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What Ye Xiaotian had shown was extremely unsightly.

At this moment, he even had goosebumps all over his body.

He was so scared that his soul almost fell to the ground when Huang Quan, who was perfectly replicated and had the same aura, appeared.

Ever since he retired to the Tiansang Spirit Palace, Ye Xiaotian had attacked with all his might twice in total.

The first time, he had his arm broken by the masked man, the chief of the Saint Servant, Bazhunan.

The second time was in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

He was caught by Yama, Huang Quan.

He was tortured so much that he almost lost the ability to take care of himself.

These two people had left a deep impression in Ye Xiaotians heart.

Even though he had reached the final stage of Spatial Upanishad, he didnt dare to say that he was invincible in this world.

He didnt even dare to show impudence.

Ye Xiaotian knew that this world was full of dangers.

Before achieving the Cutting Path (stage), the Spatial Upanishad was also an ant.

Therefore, when this Huang Quan suddenly appeared, even though he knew that it might be fake, just the impact of this image on him could be imagined.

On the other side, Lei Xiers heart was filled with despair and disbelief.

The battle between Xu Xiaoshou and Night Guardian was because the six senses were sealed.

Outsiders could not see the slightest bit of it, but Lei Xier was not one of them.

The nature of her God Devil Eyes was many times higher than Night Guardians dark bounded domain.

Naturally, she could clearly see Night Guardian being kicked down to the bottom of the Lone Cliff by Xu Xiaoshou.

Therefore, even though Lei Xier knew Xu Xiaoshous true identity, and she still wanted to maintain the cold and aloof image that she had recently established, she no longer could hold herself back at all now.

There was only one thought left in her heart, “How dare he”

A你extraordinary ability had fooled the law enforcers to this extent.

Xu Xiaoshou must have racked his brain and used all kinds of information gaps to catch the other party off guard.

Lei Xier put herself in his position.

She knew that if she were in his shoes, she would definitely be exposed in less than three sentences.

Xu Xiaoshou had done his level best!

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But now, at this critical moment, why did he still dare to transform into Huang Quan

Was he making a farce

This identity, even if he didnt have to say anything, after surprising Rao Yaoyao, he would definitely be exposed, wouldnt he!

What was wrong with the identity of “Xu Xiaoshou” Was it because he had been cursed too much that he didnt dare to use it anymore

“Huang… Quan”

As expected, after feeling surprised, the corners of Rao Yaoyaos lips twitched and her eyes filled with ridicule.

“Xu Xiaoshou, you really exceeded my expectations.

This is so interesting.”

Rao Yaoyao was indeed amused.

She had never seen such an interesting person.

To stall for time, he would do anything at all.

Huang Quan would not dare to appear in front of her alone at all!

If this was really transformed by Xu Xiaoshou using the Imitator, what ability could he imitate Could he inherit Huang Quans time and space attributes


Rao Yaoyao did not want to be bothered by this person who was playing tricks.

She turned her eyes and looked at the silver-haired woman not far away.

Of the three people present, only the orphan of the Lei family was the most valuable and the most worthy for her to make a move.

“Act now!”

With that order, the law enforcers behind her rose, and one after another used the bounded domain power.

The power of a hundred or so bounded domains was gathered in different shapes and colors.

They were about to shoot down the “Huang Quan” who was playing tricks.

At this moment, Rao Yaoyao carried her sword and flew toward Lei Xier.

Lei Xiers pupils trembled.

She could not be bothered to curse Xu Xiaoshou in her heart anymore.

Subconsciously, she wanted to use the power of her “God Devil Eyes” to face the attack.

At this crucial moment…


A soft sigh came out from the void.

It contained endless helplessness as if it was blaming the people in the world for not believing it.

Then, everything in the world seemed to have been delayed.

The power of the hundred or so bounded domain slowed down, and Rao Yaoyaos flying figure slowed down.

The air suddenly became quiet, leaving only the strange sound of the wind that had been delayed.

“Crack! Crack!”

Rao Yaoyaos neck seemed to have a gear that had suddenly rusted, and she turned her head back with great difficulty.

With just a glance, she saw Huang Quan who was playing tricks, shook his head slightly and raised his right hand.

The other four fingers of his right hand were raised slightly, leaving only his middle finger lightly pointing in the air.

And the void, using this as the center, circles of ripples that were hard to see with the naked eye spread out.

These ripples enveloped everyone at the edge of the cliff.

They were the main culprit that had slowed down everyones movements.

Rao Yaoyaos thoughts felt as if a century had passed.

Only then did she feel a boundless shock in her heart.



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