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Hua Ying

Rao Yaoyaos brows tensed up, and she lowered her sword in time.

She was just a little away from using her Secular Sword on this muddle-headed young lady.

If Hua Ying was unable to walk out of the Secular Heart Refinement, Rao Yaoyao and the infernal lineage of the Holy Palace would become enemies.

“Why are you here”

As soon as she said that, Rao Yaoyao had an answer for herself.

Some time ago, before the Imperial City Trial had even begun, she was unable to withstand Hua Yings relentless pestering.

Hence, she allowed the other party to become an ordinary trial officer and was in charge of one of the regions of the Yunlun Mountain Ranges Imperial City Trial.

With the previous emergency summonses, Hua Ying, who was a trial officer, would have definitely received the order to rush to the Lone Cliff.

Although Rao Yaoyao had given the final order, stating that without permission, no other trial officers were required to come.

However, Hua Ying did not belong to the Holy Divine Palace.

With her identity as an emissary of the Holy Palace and her curiosity…

It was not unusual for her to come and take a look.

Rao Yaoyao even purposely swept her gaze over Hua Yings earlobe.

When she saw the battle communicator of an ordinary trial officer, she put down her suspicions.

“Hes Ye Xiaotian”

After pausing for a moment, Rao Yaoyao looked at the young lady carrying the cauldron and pointed at the white-haired short youth behind her.

She then asked, as if she had just recognized the other partys identity.

Hua Ying, who was Xu Xiaoshous incarnation, turned around.

Her gaze did not falter as she followed the direction Rao Yaoyao was pointing at and landed on Ye Xiaotians face.

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He was slightly startled.

Because the dean was currently wearing the face of a youth, and not Ye Xiaotians face.

Hua Ying would never recognize such an unfamiliar young mans face.

Even if the real Ye Xiaotian appeared in front of her without any concealment, she would not be able to recognize him.

Hua Ying was still too young, and Ye Xiaotian had left the Holy Palace decades ago.

Theoretically speaking, they should not have met.

However, the situation just now was critical, and Xu Xiaoshou could not care less.

He looked around and saw the face of his masters brother, Mu Ling, whom he had seen on theletter from the Holy Palace.

He had a sudden inspiration and thought of using the imitator to imitate Hua Yings identity.

Imitation between the lineage of infernal white flame was really too simple.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had experience in cross-dressing, could do it with ease.

However, in order to help Ye Xiaotian break through the attack of the Secular Sword, he had not thought much about the imitation.

Now that he was going to confront Rao Yaoyao face to face, there would definitely be many flaws.

“Fortunately, almost no one has doubted my true identity…”

Xu Xiaoshou was only glad about this.

Transforming into Hua Ying was not even part of his plan.

He was just adapting to the situation.

Even he had made a last-minute decision at that moment.

It was basically impossible for Rao Yaoyao and the other trial officers to have any suspicious thoughts at the beginning.

He didnt think too much about it.

It wasnt the first time that Xu Xiaoshou had dealt with such a complicated situation like Rao Yaoyaos last-minute questioning.

He imitated Hua Yings words, actions, and way of speaking, especially her brain that had been burned by the Infernal White Flame.

He had also imitated the principle that if he didnt know, he didnt know.

There was no need to force it.

He nodded stiffly and looked back at Rao Yaoyao.

“Hes Elder Ye…”

He didnt explain anything.

Xu Xiaoshou pushed all of his strange actions onto someone else.

He believed that Rao Yaoyao would be able to figure out who this “someone” was in an instant.

As expected, Rao Yaoyaos eyelids twitched when she heard this and instantly became suspicious.

However, very quickly, she tilted her head and looked at Bai Lian and Mu Ling who were watching from afar at the Lone Cliff.

Her suspicion was relieved.

“I was wondering why Hua Ying would suddenly come over.

It turns out that these two ordered her…”

“What a pity.

If it was Bai Lian who stopped me, at the very least, I would be able to earn a favor from him.

If it was Hua Ying, Bai Lian could reason that it was just a juniors ignorance…”

Rao Yaoyao thought to herself, what a pity.

She had indeed read Ye Xiaotians intention to surrender, and she also saw Bai Lians impulse to save him at that moment.

Therefore, she used an even more vicious move, the Secular Sword, to force the two of them into a desperate situation.

She did not expect that Bai Lian would think a step further and summoned his disciple at the critical moment.

Hua Yings appearance would also bear the punishment that Bai Lian would receive if he had personally made a move for Ye Xiaotian at the smallest price.

The ignorance of the younger generation…

This excuse was too ingenious at this moment!

Rao Yaoyao sighed again.

She sheathed her sword and looked back at Bai Lian.

She snorted coldly and said, “A wise man does not speak in riddles.

Bai Lian, what do you mean by this”

“What do I mean by this” Bai Lian thought.

“I dont even know what I mean by this!”

Bai Lian and Mu Lings expressions were almost identical.

Their gazes had not moved away from Hua Ying who had suddenly appeared.

“You called her here” Mu Ling even sent a telepathic communication to his disciple without batting an eyelid.

“Theoretically speaking, Hua Ying isnt smart enough to know how to help me.

If she was to come, she would definitely greet me first upon seeing me.

Im very sure of this, so shes not Hua Ying… but shes also Hua Ying…” Bai Lian completed his self-contradictory reply without even turning his head.

Then, the two of them continued to stare at the dazed and lifelike young lady carrying the cauldron, sinking into a long silence.

Not long after, Mu Ling noticed that the young lady was abnormal.

The other party was very real.

At the same time, very fake.

However, with a single glance, Mu Ling could tell that everything was actually fake.

Only that alchemy cauldron was not fake!


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