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“They all ran away”

Xu Xiaoshou, who had been pulled to Bai Lians side, was momentarily stunned as he looked at the trial officers who had split into several teams in an orderly manner and were charging toward the fleeing stowaways.

He had fallen into this battle for no apparent reason.

Leaving this battle now would be even more confusing to him.

He had originally wanted to transform into Hua Ying just to resolve the headmasters predicament under the Secular sword.

Never did he expect that his identity as the emissary of the Holy Palace and his impression of Hua Ying was so believable that it created a huge difference between Hua Ying and Huang Quan.

From the beginning to the end, Rao Yaoyao had never been able to change her mindset from the previous confrontation with Huang Quan.

She realized that his identity was suspicious.

Moreover, with Mu Lings peripheral cooperation, he had actually become the only fish that had escaped from the trial officers huge net.

“A soldier has to be highly adaptable!”

It was only now that Xu Xiaoshou realized how strong the imitator was and how important the performance ability that he had constantly trained was.

Look at this!

Even the scruffy-looking man with the burlap sack had to temporarily avoid the edge of Rao Yaoyaos sword and chose to retreat.

If he had mastered some roundabout methods instead of only the sword moves and skills, he might have already escaped by now.

Xu Xiaoshou was rather pleased with himself.

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However, suddenly, the information bar jumped and a message that made his scalp tingle popped out.

“Ambushed, passive points 1.”

Subconsciously, Xu Xiaoshou wanted to sidestep the possible enemy and activate the vanishing technique.

However, from the gods perspective of “Perception”, there was no threat in the surroundings.

Putting everything else aside, Mu Ling and Bai Lian, the two experts of the infernal lineage, were like outsiders in this situation.

Just like their previous state, they were simply watching the trial officers chase after the stowaways.

“Supreme Master…” Xu Xiaoshou felt a great terror and said softly.

His heart was racing, and beads of sweat were already forming on his forehead.

“Thats really spectacular!” Bai Lian sighed as he watched.

As an outsider, he was extremely relaxed.

When he sensed that his disciple was acting slightly abnormal, he lowered his head and looked over.

“Whats the matter”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes and looked over.

To his horror, he saw beads of sweat also forming on Bai Lians forehead!

Moreover, at this moment, the other party did not notice at all, completely unaware that his body was undergoing a special transformation!

“Something is going on.”

Mu Lings pupils suddenly constricted, and his entire body was burning with the Black Flame of Annihilation.

The flame instantly evaporated the fine sweat that was also seeping out from his body.

He turned his head around abruptly, only to see that Bai Lians entire body was already drenched, and he was completely unaware of it.

As for the abnormality that Bai Lian did not notice, Hua Ying… No, Xu Xiaoshou had noticed it earlier than him!

“Do you know whats going on”

At the same time that Mu Ling blurted it out, he helped Bai Lian evaporate all the moisture on his body.

Under the latters equally horrified and self-aware reaction, he changed the topic and said, “Lets leave this place first!”

“Lets leave this place first!” At the same time, Xu Xiaoshou also spoke quickly.

He did not know what had happened, but he knew that he had come here because of the special “Guiding” power.

And from the beginning to the end, there were no special variables at Lone Cliff that allowed him to escape Rao Yaoyaos trap.

Gu Qingers unexpected arrival and unexpected attack seemed like a “Coincidence” to Xu Xiaoshou.

However, Xu Xiaoshou did not believe in “Coincidence”!

He felt that the “Guiding” power might have already started making a move!

“Follow me…”

Mu Ling knew that time was tight and did not dare to ask any further.

He grabbed Bai Lians collar with one hand and Xu Xiaoshous shoulder with the other.

At the same time, a golden array wheel flew out from the ring on his hand.

The array wheel flashed.

However, in the next second, as if an exquisite gear machine had been corroded by the long period of moisture, the array wheel suddenly had traces of rust.

The teleportation had failed!




Xu Xiaoshous heartbeat suddenly sped up, and he immediately looked around.

As expected, in the space between Zhou Shens heaven and earth, the humidity of the space had unknowingly soared, reaching an extremely humid state.

Even the mountains had obvious traces of water.

Under “Perception,” there was also a hazy mist floating in the air.

It was like tiny bubbles that completely filled anything on the Lone Cliff.


It was not just the Lone Cliff!

Upon activating his “Perception”, Xu Xiaoshou immediately noticed that similar situations had happened to the trial officers and the stowaways who were fleeing far away.

They were all enveloped by water vapor.

They were all drenched in sweat.

Moreover, at this time, very few people noticed that something was wrong between the two parties that were focused on “Escaping” and “Chasing”.

“Yu Lingdi”

This person appeared in Xu Xiaoshous mind.

It could be said that he had some traumas after being tortured by the same water-type abilities.

With this thought in mind, Xu Xiaoshou noticed a woman being chased by the trial officers the next second.

It appeared that she was temporarily unable to escape from their chase and hence decided to change the direction of her escape to the sea of clouds in the middle of the Lone cliff.

At this moment, Golden Foot hated the space attributes dwarf who used her as a shield.

However, there was no doubt that the other partys tactic was successful.

She was forced to become one of the targets to scatter the firepower of the trial officers.

She originally did not want to run towards the sea of clouds in the Lone Cliff.

Everyone present was at the sovereign stage and above.

They all had spiritual quality perception and could sense the unknown terror hidden in the Lone Cliff.

Therefore, everyone made their moves, either unconsciously or intentionally, to avoid the sea of clouds in the Lone Cliff.


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