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After maintaining the Time Delay for such a short duration, his energy reserve had almost reached the bottom!

Even the Eternal Vitality that was activated by the High spirits and the Transformation was starting to run out of energy!

“D*mn it…” Xu Xiaoshou was about to curse.

However, he remained calm.

His body slowly floated up and formed a semi-transparent Sovereign (stage) in mid-air.

Then, he bent his knees and slowly sat down.


Like the sound of water dripping, Xu Xiaoshou lightly tapped the air with his fingertip.

Ripples spread out in the surrounding area and the flow of time returned to normal.

At this moment, the information bar started to pop up crazily.

“Stunned, Passive Points 132.”

“In Awe, Passive Points 121.”

“Suspected, Passive Points 18.”


When Xu Xiaoshou saw this number, he thought to himself, “When I transformed into Yi, you guys were crazily suspecting me.

Now that Ive turned into an even more unscientific boss Yama, Huang Quan, and Ive only displayed a little bit of the initial usage of the time attribute but you guys are so scared”

His expression remained calm on the surface.

Through the mask, his eyes carried a hint of mockery that belonged solely to the big boss — which he learned from Huang Quans facial expression when he beat up Ye Xiaotian.

Then, he leaned his elbows against the armrest of the throne in the space and crossed his fingers under his chin.

Looking down at the people below, he tilted his head and chuckled, “Is it still interesting”

This was Xu Xiaoshous mockery of Rao Yaoyaos first reaction when she saw him transform into Huang Quan.

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It was impossible!

It was absolutely impossible!

Even though such thoughts kept appearing in Rao Yaoyaos mind, the power of time displayed by Huang Quan who suddenly appeared was not something she could ignore.

He was so calm, so skillful…

His posture of looking down at the people below was so confident, so determined.

Many thoughts flashed through Rao Yaoyaos mind in an instant.

She thought of Night Guardian, Night Guardians warning, and then guessed that this was the transformation of Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou.


How did she explain the power of time

Rao Yaoyao had never doubted that Xu Xiaoshou could imitate Wang Chao or Yi.

It was because Wang Chao had encountered something while he was unconscious, and Yi had died in the hands of the other party as expected.

It was reasonable to have his blood activate the Imitator.

But concerning Huang Quan, it was very ridiculous!

Even if Xu Xiaoshou got the Imitator, he had to have the blood of Yama, Huang Quan, to imitate the time attribute right

He had contact with Huang Quan!


How could the Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou have contact with Yama, Huang Quan Not to mention getting his blood within the short time of obtaining the Imitator!

Huang Quan getting Xu Xiaoshous blood was more like it!

Therefore, when all the impossible deductions were eliminated, the only answer that remained was the truth.

Then, the truth was…

Rao Yaoyaos lips quivered as she looked at the gold robe masked man in disbelief.

“Is he really Huang Quan”

This was even more ridiculous!

It was extremely ridiculous!

“He cant be Huang Quan.

Otherwise, how can I explain my previous deductions

“But if he isnt Huang Quan, who else on this continent has the power of time

“It cant be Kong Yuhen has come, right”

Rao Yaoyao forced herself to calm down, but she failed to do so.

She crazily contributed the Passive Points to her opponent.

“Conjecture, Passive Points 1.”

“Suspected, Passive Points 1.”

“Agreed, Passive Points 1.”

Seeing the contradictory information, Xu Xiaoshou snickered in his heart.

“You are short of Night Guardian to be away from the truth.

Unfortunately, he is at the bottom of the cliff, and no one knows if he is dead or alive…” Xu Xiaoshou could easily understand Rao Yaoyaos facial expression.

After all, he was afraid of death and more afraid of Rao Yaoyao turning into a boorish person, so he tried to guide her.

It was like a senior giving an ignorant and confused little girl the real answer to a question.

Although Xu Xiaoshou did not know Huang Quans age and the relationship between Huang Quan and Rao Yaoyao, this did not affect him to continue to be “unfathomable”.


Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and changed to leaning on the armrest with one elbow, pressing his fist against the mask on the side of his face to give a one-word hint.

At this moment, he saw that Wang Dachui and the other boorish men, as well as the owner of the hundred or so bounded domain, seemed to be showing signs of movement again.

And the spiritual source of the energy reserve had recovered seventy to eighty percent because it didnt need to maintain the power of time.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately turned his eyes under the mask and gave the boorish men another round of the Time delay– not to touch me!

As one of the few people who wasnt enveloped by the power of time, Rao Yaoyao could clearly feel the “deceleration” of the people around her at this moment.

She had practiced the Fantasy Sword Technique before and had also comprehended the time attribute ability.

However, about the command of the Fantasy Sword Technique, even if Rao Yaoyao wasnt as strong as Gou Wuyue, she could clearly conclude that no matter how strong the ability of a cultivator of the Great Path of time was, it couldnt be stronger than the ability of a person who had grasped the time attribute.

That was Huang Quan, who was opposite her.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou once again felt that his energy reserves spiritual source was rapidly depleting.

He had no choice but to temporarily put aside his attitude of “a miser with words” and said with a slight degraded himself.

“I just want to get a private space to talk.

After all, I revealed my identity in advance, and the opportunity to communicate with Sword Deity Rao is also very rare.

“As for you, youre obviously able to restrain your subordinates, arent you”

As he spoke, he turned his eyes and glanced at the group of slow-moving people.

Then, he quickly dispelled the Time Delay.

Rao Yaoyaos heart trembled.

She raised her hand and suppressed the impulsive Wang Dachui and the others.

She was somewhat stunned by this calm and composed Huang Quan.

She had no choice but to reconsider what he had said just now.


What did he mean

Was he trying to say that Xu Xiaoshou did not kill Yi, but he did

From feeling ridiculous to gradually accepting it, to trying to fit in the story now… Rao Yaoyao derived an extremely horrifying outcome when she tried to assume Huang Quan as the murderer of Yi and replace those things that she did not know the truth.

It was indeed very difficult for Xu Xiaoshou to kill Yi.

He had to have a teammate with strong damage output and strong control.

This teammate was previously Storyteller, a nameless Divine Sorcerer.

But if Xu Xiaoshou was a fake and Huang Quan was the actual culprit…

Then all the problems would no longer be a problem!

As long as Yi fell into Huang Quans ambush, not to mention escape, it would be difficult for him to escape even if he had wings under the time and space attributes!

But why did Huang Quan want to kill Yi

Did he not know the consequences of killing Yi

Rao Yaoyao was still at a loss.

She looked up at Huang Quan who was sitting high up in the air.

She felt that under the mask, there was endless ridicule, mocking her ignorance.

After being forcefully controlled twice, the surrounding law enforcer had calmed down quite a bit.

Even if Rao Yaoyao did not give the order, they no longer dared to make a move.

At that moment, seeing that the scene was quiet, many smart people were also immersed in the guidance given by “Huang Quan” and thought along the way.

Wang Dachui was quite annoyed, but he was helpless.

Xu Xiaoshou naturally would not be so rude as to interrupt other peoples mysterious imagination of himself.

When he gave the word “Yi”, he had already given all the answers, and these answers obviously did not need to be given by others.


Very soon, Rao Yaoyaos thoughts paused for a moment.

And from the situation where Huang Quan had transformed into Yi, she got the answer — Huang Quan must have wanted to get the Imitator!

However, what was the purpose of forcefully taking the Imitator

As she pushed forward step by step, Rao Yaoyao felt that she was about to decipher the truth.

She thought of Yis other identity before he transformed — Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou.

If this identity was also fake…

It was Huang Quans transformation

If that was the case, why was Huang Quan hiding in the Saint Servant

Just as Rao Yaoyao thought of this, a spiritual light flashed through her mind and her pupils constricted.

She thought of Yamas purpose, which was to search for the Lei familys eyes!

At the scene, there was a silver-haired woman with the Ultimate Life Demon Physique who possessed the Lei familys strongest eye technique.

Moreover, in the beginning, Huang Quan had stood side by side with this woman!

Thinking of this, Rao Yaoyao suddenly turned her head to look at the silver-haired woman.

This time, she clearly saw the pair of mysterious eyes that were shrouded in black and white fog.

She clearly saw Yamas plan to push all the blame onto the Saint Servant, and also clearly saw the only answer that led to Yis death…

“The God Devil Eyes!”


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