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Furthermore, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt bring himself to do such a thing as abandon his teammates.

“You go first.

Leave the rest to me,” Ye Xiaotian said to the air calmly.

He didnt know if “Xu Xiaoshou/Huang Quan” was still around, but since the other party showed goodwill and didnt force him, Ye Xiaotian felt that the person was probably Xu Xiaoshou.

If that was the case, how could the former dean of the Tiansang Spirit Palace let a former disciple of the Spirit Palace sacrifice everything to protect him

The other party had done enough!

Therefore, facing the hundreds of trial officers who were charging at him, Ye Xiaotian stepped forward and gently put his hands forward.

The Space Power Upanishad Formation under his feet expanded and instantly covered the entire Lone Cliff.

“Close, yet worlds apart!”

He murmured softly.

At this moment, he had the aura of one man holding off ten thousand enemies.

After those words were said, the spiritual source of energy reserve exploded, and the surrounding space folded.

He was only a hundred feet away, but when Rao Yaoyao and the others rushed over, it was as if there were countless dimensional spaces between them.

They could see that Ye Xiaotian was very close to them.

However, reaching him was easier said than done.

After running for more than ten breaths, in the eyes of outsiders, the trial officers seemed to be running on the same spot, pushing forward only by a few inches!

“Space Upanishad…”

The 13 higher voids, who were behind them, were envious.

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Sure enough, an enemy that was drawn into the internal world of the Divine World was indeed powerful!

To the side, Mu Ling and Bai Lian, who were still searching for the whereabouts of Xu Xiaoshou who might be here, did not care about both sides of the battle.

They only cared about their own target.

Now, they were also attracted by the Spatial Upanishad Formation under the white-haired boys feet.

Mu Ling shifted his gaze back to the white-haired boy whose spiritual technique had trapped hundreds of trial officers, including Rao Yaoyao and Wang Dachui whose cultivation level was at the sovereign stage.

One breath, two breaths…

He suddenly raised the skin between his brows, but his eyelids were closed.

Under the cover of such subtle movements, his eyes seemed even more profound, but at the same time, he hid his surprise.

“Ye… Xiao… Tian” Mu Ling murmured silently.

He thought that during this trip, other than Xu Xiaoshou, who did unexpected things, no one else would surprise him.

Unexpectedly, instead of seeing Xu Xiaoshou, he saw an old friend who surprised him very much — one of the Four Disciples of the Holy Palace, Ye Xiaotian with space attributes!

The image of his youth appeared in Mu Lings mind.

At that time, the Four Disciples of the Holy Palace were inseparable.

As the junior brother of Sang Qiye, the eldest disciple of the infernal lineage, Mu Ling naturally knew Ye Xiaotian.

Mu Ling did not have much interaction with the Four Disciples of the Holy Palace because he could not stand the temper of his senior brother, Sang Qiye.

Naturally, he did not have a good impression of his senior brothers cronies.

However, the Holy Palace had missions.

Mu Ling had fought alongside Ye Xiaotian on many missions.

Having experienced several life-and-death situations together, although they could not be considered “Close friends”, the term “Friends” could still be used to describe their relationship.

“Prepare to attack.”

Mu Ling did not hesitate at all.

He made up his mind and said to Bai Lian through telepathic communication.

While talking, he had a comprehensive plan.

Unlike Sang Qiye, Ye Xiaotian didnt choose to defect the Holy Palace and join the saint servant.

Therefore, in name, he just left the Holy Palace and cultivated alone.

He was still a member of the Holy Palace.

Mu Ling vaguely remembered that Ye Xiaotian didnt make any huge mistakes in the past.

Therefore, no matter what happened to the member of the Holy Palace, he should be handed over to the Holy Palace to deal with.

Rao Yaoyao, a member of the Holy Divine Palace, shouldnt be allowed to take action and punish a member of the Holy Palace.

Bai Lian was startled.

However, he understood the reason right after looking at the Spatial Upanishad Formation.

He had also thought of what his supreme master, Mu Ling, was thinking about.

“…Masters brother”

While he was having a headache, he knew that with his supreme master Mu Lings status, it wouldnt be appropriate to directly take someone away from Rao Yaoyaos sword.

However, Bai Lian, who was an “Unworthy disciple”, could take action because he “Got excited and recognized Ye Xiaotian as the senior of the Holy Palace”.

Even if Rao Yaoyao didnt believe in such a reason, she had no choice but to give him some respect and choose to accept it.

“My responsibility is too great…”

Bai Lian sighed and stopped thinking about the follow-up.

With a flip of his palm, an infernal white flame lit up.

At this moment, the two of them saw Ye Xiaotian, who had temporarily trapped Rao Yaoyao and the trial officers with the “Close, yet worlds apart” move, suddenly raised his eyes and shook his head indiscernibly at the two of them.

Mu Ling and Bai Lian recognized Ye Xiaotian.

When had Ye Xiaotian not recognized them

To him, the moment he broke through the internal world of the Divine World, the appearance of thebrowless Mu Ling here was too sudden.

He had no choice but to take a second look.

Moreover, the other party was an authentic disciple of the Holy Palace and he was currently shouldering the title ofstowaway andsuspected to be Huang Quans accomplice.

Therefore, Ye Xiaotian would definitely not choose to sacrifice the junior brother of Elder Sang, and the future of Elder Sangs juniors to save him.

In Mu Lings opinion, forsaking some of his disciples benefits to save him was nothing.

However, Ye Xiaotian did not think so.

Bai Lian was already one of the five great authorities of the Holy Palace.

Such a high status was comparable to Hallmaster Dao of the Holy Divine Palace.

If Bai Lian got involved in too many things, things would become complicated.

His position couldnt allow him to always do things as he liked.

“Im only doing this for Elder Sang.

Why should I involve others”


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