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Chapter 107: Thoughts for going premium!

Hmm, we are going premium! (Rubs hands)

I am a cute newbie, a very very cute kind of newbie.

I have signed a contract for this book for sixty-thousand words, testing water for ten-thousand words.

Its first recommendation was fantasy, a popular genre.

For those of you who are familiar with the procedures, it is very rare that a book can stand out amongst the fierce competition.

For me at least, I have read many books of such genres and there were very few that could outshine the others.

But this book is actually standing out! (Shocked expression)

I have to express my utmost sincere gratitude to Xiadada, my editor.

Although he does not talk much, he has been supporting me from the backend and the recommendation trending for this book has never stopped.

From the testing-water stage to going premium, from popular category to strongly recommended on the home page…Thank you so much!

God knows that so much has happened to the books written by my peers.

There were books going premium, getting terminated, getting terminated after going premium…

It was truly frightening to watch!

But, this made me feel grateful for everyone even more!

Without your favourite bookmarks, recommendation tickets and reward…

There is no way that this book could make it to premium, let alone maintain its first or second position on the recommendation spot amongst its peers!

Thank you so much once again! (Bow)

About this book, first and foremost, its basic style would not be changed.

You can tell this from how Xu Xiaoshou has broken the system pointer at the start of his appearance.

He is destined to be an extraordinary person, someone who is weird and a little silly.

He is hotblooded sometimes as well…

Its normal that he would not be appealing to some people.

I know my place and I am satisfied by the fact that he is liked by a small fraction of people.

If there is anything I would like to ask for, maybe….lets have more of these people!

My original intention for writing this book was to let everyone has something amusing to read about during their free time.

If I am to extend this intention, that is to connect with the readers on a deeper emotional level, as the story progresses…

Whether to laugh, or to ponder, or to remain in silence…

If I could achieve all these, that would be fantastic!

If not, at least you must have laughed over this book, hmm, that is more than enough!

About the supporting characters, their roles were never meant to center around one person, to begin with.

Regardless of what is this person called, Xu Xiaoshou or Xu Dagong…

I would decide on his/her personality first, then introduce them with a grand entrance at the right time…As long as they are officially featured in the story, they would be part of the essential characters who could push the progress of the story further.

This is what I am trying my best to achieve.

They say the difference between a genius and a maniac is separated by a fine line.

So, if my characters are becoming boring, that pretty much means that I have lost my drive!

Thats all.

But, I am so excited now!!!

Its my first book and my first time going premium!

I hope that you brothers could support me generously and subscribe to the initial order.

This is extremely important as it would affect the subsequent recommendation algorithm.

It is not easy to be a newbie writer here and I could only pray with all my might! (Cry)

If you are not feeling it yet, I hope that you could subscribe to the initial order because of the free two hundred and forty thousand words for this new book.

If you could fight alongside me, that would be even better, please stand by me!

We are going premium tomorrow at 12 p.m.

sharp, there might be a delay in the system, but I will never be late!

I will lead the charge and you guys remember to follow up, dont let me fight alone…

We will open the path with ten chapters!

Please subscribe to the initial orders!


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