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“Rascal of the Xu Clan, stop misleading the masses with your lies!”

Wang Dachui swept a glance at Rao Yaoyao who was still hesitating.

He made up his mind to be the sword in the other partys hand and verify the identity ofYi.

This time, he no longer suppressed his strength.

With a stomp of his foot, he broke through the space with a bang.

His sledgehammer directly swung towards the top of little girl Yis head.

“Ambushed, passive points 1.”

Damn it… Xu Xiaoshou cursed in his heart.

He was most afraid of such brainless boor!

After all, he could use his wisdom to disrupt the sight of smart people like Rao Yaoyao, but when a scholar met a soldier, it was really f*cking hard to explain matters to the latter!

Fortunately, he was prepared… Xu Xiaoshous figure blurred.

After all, the imitator brought him Yis reaction speed.

He turned his body sideways and slid away from the violent side of the sledgehammer.

Then, it was as if the scene of Yi brushing past him and meeting his gaze repeated.

Xu Xiaoshou flew past Wang Dachui and turned his eyes to meet the latters furious scarlet eyes.


In an instant, Wang Dachui felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

The power of mental piercing caused him to be in a daze fperiodiod of time.

It was really Yis ability… after receiving a direct attack, Wang Dachuis aura was restrained.

Whether it was because of the imitator that Xu Xiaoshou had obtained, or he was really impulsive for trying to kill the actual Yi, Wang Dachui did not know and could not refute.

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“Do you have a brain Hey!” The little girl Yi passed Wang Dachui and immediately cursed loudly, almost sending him flying with a kick.

Yis expression then became furious.

“If I didnt extinguish the headquarters soul lamp…if it hadnt been for Hallmaster Daos mission, would I have been able to hide here and put up with an old thing like you for so long Did you really not see through my identity or did you want to use this opportunity to get rid of me”

He went straight for Wang Dachui.

That righteous and strong aura was really difficult for one to not lower their head.

When Night Guardian heard this, his heart turned cold.

Its over…

Xu Xiaoshou was indeed extremely intelligent and knew how to deal with peoples minds and hearts…

Wang Dachuis actions were unsurprisingly frozen, and an awkward expression appeared on his face.

He had just come to a realization.

If the soul lamp was extinguished, it could mean that he, Wang Dachui, was really dead.

After all, he did not have the ability to affect the soul lamp.

However, Yi was different.

Yi was a top expert in the path of soul on the continent.

By extinguishing the soul lamp, he could make the sacred mountain send out orders that Yi had died.

This would incite the anger of the law enforcers higher-ups, motivating them to work even harder.

This was a normal part of Yis strange operation.

It was also a common tactic used by the higher-ups to squeeze out peoples potential.

“I, I cant recognize who this is…” Wang Dachui thought as he turned his head to look at Rao Yaoyao, trying to get an answer from her.

Rao Yaoyao was silent.

Her face was also full of conflict.

She had the same thought as Yi.

If the “Yi” in front of her couldnt explain the reason behind the extinguish of the soul lamp, then he might really be fake.

But now, the other party had given a perfect answer.

What reason did she have to attack her own people

Maybe Xu Xiaoshou could kill Yi…

Maybe he really got the imitator and successfully imitated Yi…

But as an expert in the path of soul and spirit, what method could Xu Xiaoshou use, to obtain Yis thoughts, obtain the absolute secrets of the Holy Divine Palace, and even grasp everything to the point that… He even knew thesecret deal between Wang Dachui and Yi like the back of his hand

Even Possession couldnt obtain suchmemories!

Therefore, in Rao Yaoyaos opinion, if all the negative arguments were not valid, the person in front of her could only be Yi carrying out a covert mission.

And her impulsive actions really ruined Yis work of obtaining internal intelligence from the saint servant.

That was why the other party was so angry at her.

Rao Yaoyao was unable to cross this threshold as she thought to herself.

Thus, the scene once again became quiet.

At this time, even Lei Xier and Ye Xiaotian, be it fake or real, appeared to be “Vigilant”.

How could Xu Xiaoshou know Yi so well It couldnt be that he was really transformed by Yi, right To be able to fake Yi to such an extent, this could only be done by the “Ever-changing Yi”!

“Conjecture, passive points, 10.”

“Agreed, passive points, 93.”

Even “Suspected” was gone.

They were all in the process of figuring out his identity… Faced with the sudden change in the information bar, Xu Xiaoshou only wanted to say,

“Soul Reading is really a divine skill!”

Just as he felt that the situation had entered an extremely familiar stage, and everything that followed was just a flip of his palm, the Night Guardian behind him suddenly moved!

His slightly cold expression was filled with admiration, despair, and madness.

Without receiving Rao Yaoyaos orders, Night Guardian, who was the team leader of the law enforcers, directly crossed the line and made a move without authorization.

He even went all out.

“Night Curtain, descend!”

On Lone Cliff, all the lights suddenly disappeared and everyone fell into absolute darkness.

Then, in the darkness, a spot of light suddenly appeared in the sky.

That light quickly expanded and transformed into a huge white hand that filled everyones spiritual world.

It was like the palm of Buddha.

“Hand of Heaven Punisher!”


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