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Mei Siren

One of the Seven Sword Deities, Mei Siren

Storyteller had long heard of the great name of Master Siren.

However, like everyone on the continent, he had never seen Master Siren in person before.

Upon hearing the name, Storytellers spirit was boosted, he bowed and greeted respectfully, “Greetings, Master Siren.”

Master Siren was truly a great elder!

His title was different from that of the Eighth Sword Deity, which was renowned for violence.

The title of “Master Siren” represented Mei Sirens achievements in the legacy of ancient swordsmen.

He was a highly esteemed master of hundred generations!


Mei Siren lightly knocked his paper fan against his hand and didnt respond much.

He only looked at Bazhunan and went straight to the point.

“I went through a lot of trouble to meet you here.

Now, may I know why did you ask me to come here”

“For the legacy of the way of the sword, and also for the future of the way of the sword,” Bazhunan said righteously.

Mei Siren raHerows imperceptibly.

Obviously, he didnt expect to get such an answer.

He smiled and said, “The Eighth Sword Deity is a great talent in the world and is proficient in the nine major sword techniques.

If its for the legacy of the way of the sword and the future of the way of the sword, I think you can do it as well as me.”

“I cant.” Bazhunan shook his head decisively.

“Ive already sealed my sword long ago.

Under the weapon prohibition order, my body has also become weak.

My life has been filled with many difficulties, and its no longer suitable for me to move around actively.”

Sword sealing… Mei Sirens eyes narrowed slightly as he suddenly thought of the young swordsman he met in the First Pavilion in the Sky.

That kids deduction of Bazhunan was correct

As expected, he was right about the kid.

That kid from that day was a genius!

It was a pity that his ambition wasnt small and he didnt want to become his disciple.

Mei Siren felt a sense of pity in his heart, but he smiled and said, “Since yourreappearance, theactivities that youve done could not be consideredordinary.

Is this your self-interpretation of the Saint Servants recent actions”

He was obviously implying something.

His words made it apparent that he knew that Bazhunan had killed seven hundred white-clothed people in the White Cave, sent Gou Wuyue back to prison, andfished in the Yunlun mountain range.

In addition, he had single-handedly planned the Battle of the Saints and used the rare treasures to draw the worlds attention to the sky city, which had people chasing after them like a flock of ducks.

However, in reality, how could theseactivities be done by someone who claimed to have a body that wasunsuitable for intense activities

Bazhunan smiled and said, “Master Siren can probably see more than this level.

As the saying goes, when mortals walk, they can inadvertently step on ants.

What Im doing, apart from the White Cave, is just playing chess… how can a mere game be described asintense activities”

Mei Siren was silent.

A game…

It was easy for him to say, but the person he was playing chess with was not simple.

“As expected of the Eighth Sword Deity!” After praising him, Mei Siren did not delve further and returned to the main topic.

“So, what exactly do you want me to help you with”

Bazhunan looked at him deeply.

“Teach sword!”

Teach sword

Mei Siren was stunned.

Of course, Mei Siren did not interpret Bazhunans words as him wanting to be taught swordsmanship by him.

After all, how could he possibly teach Bazhunan swordsmanship

Bazhunans words could only mean that he was going to teach someone the path of the ancient swordsman.

Who could it be

To be able to make Bazhunan appear personally and persuade someone to teach them sword, how precious and important must this person be

Mei Siren did not think much about it before replying, “This also seems to be your strength Moreover, teaching the sword isnt considered an intense activity.”

“Of course not.” Bazhunan laughed.

“Unfortunately, Im busy playing chess and cant spare the time to teach others.”

No time… Mei Siren was choked for this reason.

He didnt have the time, and yet he wanted him, Mei Siren, to teach in his stead Wasnt this a little too illogical

Did he look like a carefree person who had plenty of time

With anger in his chest, Mei Siren opened his mouth and laughed.

Then, he didnt speak anymore.

He and Bazhunan had never met each other much and they didnt have a friendship.

Naturally, he didnt want to agree to Bazhunans unreasonable request.

“How is it” Bazhunan did not seem to understand the meaning behind Master Sirens expression and asked with a smile.

Mei Siren paused.

The other party was obviously not stupid but he could not understand his intention.

However, “teaching people”…

Mei Siren never liked being forced.

He taught people based on fate and Gods will.

He would not force anyone, and he would never deliberately create an encounter.

As expected, Mei Siren did not respond.

Instead, with a swish, he opened the folding fan in his hand.

He aimed the fan at the two people in front of him and shook it gently.

The wind whistled by the riverside.

He did not need a fan to make himself cooler, and yet, why did he take it out

However, the moment the paper fan was completely opened, Storyteller and Bazhunans eyes stopped and fell on the fan.

There were two words inked on it:

“I refuse.”

Storyteller was stunned.

He had watched Master Siren closely and had never seen him change the paper fan.

The moment Master Siren appeared, he was holding the paper fan in his hand.

Didnt this mean that Master Siren had made up his mind from the very beginning that he would not accept his elder brothers request and would never want to get involved with the saint servant

Thats right!

If he accepted it, it wouldnt just be a meresword teaching

This meant that Master Siren had entered the arena, and the faction he had chosen was theSaint Servant – the opposite side of the Holy Divine Palace!

Storyteller knew that Master Siren could travel on his own because he didnt have any stand on either side.

He never stood on any side and was only obsessed with the way of the sword.

On the side, Bazhunan was thinking differently.

He was not surprised at all.

His gaze quickly moved away from the two words on the fan, as if he had never seen them before.

“Master Siren has his moments of cherishing talents, right” He seemed to be implying something.

It was as if he was recalling the scene of Wen Ting and the youth, who was holding his sword, meeting Mei Siren on a snowy day.


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