yu Zhiwen was extremely smart.

She knew that even if Hallmaster Dao came, he wouldnt make Bai Lian so respectful to him.

Then, the only person in this world worthy of Bai Lians respect was obvious.

He was either his master or grandmaster!

Demi-Saint Infernal wouldnt have come personally.

So, this person could only be the “Browless Mu Ling”

That was right, he really didnt have eyebrows… Yu Zhiwen guessed the identity of the person and was terrified.

She was thinking, shouldnt a person of Mu Lings level be an ash-level expert who was about to step into a coffin

After all, before Bai Lian made a name for himself, Mu Ling had intimidated the entire era of the Holy Palace.

Subsequently, he had subtly gone into seclusion and handed over all the affairs to his disciple, Bai Lian, to manage.

However, on second thought…

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Mu Ling was still the junior brother of Saint Servant Sleeveless.

In other words, he didnt seem to be very old.

Perhaps his cultivation level wasnt high either, so he couldnt be considered to be of the older generation at all

Yu Zhiwen held her head in pain.

She couldnt be blamed for deifying the “Browless Mu Ling” in her mind.

It was because she had heard about the power of the Infernal lineage of the Holy Palace since she was young.

Her impression of the “Browless Mu Ling”, who was close to a legendary figure, was almost the same as the Hallmaster Dao in the eyes of the Spiritual Cultivators of the Central Region and Eighth Sword Deity in the eyes of the swordsmen of the Eastern Region.

All her thoughts were in the span of a single thought.

Seeing that Bai Lian had no intention of introducing Mu Ling after introducing her, Yu Zhiwen knew that she was not qualified to get to know Senior Mu Ling through Bai Lian, one of the five great authorities of the Holy Palace.

When she saw that he had stopped talking, she quickly bowed.

“Yu Zhiwen greeting Senior.”

Mu Ling slightly nodded and did not say anything.

His temperament was still very cold.

After nodding, his gaze returned to the spirit mirror, and it was unknown who he was looking at.

Yu Zhiwen did not expect to receive a response.

She was a little overwhelmed by the favor.

She did not dare to say anything else and looked at Bai Lian.

She turned her eyes to Bai Lian and asked, “May I ask why the messenger from the Holy Palace is here”

Since the other party claimed to be the messenger from the Holy Palace, and everyone was still in the Land Realm of the Imperial City Trial, the best way to address them was to follow what the other party had given.

“Inspect and see what else is going on,” Bai Lian turned the small square cauldron in his hand and said calmly.

“I heard that the Holy Emperor had almost injured the trial takers of the Yunlun Mountain Range”

There might be disciples of the Holy Palace hidden here, so Bai Lian came personally when he heard that there was danger here

The Holy Palace was indeed protecting their people!

Yu Zhiwen thought so, but she felt that something was wrong.

After all, the inspection did not require one of the five great authorities of the Holy Palace to come personally, and he even brought Senior Mu Ling along…

There must be other motives!

Yu Zhiwen did not dare to think too much and replied, “There is a sense of propriety in Demi-saint fights.

They did not hurt the trial takers in the slightest.

On the contrary, some of the treasures that contain Holy Power landed in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

It can be considered as a bonus for the trial takers.”

“Mmm,” Bai Lian nodded indifferently.

After pondering for a moment, in the quiet and somewhat frightening atmosphere in the surroundings, he said, “But the Holy Power treasures were forcefully taken back by the trial officers”

“Trial officer” was the proper term to use for the Imperial City Trial.

Bai Lian naturally knew it.

Yu Zhiwens palms began to sweat involuntarily.

She resisted the urge to wipe her forehead and said softly, “It wasnt forcefully taken.

The trial takers… can use the treasures to exchange for trial points so that they can climb up the rankings better and enter the Holy Palace Trial.”

Bai Lian smiled and said, “Its best if thats the case.”

“Save me, Senior Rao…” Yu Zhiwens expression did not change, but she only had this panicked thought in her mind.

If the other party continued to ask, she would not be able to get around it.

In the quiet atmosphere, Bai Lian took a step forward and looked at the spirit mirrors around him.

He realized that the main position only displayed a large spirit mirror image of the Lone Cliff.

At the side were mostly the spirit mirror images of the law enforcers searching for the possible stowaways.

As for the spirit mirror images of the trial takers that were supposed to be the main thing were all chucked to the corners which were not very eye-catching.

“Im doomed, Im doomed…” Yu Zhiwen pursed her lips under the veil.

The messenger from the Holy Palace had arrived too quickly.

In her shock, she did not have the time to cut the scene.

Normally, the safety of the trial takers was something that the master of the spirit mirror should be keeping an eye on at all times.

However, due to the changes in Sky City and the Yunlun Mountain Range, the Cloud Realm World had been used by Rao Yaoyao for real-time surveillance, and Yu Zhiwen had continued this “bad habit”.

This wasnt a big deal.

But the master came and saw it with his own eyes.

If they wanted to cause trouble, then that was it!

“Sword Deity Rao, save me…” Yu Zhiwen began to feign calmness on the surface, but in her heart, she was helpless and calling for help.

Bai Lian stopped in his tracks and turned around.

With a faint smile, he said, “Theres a big problem here.

Do you want to tell, or I”


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