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The Lei Familys Eyes, the Cross-shaped Eyes

Rao Yaoyao turned her gaze away sluggishly, and her eyes fixed on the plain-looking green-robed masked man.

She was the ruler of the Red Coat and was in charge of the ghost beasts affairs.

She was usually too busy and knew very little about Yamas internal intelligence.

It was very normal.

Now that she knew that any of Yamas members could be matched with a pair of the Lei familys eyes, how could she not be surprised


Rao Yaoyao subconsciously wanted to blurt out “Did you see clearly” but she stopped in time.

If this law enforcer had not seen it clearly, he probably would not have dared to speak so bluntly.

“You may leave.”

She sighed silently and dismissed her subordinate.

She looked up at Huang Quan who was sitting high in the sky and asked in a serious voice, “What do you mean”

You couldnt tell!

Was my drawing too illegible

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked at first.

However, when he recalled Lei Xiers reaction that he had observed just now, he knew that Rao Yaoyao had understood it after he drew them seriously to clearly express the two pairs of the Lei familys eyes which proved his identity as the big boss Yama.

As such, Rao Yaoyao did not see the main person clearly and was scared by the two small lackeys at the side instead…

That was right!

The two members of Yama were the portrait clones, the Visitor from the Netherworld, and the Hundred Ghost Night Walk.

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After the battle with these two people in the Heaven Prayer Forest, with the thought that he could just draw them in advance as there would be a time when he could use them, he conjured them in the Yuan Mansion.

And just now…

After kicking Night Guardian away, he knew that if he attacked the law enforcer, his identity would be exposed.

Therefore, he executed the third plan, which was to transform into Huang Quan.

Xu Xiaoshou also threw these two guys out.

When the portrait clone wasnt activated, it was a mess of spiritual energy.

Moreover, the extremely vigilant Xu Xiaoshou even used the Weaving Technique to weave an aura-shielding… mmm, an array.

It was a second preparation that covered the portrait clone to prevent Rao Yaoyao and the others from noticing it.

When all this was done, everyones six senses were still sealed by the dark bounded domain of Night Guardian, and no one noticed it.

At that time, the hundredfold bounded domain had not been opened yet.

Xu Xiaoshou threw the portrait clones very far away, which was far away from the bounded domain.

In fact, he had thought that after Night Guardian disappeared, Rao Yaoyao would choose to make a move.

When she moved, the law enforcer would either form an array or open the bounded domain.

The former could be broken through with Weaving Expertise, while the latter… even Ye Xiaotians perfect-grade bounded domain could be broken by Xu Xiaoshou, let alone the latter

But all of this required time!

A lot of time!

Thus, although the hundredfold bounded domain had frightened Xu Xiaoshou, while he was communicating and stalling for time, he had already used his Perception to permeate the bounded domain, established a connection with the portrait clone outside, and successfully activated it.

If Rao Yaoyao wanted to see the gift in the array formation or the bounded domain, she would have to ask someone to shut down the array formation or the bounded domain.

This way, there was no need for “Huang Quan” to suddenly humble himself and beg the law enforcer on the other side to lift the array formation or the bounded domains blockade.

There was also no need to summon Ye Xiaotian and use his abilities such as the Lord of Ten Thousand Realms to break the bounded domain — after all, that would devalue him!

A simple plan could break the seal of the hundredfold bounded domain that was weak in the eyes of the real Huang Quan, but would restrain the fake Huang Quan.

So why not

One stone… Mmm, so many birds.

“He!” Xu Xiaoshou let out in his heart.

He failed to count how many birds there were, and he was quite pleased with himself.

When he was planning all this, he had already thought of how Rao Yaoyao, who had lost Night Guardians reminder, would step into his trap step by step.

Of course, casually destroying the hundredfold bounded domain was just a side effect.

The highlight of his plan wasnt the two portrait clones, the Visitor from the Netherworld and the Hundred Ghost Night Walk, but the third person among them!

“Raise your head.”

Facing Rao Yaoyaos question, Xu Xiaoshou casually waved his sleeve.

With that, he immediately contacted his two portrait clones.

As he didnt want to rush, he slowed down his actions which appeared to be very calm in the eyes of outsiders.

He held the chin and raised the head of the person between the two Yama organization members.

There was a man with unkempt hair and a dirty face.

His tattered black clothes were stained with blood.

No matter how blurry his image was, when this persons head was raised and his face was shown to everyone…

His identity was self-evident.

The entire place suddenly became deathly silent.

Everyone was dumbstruck when his head was raised.

After a long while, someone finally spoke.

“Elder… Elder Night Guardian”

“Surprised, Passive Points 123.”

“Feared, Passive Points 144.”


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