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It was over!

The moment the dark bounded domain shattered, Ye Xiaotian recovered from his stunned state.

He had just recovered from the surprise attack of Night Guardian…

He had just gotten the answer from the thought of “Yi might be Yi, or might be Xu Xiaoshou.

But no matter what, hes still the enemy of the enemy, and the enemy of the enemy is a friend.

I should lend a hand”…

He had just thought of using the Lord of Ten Thousand Realms to help the “transformer”, who had a higher chance of being Xu Xiaoshou, to solve the problem of the Sovereign Domain…

But before he could gather the power of the Lord of Ten Thousand Realms in the space domain, the dark bounded domain had shattered!

His six senses were sealed, and it was only for a few instants.

Ye Xiaotian had thought that because of his hesitation, Xu Xiaoshou had been beheaded by Night Guardian during these few instants.

However, when his line of sight regained its clarity, he saw that the little girl Yi was standing at the position where Night Guardian was just now, bending down and wiping the tip of her shoe.

Blood was still dripping from the tip of her shoe…

Ye Xiaotian was stunned!


This was absolutely impossible!

If Yi who was at the peak of Higher Void (level) had killed Night Guardian at the Cutting Path (stage) in an instant, Ye Xiaotian could understand.

But he had guessed that the little girl Yi was more likely to be Xu Xiaoshou.

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If that was the case, how could Xu Xiaoshou who was at the Grandmaster Realm make Night Guardian of the Cutting Path (stage) disappear in such a short time

Ye Xiaotian suddenly had a guess.

He glanced behind him without leaving a trace.

That was the direction of the sea of clouds among the Lone Cliff.

“He used the Spell Forbidden Barrier!”

“Surprised, Passive Points, 1.”

In the void, there were traces of space being broken and repaired.

The traces extended to the sea of clouds among the cliff and then disappeared.

Outsiders could hardly notice it.

Ye Xiaotian was the Sovereign (stage) who had mastered the Spatial Upanishad.

Naturally, he could perceive that these were all newly condensed spaces.

“He had used the Spell Forbidden Barrier!”

With this conclusion, Ye Xiaotian felt at ease.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had the Sovereign Physique, used the Spell Forbidden Barrier to bury the Cutting Path (stage) Night Guardian within a very short time.

It was not something absolutely impossible.

This judgment verified Ye Xiaotians thoughts, and it also proved that the little girl Yi was still their own people.

Therefore, Ye Xiaotian secretly erased the brand new space traces left in the void to prevent Rao Yaoyao and the others from noticing the abnormality of the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

After all, this was the last escape route in his heart.

At this moment, Ye Xiaotian could only sigh in his heart:

“Ive just told him about the Spell Forbidden Barrier…

“He was covered by Night Guardians bounded domain first.

However, under the situation where he was taken advantage of, he could still do it in an instant, even though he borrowed the power of the Spell Forbidden Barrier…

“Xu Xiaoshou has already grown to this level”


Passive points, 1.”


Passive points, 102.”

On the other end.

“Wheres Night Guardian”

The darkness faded and Wang Dachui was so shocked that he almost jumped up.

In just a few seconds, he was covered in darkness, and before he could find the direction to locate the situation on the battlefield…

When he looked again, Night guardian was gone!

“You…” Wang Dachui stared blankly at the little girl Yi who was standing up again.

He felt that the girl had hidden a method that could threaten his life.

At this moment, he did not know whether the other party was an enemy or a friend

Was it because Night Guardian had angered Yi, and Yi had ended the other party.

Or was it because Xu Xiaoshou had secretly set up an ambush and included Night Guardians attack in his prediction range, and then used some special ability to cause Night Guardian to die on the spot

No matter what he had speculated…

How could a Cutting Path (stage) disappear into thin air and die instantly

This was too ridiculous!

Wang Dachui was suddenly horrified.

This was a horror that originated from the unknown, not because of the enemys power.

He looked at Rao Yaoyao, trying to get an answer.

“Youre not Yi, youre Xu Xiaoshou…” Rao Yaoyao muttered to herself, her voice was barely noticeable.

In her slightly dazed eyes, when she saw the little girl Yi stand up and look at her again, she had become more determined.

“Yi would not attack his own people!”

The sudden attack by Night Guardian had indeed greatly out of Rao Yaoyaos expectations.

She had been waiting earlier.

She was also willing to spend time cooperating with “Yi” who was deliberately mystifying things.

In the end, all of this was to stall for time.

Just like the other party who was stalling for time, Rao Yaoyao had also wanted to wait for a bigger fish to take the bait.

However, Rao Yaoyao knew the bottom line in her heart — no matter what her speculation and the outcome were, she would not let go of any of the people here!

Since the other party probably like to act, she was willing to follow his rhythm and experience for herself what she would do when she was in such a situation.

It was like cultivating the sword technique in the mortal world and tempering her heart.

It was a brand new experience.

But what Night Guardian had thought was different.

Night Guardian was afraid that Rao Yaoyao would be led away by the other party and believe what the other party had said.

In the end, she would become the “second” Night Guardian.

Thus he chose to make a move and forcefully interrupt the process.

Rao Yaoyao could see the intention of Night Guardian.

The reason why she did not stop her subordinates from attacking was that she felt that it was nearly enough.

A Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou might not be enough, but with the addition of the Lei familys orphan, it had greatly exceeded her expectations before the move.

However, Night Guardian had made a move, and before she, Rao Yaoyao, made a move, Night Guardian was gone in the next second…


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