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What a terrible person!

Xu Xiaoshou, who had transformed into Hua Ying and was brought back by Bai Lian, was so impressed by the headmaster that his scalp went numb.

Even before he could react, Ye Xiaotian had already finished all of this and nodded at the people in front of him with a calm expression.

“Take care, everyone.”

Then, with a boom, his figure broke through space and flew into the sky.


The five assassins and the scruffy-looking man did not want to fight for a despicable person who played dirty tricks like Ye Xiaotian at all.

They turned into several streaks of light at the same time and flew in different directions.

Previously, when Rao Yaoyao came out from the internal world of the Divine World, she had already sensed that there was a special aura hidden in this place.

She knew that there were other stowaways here.

However, she really did not expect that Ye Xiaotians explosion would be able to blast out the fellow who had been mimicking Bazhunan all along!

She raised her hand without any hesitation.

“Take all of them down!”

The predicament of the Divine World had been broken by an inexplicable small swordsman.

This was already infuriating enough to Rao Yaoyao.

Now that Ye Xiaotians explosion had blasted out so many higher voids, how could she let them escape

As soon as Rao Yaoyao finished speaking, the trial officers realized that they did not have enough time to form a formation to trap their targets.

Immediately, they opened their bounded domain to encircle all the people in the land realm of Lone Cliff instead.

“Bounded domain, open!”

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More than a hundred different-colored bounded domains opened up once again.

This scene was experienced earlier by Xu Xiaoshou and the others who were trapped in the internal world of the Divine World.

However, the five assassins outside had never been so contended by the people of the Holy Divine Palace before.

They were so frightened that they fled in panic.

Before the hundreds of bounded domains close up, Ye Xiaotian seemed to have predicted the actions of the trial officers ahead of time.

He flew high into the sky and suddenly stopped.

He knew that if he was to be trapped by the hundreds of bounded domains, he could escape, but if those meat shields were to be stopped, then the firepower of all the trial officers…would be focused on him alone.

Even if he had planned to use them as scapegoats to stay alive, Ye Xiaotian also felt that those fellow Daoists had to at least have the ability to delay the trial officers.

And the prerequisite for this…

The six meat shields would have to break through the bounded domain and fly in different directions.

That way, they could disperse six-seventh of the trial officers firepower.

For this, Ye Xiaotian didnt mind helping the meat shields break through the bounded domains.


The moment he cast the Pinching spell in the air, the Spatial Upanishad Formation under his feet expanded.

The hundreds of realms that had yet to merge came from the trial officers bounded domains.

However, all of them collapsed with a bang as if they had bumped into the supreme ruler of the bounded domain!

Then, the withered fragments of the bounded domains in the air condensed again, turning into a bright, twisted, bizarre-looking mirror-like world that seemed to have countless parallel layers.

In this world, countless figures of Ye Xiaotian were reflected.

“Lord of Ten Thousand Realms!”

Over a hundred layers of bounded domain were instantly broken apart by Ye Xiaotian alone.

This sudden change shocked not only the meat shields but also all of the trial officers.

They had thought that the space attributes had an advantage in domain-type skills like “Bounded domain”, but they had never thought that Ye Xiaotian, who was at the sovereign stage but had reached the final stage of the Spatial Upanishad, was already able to easily break through the bounded domain created by higher voids!

If Huang Quan was to make a move, everyone could understand.

However, for a sovereign to be this powerful, one could not help but sigh deeply.

The 13 higher voids, who were at the very back, were dumbstruck.

Each and every one of them looked at the stowaways, who had immediately scattered after a short moment of shock, with a grave expression on their faces and discussed in low voices.

“In the past, I only knew that the Spirit Division Chief, Yu Lingdi, was a master of Water-type Upanishad and his power could rival that of a higher void.

However, Ive never experienced it in person.

I cant imagine how a sovereign could resist the power of a higher void.”

“This master of the Spatial Upanishad is truly unexpected.”

“Just based on thisLord of Ten Thousand Realms, I have to break through 100 bounded domains… in the future, even if I have some breakthroughs in my realm, I will never provoke someone who has mastered the Attribute Upanishad.”

Hong Dang, the Dragon Fighter, spoke with fear written all over his face.

“Thats right.” Granny Tianling also exclaimed, “The power of the Upanishad, I have only heard of it occasionally in the past.

I have never imagined that I would be able to witness it with my own eyes… and this time, I have experienced the most specialSpatial Upanishad!”

Reverend Huang Yang nodded with certainty, “I feel the same way…”

Before the 13 higher voids could act like bystanders, Teng Shanhai immediately scolded, “All of you, shut your mouths.

Split into pairs and go get the stowaways.

Whoever gets the stowaways will be credited with great merit!”


The 13 higher voids originally wanted to stay out of the matter.

After hearing his words, they exchanged a few glances among themselves.

Then, all of them rushed toward the stowaways.

However, these 13 higher voids tacitly avoided Ye Xiaotian, who was at the sovereign level, and the man with eight fingers who was carrying a burlap sack.

They chased after the five gold hunting token killers, who seemed to be slightly weaker.

“These damn old foxes…”

Teng Shanhai cursed in a low voice, but he knew that no matter how greedy these people were, they would not rashly go and fight someone with the same combat strength as the “Spirit Division Chief”, and a person with an unknown identity who was “suspected to be the Eighth Sword Deity”.

Wasnt life beautiful

Why would they rush to be reincarnated

These tasks were hard and tiring.

Since the people under him didnt want to do them, Teng Shanhai had to take them on himself.

He rushed in the direction that Ye Xiaotian escaped.

As for the “Eighth Sword Deity” carrying the sack…

Teng Shanhai knew that Rao Yaoyao would naturally take care of them.


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