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Who was this young elite

The few people hiding in the way of the heavens and spatial fragment saw the young swordsmans hysterical outburst and found it hard to believe that this was a “Talent” nurtured by the Burial Sword Tomb.

If his supreme master was to see this scene, wouldnt he have to clean up this mess on the spot

Just how long had this young swordsman been suppressing himself!


Amidst his deranged laughter, Gu Qinger felt that he now had an aura that could look down on the world.

Because in this world, he was “unbeatable”.

Riding the wind, Gu Qinger slowly rose into the air.

He was enjoying a party by himself.

He felt as if he was possessed by a sword god at this moment.

The current imagery was very compatible with the concept he had been yearning for a long time, “With one sword, comes a Sword Deity from the east”.

Suddenly, a golden Sword Will bloomed from Gu Qingers body.

The surrounding great path of Heaven and earth gradually revealed its true form as this golden Sword Will leaked out.


When the few people who were in stealth saw this scene, they were all shocked.

This was clearly the prelude to a breakthrough!

Among the few people, the scruffy-looking man was the most shocked.

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He was experienced and knowledgeable.

He had encountered too many arduous and tedious journeys on the Path of the Ancient Swordsman, but he had never seen such a ridiculous breakthrough method.

However, the unique golden Sword Will was announcing that the little swordsman on the Lone Cliff had touched the threshold of all the sword techniques, the power of the realm!

“Are you kidding me”

“Is this the way the Burial Sword Tomb trains their talents”

The man couldnt believe his eyes.

The golden Sword Will had pierced through the spatial barrier and into the spatial fragment, as dazzling as the blazing sun.

He couldnt help but cut a small hole in the void to have a better look at this ridiculous “Breakthrough” and see if the young swordsman really had a chance of succeeding.

Gu Qinger was immersed in the world of his own imagination, completely oblivious to the seven unbelievable spiritual senses coming out from the way of the heavens.

Within the spatial fragment, there were two pairs of bewildered gazes.

The golden Sword Will burst out in all directions.

Gu Qinger, who was at the center of the Brilliant Sun, felt that he was about to merge into the way of the sword at this moment.

He had countless questions about the way of the sword in his mind, answers from the Great Path of Heaven and earth, and directions for the way of the sword that he still did not understand.

Gu Qinger could not help but raise his hand slightly.

The sword formation that was supposed to protect him suddenly spun rapidly and merged with the Bewitching Demon in his hand, turning into nine golden swords.

Then, the nine swords started to split.

From nine, to eighteen, to thirty-six, to seventy-two…

The speed at which they split and transformed was extremely fast.

In the Great Path of Heaven and earth, even the type of various elements, the laws of various elements, every blade of grass, every tree, every flower, and every stone… were all drawn by the golden Sword Will and turned into swords.

In just an instant!

The nine physical swords turned into 129,600, densely packed together, filling up the entire Lone Cliff!

“What the f*ck…”

The five gold hunting token killers hiding in the way of the heavens felt a sharp pain in their souls.

They knew that this was because even the great path of Heaven and earth, to which they belonged, had obtained the will of the young swordsman and temporarily became his sword.

Under such circumstances, could they even get out

The Lone Cliff, which was completely filled with gold light, carried 129,600 gold swords that were full of killing intent and suppression.

Even the five gold hunting token killers felt a headache, a thorny problem, and their lives were in danger!


“After this kid breaks through… Hes not an enemy after all, and hes the successor of the Burial Sword Tomb.

We must not offend him.”

“Thats right.

This guy is a serious trial-taker.

If we attack him, the Holy Palaces emissaries will attack us.”

“I understand the logic, but what the f*ck… What kind of monster is he He can break through with just a few shouts Is this the cultivation method of the ancient swordsman Today, Ive finally opened my eyes!”

“All of you, step back!”

Following the order of Double Dumba*s, the five gold hunting token killers quickly retreated, leaving the entire situation in Gu Qingers hands.

This was the case for them, and it was even more so for Mu Ling and Bai Lian.

It was indeed out of everyones expectations that Gu Qinger was able to break through, but he was a trial-taker and had a proper identity.

To the Holy Palace, this was a good thing.

The only thing worth thinking about was…

“Supreme Master, do you think his breakthrough will affect the internal world of the Divine World” Bai Lian asked solemnly as he retreated.

Mu Ling fell silent for a moment.

Theoretically speaking, a small breakthrough in the way of the sword by a young sovereign would definitely not affect the path divisions Divine World, which was pretty strong.


Theoretically speaking, no one could simply shout a few words and breakthrough on the spot, right

“I hope…” Mu Ling only uttered two words and didnt say anything else.

Bai Lian fell into deep thought.

He wondered if his supreme masters “I hope”, meant that it would affect the internal world of the Divine World, or… that it wouldnt affect it

On the other side.

Unlike the few people who knew little about the ancient swordsman and hid in the way of the heavens, the scruffy-looking man was petrified in the spatial fragment.

The 129,600 golden swords shocked him to the extreme.

“Nine Swords Technique, in infinite number”

“This idiot with an empty brain actually comprehended the first realm of the Nine Swords Technique He broke through here”

“How old is he!”

The man was shocked.

Even the space on the Lone Cliff had been assimilated by the Golden Sword.

The golden light had completely pierced into the spatial fragment and was even trying to assimilate the spatial fragment for its use.


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