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Chapter 111: Yinyin, Yinyin


The pink bed shattered into pieces.

Rao Yinyin almost cracked her own teeth, she was gritting her teeth so hard as she turned to glare at the two at the door in fury.

Xu Xiaoshou hid behind Su Qianqian and pushed her in front of him as a human shield.

Su Qianqian was speechless.

“Calm down, Sis.

I heard that if a couple has problems between them, the right thing to do is to communicate instead of fighting,” she commented, blinking her eyes.

Rao Yinyin was utterly baffled.

“What do you mean couple Where the h*ll did you learn that from” she thought.

She pointed at the man behind the little girl.

“Do you have any idea what he did”

Su Qianqian then curiously craned her neck to look at him and asked, “What did he do”


Xu Xiaoshou immediately whacked Su Qianqian in the head, causing her head to bobble for a bit.

She looked at him, feeling vexed.

“What was that for”

“A little girl like you has no business asking stuff like that! Who taught you all this nonsense, eh You get in with some bad crowd”

Su Qianqian then pointed at Rao Yinyin, a bitter look on her face.

It was Rao Yinyins turn to be speechless.

“By the way, when did you two get together Why didnt I know…”

Su Qianqian saw their expressions change and immediately cradled her head.

“Woah, hold it.

I at least need to know what happened before I can tell whos right and whos not, right” She pouted for a bit and acted like a grown-up.

Xu Xiaoshou was baffled and said right away, “I saw that her room looked messy so I thought to tell her off, and now she wants to kill me!”

Rao Yinyin didnt know what to say.

She was so angry her anger shot through the roof and couldve flipped the roof off.

Yet she saw Xu Xiaoshou sending signals at her with blinks and winks, and she was mouthing something, like he wanted to tell her something.

“Whats with the blinking, eh Cant just tell her that you peeked at me bathing, eh”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

“Didnt we agree to keep this between us” he thought.

“Why say it out loud like that

“Im telling you that Im okay with the proposition.

Cant you tell what Im mouthing here

“Gosh, youre so stupid!”

Seeing that Su Qianqian was all shocked, he knew that he needed to say something to turn the tables.

“Didnt you say that what I saw was but an illusion you cast”

Rao Yinyin was stunned.

She had nothing to say in response to that.

“Yeah, thats what I said,” she thought.

“But since youre unwilling to get me the pill, lets just end this right here, right now then!

“You or me.

Only one of us is going to live today!”

She fetched her sword and rushed at him at once.

Xu Xiaoshou saw her rushing at him and noted to himself that explanations were truly utterly useless to women.

As such, he simply lifted Su Qianqian and put her right in front of him.

The little girl was baffled and immediately cradled her head.

“Dont chop me up!”

Rao Yinyin was extremely flustered, yet there was no way she could get to him.

The man grabbed hold of the little girl and circled around and around so many times that he couldnt even tell if Rao Yinyin was about to reverse direction.

For some reason, her illusion was also utterly useless against him.

Rao Yinyin stopped moving.

“Put her down!”

“Put your sword down!” Xu Xiaoshou continued holding up his human shield, refusing to back off.

“Im getting dizzy…”

Su Qianqians eyes were practically wobbling in their eye sockets.

She was jostled around so much that she almost ended up throwing up on the spot.

It was thanks to her training with the “Reverse Sword Subduing” that ironically allowed her to hold the urge in.


Rao Yinyin threw the sword to the ground, and Xu Xiaoshou breathed a sigh of relief.

Yet, the woman started to perform seals the very next second.

It was then his turn to get flustered.

“Calm down! Dont do anything rash!”

The entire place shuddered, and boundless spiritual energy whirled and coalesced between her hands.

Xu Xiaoshou panicked.

“Stop it! Ill get you the pill!”

“What pill” Rao Yinyin just kept doing what she was doing.

“Sovereign Pill!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted.


Spiritual energy dispersed between Rao Yinyins fingers, and the icy look on her face disappeared to be replaced with a flirty grin.

“You gave your word, and Ill definitely keep this in mind.”

Xu Xiaoshou was baffled.

“You set me up” he thought.

“All that was just a bluff”

He felt like hed just been duped.

This woman knew her tricks, her mood changing faster than one could flip through the pages of a book.

Rao Yinyin then walked up to her dressing table and picked up a pearl.

“This thing is called the void pearl.

It recorded what you just said and everything you did after you got into my room.”

“Ill take a look at it when I have the time.”


Xu Xiaoshous face was ashen, and he rummaged through his memory in fury to recall if hed done anything he shouldnt have after going inside.

“Hmm, doesnt seem like I did anything bad,” he thought.

“What a relief!

“Hold on!

“I seemed to have smelled that thing…

“Sh**, there goes my squeaky clean reputation, eh”

He took a deep breath and said, “Hand that thing over and you can have two Sovereign Pills.”

Rao Yinyin took note of his expression and knew that the odds were with her.

She then stuffed the pearl into her robe through the opening at her chest, then wiggled her finger at him.

“Come take it, then!”

Seduced, Passive Points 1.

Seduced, Passive Points 1.

Seduced, Passive Points 1.

The three consecutive messages on his Information Bar baffled him.

This was the first time someone had triggered three lines with just a single move.

“D*mn, that woman…” he mused inwardly.

“She knows what shes doing!”

“You whats-your-name.

My patience really is wearing thin here…” Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

“Burning bridges like this will do you no good.”

“Whats-your-name, huh… The name is Rao Yinyin.

Ive got a name too, you know”

This was indeed his first time hearing her name.

He then frowned and asked, “Rao what”


He cupped a hand behind his ear, pointed his ear at her, and gestured for her to speak louder.


“Are you deaf” The woman was furious.



Su Qianqian couldnt help but burst out laughing.

“Oh my goodness, Sister Rao, youre so cute!”

Rao Yinyin realized that shed been tricked, and her fury shot to the heavens.

“Xu… Xiao… Shou!”

Xu Xiaoshou lifted Su Qianqian up again before Rao Yinyin could lift up her sword.

“Woah, keep it down, will you Im here, and Im not deaf!”

“You duped a Sovereign Pill off of me, and that trick back there was just calling it even!” he thought.

He narrowed his eyes and put on a harmless look.

Rao Yinyin changed the subject and berated the little girl.

“Su Qianqian, you get over here at once!”

“Why does the brat keep siding with an outsider” she mused.

“So, youve forgotten all about your Sister Rao now that your Brother Xiaoshou has shown up, eh Youve forgotten all Ive done for you for the past year”

The banter between the two had already confused the little girl, and it took her quite a while to realize that Rao Yinyin was addressing her.

Why did they have to get her involved in their fight

Xu Xiaoshou instinctually tightened his grip on her, not saying anything.

“This thing…” he thought.

“Ptuih, the girl is my shield now.

I might just end up dead without her in my hands.

“I just played that woman over there.

Theres no way Id hand over my trump card!”

Rao Yinyin was irked, and she immediately glowered at Xu Xiaoshou.

“We need to head out now.

What are you doing by refusing to release her”

Xu Xiaoshou then put the little girl down, still wondering if he should believe her or not.

Rao Yinyin then took a step forward, and that scared him enough to lift Su Qianqian up again.

Rao Yinyin chuckled, looking pleased with having scored one against him.





Xu Xiaoshou wasnt going to just let her have it.

Su Qianqian kept looking confused while standing between them, having no idea what both her Sister Rao and Brother Xiaoshou were doing.

“Heh, hehehehe…”

She then giggled somehow, and her dumb laughter stopped the two from going at each other any further.


Everyone was speechless for quite a while.


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