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“Yes, God Devil Eyes!”

At the same time, Xu Xiaoshou sitting up in the air gave his answer that confirmed Rao Yaoyaos thoughts.

“It seems that you are not too stupid.”

Seeing the other party gradually lose her composure and her distorted expression of believing what she did not believe, Xu Xiaoshou added with a smile.

From the moment he acted as Huang Quan, he had already set up another persona for him.

Yamas purpose, target…

Huang Quans behavior, goals…

All of these were taken into consideration.

Now that the Imitator was in his hands, and Lei Xier was also exposed to the Holy Divine Palace.

As a member of the Saint Servant and Senior Brother of his junior sister, he happened to be caught in the situation where he could neither fight back nor escape.

Xu Xiaoshou felt he had the responsibility and obligation to use another method to fight his way out.

Moreover, in his plan, since he had many times acted rudely toward the Holy Divine Palace with the identity of “Xu Xiaoshou” before, the method to be used… Well, to put it simply, it would be to put blame everything on the dark and evil Yama organization.

Of course, pushing the blame wasnt something that could be done blindly.

Xu Xiaoshou always had a card in his hand that would cause trouble, but he needed to be reasonable in causing trouble.

He strictly followed the rules of the big boss.

He only used the word “Yi” to get Rao Yaoyao to say the answer herself — the answer that others obtained through thinking would always be more reliable than the answer he told himself.

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This would not work on ignorant people.

However, Rao Yaoyao was a smart person.

Smart people would think further, and Xu Xiaoshou was certain that the moment Rao Yaoyao said “God Devil Eyes”…

The information he wanted to give was already on the same track as the other party.

It was exactly the same.

To him, now that he had confirmed Huang Quans identity, there was only one gap left that he had not filled, which was… the “motive”!

Since Huang Quan had been hiding for so long, he had actually wanted to trick the Saint Servant and even obtain the God Devil Eyes.

Huang Quan did not even want to reveal himself when he transformed into Yi, so why did he suddenly choose to appear Was it just because of a covert attack from Night Guardian

That was absolutely impossible!

Then, he would need a better answer than the covert attack from Night Guardian and obtaining the God Devil Eyes, or even obtaining the owner of the God Devil Eyes, Lei Xier.

This would make Huang Quans motive for appearing reasonable.

This answer, if the other party was a fool, Xu Xiaoshou would not mention it.

The other party would also never think of it.

And since the other party was a smart person…

Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt mention it either.

It was because he knew that Rao Yaoyao, this “smart person”, could think of it and would also ask!

“You… What do you want”

As expected, Rao Yaoyao asked.

Her expression was full of vigilance.

Obviously, the boss of Yama who was always mysterious suddenly exposed in front of her, the ruler of the Red Coat, was something that exceeded Rao Yaoyaos expectations.

The situation had suddenly gone out of control…

But this was an even bigger fish!

This was the first time the Yama Organization, which the white-clothed people had only managed to obtain basic information about some of its members over the years, had voluntarily exposed their whereabouts.

They couldnt even obtain the slightest bit information about the base area..

Rao Yaoyao was alert while feeling excited.

She maintained basic calmness while maintaining her rationality.

At the same time, she seemed to be stalling for time.

She then sneered and asked.

“A grand Yama, Huang Quan, disguised himself as the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, and then transformed into Yi as if acting out absurd dramas in front of me like a clown.

What is your motive…

“Are you trying to tell me that these farces are very interesting”

Rao Yaoyao glanced at the silver-haired woman.

She had guessed that Huang Quan had pretended to be the Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou for the sake of the God Devil Eyes.

However, if he wanted the God Devil Eyes or even to take the silver-haired woman away, Huang Quan could use another method to take her away quietly.

It had nothing to do with him exposing himself under her nose.

Therefore, Rao Yaoyao could guess that Huang Quan had an even bigger plan!

“Huang Quan…

“He is really Huang Quan…”

Among the Law Enforcement Team, some smart people had thought of what Rao Yaoyao was thinking.

Hearing what the golden-masked man had said that verified the thought, they were also surprised.

If the other party was really Huang Quan, then he had played his cards so well!

He disguised himself as Xu Xiaoshou and killed the Chief of the Transformation Division.

After successfully obtaining the Imitator, he diverted all the blame on the Saint Servant…

At least before he took the initiative to show himself up, 99% of the people in the Law Enforcement Team had never thought that Huang Quan was the one who killed Yi.

But the moment the other party exposed himself, the matter had become reasonable.

It was completely in line with a Go players control of the game.

It was full of drama and also scheming.


It was such a good hand that Huang Quan should have continued to play.

Why did he suddenly choose an open card

Without a better reason than “what everyone can see is close to perfect, and as long as you continue to hide, you will be able to reap all the benefits garnered before”, everyone present felt that Huang Quans sudden open card wasnt a wise move.

What was his true intention

“Impressed, Passive Points 124.”

“Feared, Passive Points 133.”

“Conjecture, Passive Points, 141.”

There were still many smart people around…

Facing Rao Yaoyao and the Law Enforcer Team, and seeing some of them having eye expressions of doubt and curiosity, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but sigh.


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