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At this moment, Golden Foot had no other way to escape.

If she had tried to assassinate someone first and failed, she would have had a hundred ways to retreat.

However, in her current situation, there were two higher voids, several cutting paths, and dozens of sovereigns in the team that was chasing her.

No matter how arrogant Golden Foot was usually, she would not provoke such a team.

Naturally, she did not have enough experience to deal with it.

She could also tell that the team leader was Granny Tianling.

“Theres no escape.

Why dont I try running in that direction Perhaps I can use the unknown to fight against them!”

After Golden Foot made up her mind, she ran towards the sea of clouds between the cliffs.

She had witnessed it with her own eyes.

That young swordsman, who had wanted to commit suicide because of shame and anger, completely disappeared from her spiritual senses of the higher void level after diving into the bottom of Lone Cliff.

“I can use this to escape…”

Before this thought could completely appear, the speed of the higher void had already urged Golden Foot to fly over the land realm of the LoneCliff and charge into the sky above the sea of clouds.


A dazzling light suddenly flashed.

It was different from the way Gu Qingyi and Gu Qinger entered the cliff.

They went without any spiritual source and were not attacked by the barrier.

However, Golden Foot was attacked and the spiritual source in her entire body burst forth during the process.

Her fate was the same as Murong Ying and the Night Guardian.

She was instantly swallowed by the dazzling light and could not resist it at all.

She fell straight down.


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The scream frightened the pursuers.

At the critical moment, Granny Tianling stopped her foot in time and landed at the edge of the Lone Cliff.

Her momentum even crushed the rocks under her feet and debris rolled down the cliff.


Granny Tianling was stunned.

She was frightened by the dazzling light.

She could vaguely sense the terror in the Lone Cliff.

No one had ever thought that the terror in the cliff could swallow a higher void whole before they even had time to react!

“This is too dangerous, this is too dangerous…”

“The credit for capturing them isnt worth the danger.

I would rather forget it than risk my life!”

Granny Tianling subconsciously reached out her hand and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Then, she flung her hand, wanting to leave this place.

“Drip drip drip…”

It was as if she had flung out a ladle of water!

Even the water dripping from her clothes could make a splash sound on the mountain by the edge of the cliff!

Granny Tianling was confused.

When did she start sweating so much

She was completely stunned.

After she came to her senses, she looked up and down.

Only then did she see that her entire body was completely drenched in water vapor.

She could also feel that the weight of the clothes on her shoulders was more than double their usual weight.

“Chatter, chatter…”

No matter how composed a killer was usually, at this moment, Granny Tianling was so frightened by the unknown that her teeth were slightly chattering.

She turned around abruptly, and her expression changed drastically.

Behind her, dozens of law enforcers who had also landed on the ground looked at her in shock.

Regardless of whether they were in the sovereign or the cutting path stage, they all looked at her in shock, as if they were surprised by why she was sweating so much.

… and all of them looked like they had just been fished out of the water, but they didnt notice it at all!

“Hiss!” Granny Tianling instantly felt goosebumps all over her body.

A cold air shot up from the soles of her feet and went straight to the top of her head.

“MOTHERF*CKER!” She cursed angrily.

What kind of damn mission was this Go and die!

Staying alive was more important than anything else!

Granny Tianling was about to get up and leave this land realm, but when she exerted some force, she was shocked to find that she couldnt move her feet at all.

“You, you, you, down, down…”

Dozens of law enforcers in front of her pointed at her feet in the same way, reminding her with horror on their faces.

Granny Tianling lowered her head.

Her feet seemed to have been entangled by water weeds after drowning.

At this moment, two ghostly hands emerged from the water stains on the ground and held them tightly.

“Get lost!”

Granny Tianling was so scared that her soul was gone.

All the spiritual source in her body exploded.

However, when the spiritual source in her energy reserve moved, she felt that all the power in her body had gone out of control, and her blood rushed to the back of her heart.

Then, in the back where no one could see, a bloody hand suddenly stretched out from the back of Granny Tianlings waist and grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her toward the bottom of Lone Cliff.



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