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At this moment, the demonic wind of the Lone Cliff was guided and swept toward the direction of the edge of the cliff where everyone was.

It was trying to blow away the humidity in the area.

“Wind rises frantically and incessantly!”

Rao Yaoyao swept her sword up diagonally.

With a boom, the humidity and water vapor on the mountain by the edge of the cliff were replaced by a fierce wind.

The cold whistling swept away the strangeness that had trapped everyone.

“I can move now”

All the law enforcers and stowaways subconsciously clenched their fists and received the signal that their bodies could move.

They wanted to move.

However, in the next second, the strangeness attacked them again.

Everyone moved for a second.

Then, as if the pause button had been pressed, they all stopped again.

“Gurgle, gurgle.”

The demonic wind of the Lone Cliff disappeared.

What replaced it was the sound of gurgling water.

The sound of water was soft and light, but it was so abrupt in the chaotic storm.

“Its useless”


Rao Yaoyao was stunned for half a breath.

Her wind power could only help the people seize a short moment of breath before they were once again seized by the other party.

This meant that, in the realm of spiritual cultivation, the other partys control over water-type power was far greater than her control over wind-type power.

“The power of Upanishad!”

“This is definitely the power of Upanishad!”

Speculations were never as accurate as a method put into practice.

With just this sword test, Rao Yaoyao had locked onto the hidden “Ghost”.

Just like Yu Lingdi, he had grasped the power of water-type Upanishad!


The sound of water became clearer.

This time, Rao Yaoyao clearly heard where the sound came from.

It was from the bottom of Lone Cliff!


In just a moment, the gentle sound of the water suddenly became violent.

It was like a gentle breeze had split into a tornado in an instant.

The sound of rumbling thunder shook ones eardrums.

Followed by the threatening sound of thunder and water, everyones hearts crazily pounded against their chests.

Each of them stared at the empty sea of clouds in the Lone Cliff.

It was as if something was about to jump out from there!

Not long after, there was a “whoosh”.

A wave broke through the sea of clouds and landed on the shore from the Lone Cliff, reflecting in everyones eyes.


This was a real wave.

It was not the sound of water.

It was also not a simulated phenomenon.

It was real.

It broke through the limit of distance at the bottom of the cliff and landed on the shore!

Rao Yaoyao was stunned.

The law enforcers were also stunned.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Ye Xiaotian tried his best to look back, but his face was filled with horror.

He clearly remembered that when he landed on the Lone Cliff, he had thrown a pebble off the cliff to test its depth.

Although Ye Xiaotian did not manage to know how deep the bottom of the cliff was, he knew that the bottom of Lone Cliff was an endless void from his test.

And now, above the endless void, a wave suddenly surged.

Where did this wave come from

It couldnt have come from the bottom of the cliff, crossed the limit of distance, and rushed up to the clouds!

“Boom, boom, boom…”

After the wave in the sea of clouds on the Lone Cliff, everyone was in a daze.

As thunder and water rumbled, another huge wave surged up into the sky.

It completely went against the natural law of Spiritual Cultivation that stated, “Spiritual source has its limit”.

Under the control of unknown power, it seemed to be drawing endless spiritual source, and it rolled up layer by layer.

Even from the depths of the cliff, across the height of the entire Lone Cliff, this huge wave had never shown any signs of decline.

Under the gaze of Rao Yaoyao, Mu Ling, Teng Shanhai, the scruffy-looking man, and other supreme experts of the current era.

This tsunami-like huge wave quickly broke through the clouds between the cliffs and the sky of the Yunlun mountain range.

With a height of tens of thousands of feet above everyone, it faced the Yunlun mountain range that stretched for tens of thousands of miles above the Nine Heavens and slammed down from the sky.


Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes in shock.

He silently looked at the giant wave that almost covered the entire sky.

Only madness remained in his heart.

He had experienced fighting with higher voids and had even joined forces with others to kill Yi.

However, even the divine path principles that Patriarch Wuji had displayed to encircle an area of space were not as spectacular as this tsunamis power.

This power was so spectacular that it made people despair.

Facing this natural power, even if ones body was nine feet long, in this vast expanse, they were powerless ants.

How could a spiritual cultivator create such a massive wave

This was a natural disaster!


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