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Night Guardian!

Xu Xiaoshous heart suddenly sank.

Among the law enforcer team.

The cultivation level of Night Guardian was not the highest in the entire scene, but he was the first among everyone to regain his senses.

There was no other reason.

Night Guardian had been deceived too many times in similar situations… too many times…

As the saying goes, “Learn from your mistakes”.

Ever since Xu Xiaoshou transformed into Yi, Night Guardian was the first to feel that the situation was unrealistic.

After all, this was Xu Xiaoshous signature trick!

However, as “Yi” began to use his perfect tongue to refute everyone until they were speechless, and even scolded Rao Yaoyao, everyone seemed to… start to believe him!

The image of “Yi”, who stood at the highest point of morality and accused everyone of being wrong, was almost the embodiment of “Truth”.

It was difficult for people to resist.

Moreover, the essence of “Yi” was 99% Xu Xiaoshou!

Night Guardian knew that Xu Xiaoshou had a special power, similar to the “Aura power” of a high-ranking person.

He had only seen a few people who possessed this kind of power, such as Hallmaster Dao, Lord Cangsheng…

And those people were all at the demi-saint level!

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He did not know why Xu Xiaoshou was able to grasp this special aura power at such a young age and at such a weak cultivation level.

However, he had been influenced by this aura before.

It was difficult for him to have any doubts about the person Xu Xiaoshou had changed into.

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshou was too smart!

Every time he transformed into a person, he would always be able to perform the habits and behaviors as close to the real person from the most subtle details.

“Xiaoxiao, the undercover mission…”

All of these details were too perfect and flawless.

It made people unable to refute anything about him from the bottom of their hearts.

However, in the eyes of Night Guardian…

This was clearly Xu Xiaoshous style!

“Xu Xiaoshou, stop playing tricks.

Do you really think that just because others might not understand you, everything about you can be hidden from my eyes”

At that moment, Night Guardian stood up and berated him harshly.

His words interrupted Xu Xiaoshous aura influence on everyone.

This caused them to wake up slightly upon realizing that the change in their emotions just now was a little too unusual.

From “dont believe him at all” to “believe him wholeheartedly”…

The speed of the change was too fast!

After interrupting Xu Xiaoshous aura slightly, Night Guardian looked at Rao Yaoyao and said in a low voice.

“Sword Deity Rao, I think that you should have a more certain way to confirm whether Yi is dead or not… for example, the soul lamp, the spiritual paper, and the Spiritual Jade scroll that is stored in the headquarters of the Sacred Mountain.

You shouldnt listen to the one-sided words of an enemy!”

Night Guardian was not sure if the higher-ups had issued a death notice.

However, he believed that with Sword Deity Raos status in the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace, she would definitely receive more information than he did.

Those that he had mentioned were exactly what could confirm a persons state of life and death.

The soul lamp could determine whether a persons soul had completely dissipated.

The spiritual paper could confirm whether or not the spiritual cultivations aura of a spiritual cultivator was still present on this continent.

The Spiritual Jade scroll was bound to the Divine Secret and could directly find a persons spiritual will and determine whether it was completely destroyed by the way of the heavens and could no longer be resurrected.

These three items were all stored on Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

In the eyes of Night Guardian, these methods, which could confirm the life and death state of the higher-ups of the Holy Divine Palaces headquarters, were naturally superior to the one-sided words of an enemy.

After receiving the reminder, Rao Yaoyao seemed to have regained her calm, and only then did she pay attention to this matter.

However, in reality, she had already expected what Night Guardian could think of.

Nevertheless, at this moment, Wang Dachui, who had fallen to the side, was already hopping with anger.

Only then did he recall that among everyone present, probably only Rao Yaoyao and himself had once received the news that Yis soul lamp had been extinguished.

There was no doubt that the person in front of him was actually Xu Xiaoshou.

“Good, Xu Xiaoshou.

You dare to fool me again and again.

This is intolerable!”

Wang Dachui felt that he was being played around.

Although he was still puzzled as to why Xu Xiaoshou was able to reveal such a confidential matter as theSpear Locking Origin Pill, he now believed more in the message from the Sacred Mountain.

Hence, he raised his hammer and attacked.

The Little Girl Yi, who was Xu Xiaoshous incarnation, easily dodged his attack and came to Rao Yaoyaos side.

Her expression was very calm as if she was completely unaffected by Night Guardians words.

She only sneered and looked at Rao Yaoyao and said casually, “Wang Dachui is an idiot, but you Do you not understand this matter”

When had Rao Yaoyao not thought about thesoul lamp

However, according to what “Yi” said just now, if the other party really came here to secretly investigate the saint servant and other dark factions as part of his mission while assisting her…

The sacred mountain would certainly cooperate with his actions.

To a certain extent, this was more in line with Yi being sent here to assist her in carrying out the mission.

Therefore, it was not that Rao Yaoyao had not thought about the crucial point of “under normal circumstances, the soul lamp can indeed indicate a persons life and death state”.

Instead, she knew that in this clause, it didnt include Yi, who was proficient in the path of the spirit and soul!

Even “Ye Xiaos reaction to losing contact with Yi”, which she thought was the most crucial evidence, the “Yi” in front of her gave the most direct explanation, which was to cooperate with the mission.

When the soul lamp was extinguished, she could think of what answer “Yi” would give immediately.

For a moment, Rao Yaoyao really fell into a state of self-doubt.

She couldnt even tell if the person in front of her was the real Yi or the fake Xu Xiaoshou!


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