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What was he waiting for

Suddenly, from the other side of the world, there was a slight sound of air being torn apart.

Then, the sound turned from small to loud.

The black dot pierced through the air and turned into a fiery arrow that was surrounded by black, red, and evil sinful energy.

The arrow pierced through time and crossed the distance.

It ruthlessly shot towards the person standing at the top of the big wave.

“An arrow of the Evil Sin Bow!”

Among the members of the Xu Faction who had used a special method to break through the blockade of the Cloud Realm World, there were trial-takers who had witnessed the battle between the saints and recognized the arrow.


Another arrow

It must be known that Ai Cangsheng from the headquarters of the Sacred Mountain in the Central Region had already shot one arrow today.

Another arrow from him in such a short time

What kind of crisis was happening in the Yunlun mountain range during the Imperial City Trial for Ai Cangsheng to shoot arrow after arrow

“Its coming…”

Xu Xiaoji muttered silently, hope burning in his eyes.

This was a demi-saint!

A demi-saints arrow should be enough to break the natural disaster at Yunlun, right

In the next second, he saw the person at the top of the wave pull out a golden trident from the wave before the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow arrived.

Then, he thrust his trident forward.


The tip of the trident met the arrow beam.

The wave in the sky, which had yet to slam down, was shattered by the demi-saints arrow.

It turned into a torrential rain that poured down on the Yunlun mountain range.


The rain was heavy and unexpected.

All the trial-takers in the Yunlun mountain range who looked up did not notice it because everyone was still in shock.

The person holding the trident at the tip of the wave actually received a powerful strike from the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow and was only forced back half a step.

Half a step!

The person swung the golden trident in his hand.

A lot of the water vapor on his body was dispersed by the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow, revealing the black robe inside, as well as the slightly curved corner of his lips that was covered in stubble under the Golden Beast Mask.

He was smiling!

He was indeed smiling!

Everyone clearly saw that the mocking smile that their subjective consciousness had carved out in their mind was in fact, really on the face of the person wielding the trident.

“A demi-saints strike is nothing out of the ordinary.”

After receiving the arrow, the person who controlled the wave swung his trident and disappeared.

Xu Xiaoji was stunned.

Hearing this last faint remark, he suddenly realized that the person wielding the trident, who had created such a natural disaster, was not a demi-saint but someone below the cultivation level of demi-saint.

Otherwise, he would not have made such a comment that mock a demi-saints attack.


“He is a higher void”

“A higher void can take an arrow from Ai Cangsheng, a demi-saint”

Xu Xiaoji was terrified, and his body suddenly quivered.

This world is too crazy!

“It is better for me, Xu Xiaoji, to live in the Yuan mansion world with a cat, right” He thought.

“Lord Xu, where are you If you dont come, I will really become the leader of the Xu Faction!”

Lone Cliff.

Everyone who was submerged by the monstrous waves also saw the person who had exchanged blows with Ai Cangsheng.

Different from the trial-takers, the people on Lone Cliff were rather knowledgeable.

“Sea Gods Trident!”

“Its one of the ten Great Psionic Weapons that are ranked alongside the imitator, the Sea Gods Trident!”

“Didnt this thing disappear after Yu Mo died Did it return to the possession of a water-type spiritual cultivator”

Rao Yaoyao suddenly had a realization.

No wonder when she fought with this person across space earlier, her wind attribute was completely crushed by his water attribute.

No wonder this person was able to create a tsunami that was close to the level of a natural disaster in the higher void level.

He even used this as a root to resist demi-saint Ai Cangshengs arrow.

It turned out that he had the power of the Sea Gods Trident!

Rao Yaoyao vaguely remembered that the Sea Gods Trident, which had been lost for thousands of years, was obtained by the Holy Divine Palace for the first time after it was conquered by Yu Mos water-type Upanishad.

Relevant information about it was submitted to her.

“Sea Gods Trident, the highest divine weapon of a water-type spiritual cultivator.

It has the ability to move mountains and fill seas.”

A mere tsunami was just the tip of the iceberg.

“If a water-type spiritual cultivator is recognized by the Sea Gods Trident, they can use it as a root and fight against a demi-saint using the power of the higher void!”

This was one of the reasons why Yu Lingdi, the Spirit Division Chief, was known as the leader of the six divisions and the Great Demon King Yu Mo.

However, Rao Yaoyao also remembered that after Yu Mo died, the Sea Gods Trident disappeared as well.

He left everything to his son Yu Lingdi, even if it was a chance to resurrect… but before the Sea Gods Trident could be returned to the Holy Divine Palace, it disappeared.

“Bazhunan got it”

“So this person is also a saint servant”

Rao Yaoyao had a rough guess.

Based on the battle between this person and Ai Cangsheng just now, she also obtained information about the trident-wielding persons combat strength.

He was not a demi-saint but a higher void.

“With my ability, I can fight him with the Cang Godhood Sword!”

Rao Yaoyao was glad that the opponent was not a demi-saint, or else she could not even fight him.

From the looks of it…

The only difference between her and the person wielding the trident was that her opponent had received the recognition of the Sea Gods Trident, while she hadnt received the recognition of the Cang Godhood Sword.


Just like Rao Yaoyao, everyones thoughts were in turmoil.

The huge wave that had been shattered in the Nine Heavens turned into a downpour.

However, at the bottom of the Lone Cliff, another huge wave surged out with a loud boom.

This time, the huge wave did not surge into the sky.

It was only higher than the land realm around the Lone Cliff, locking down all the trial officers and stowaways who were trying to escape from this place.

“That was just a diversion to confuse us, he actually has other intentions!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who had transformed into Hua Ying, immediately saw through the intentions of the person wielding the trident.


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