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“This guy is actually Yamas subordinate”

“Hes the subordinate of that Huang Quan who has the space-time attributes”

Little Ninjas eyes widened.

As an assassin of one of the dark factions, Three Incenses, no matter how much information he had, he had never heard of the name Water Ghost before.

However, how could he not know the name of Yama, Huang Quan

This was a guy who was almost as famous as the first-in-command saint servant!

Because Three Incenses was controlled by Holy Divine Palace, even if there was an assassination mission, it would not disrupt the order of the justice forces.

However, true dark organizations such as Saint Servant and Yama were either against the order of the world or the rules of the continent.

They were not the same.

The former had declared war with Holy Divine Palace on the surface, and this time, they even fought openly and secretly with the help of the saint in Yunlun Mountain Range.

Although the latter wasnt obvious, according to Little Ninjas knowledge, Yama had been longing for Lei Familys Eyes all these years.

These things were related to the Lei familys tragedy.

According to rumors, there were even traces of Emperor Control Bureau in the Lei familys tragedy.

A guy from such a terrifying dark faction.

“No wonder hes so strong, and he even mastered Water-type Upanishad!” Little Ninja suddenly got really upset.

They were both of Higher Void State but he was so desperate that he couldnt even muster the will to resist.

His thoughts quickly returned to the main topic from the other partys identity.

Little Ninja didnt forget that Water Ghost was willing to expose his identity because of his weird habit.

The second option that this guy gave was obviously arrogant.

However, Little Ninja did not have any way to resist at this moment.

He could only sigh.

“Senior, dont fool me.

Theres no need to try.”

“You know, in Spell Forbidden Barrier, I cant even use my spiritual source, let alone send a message to the outside world and find someone to be the scapegoat.”

Just a moment ago, Little Ninja was calling him a friend, but now Little Ninja was calling him Senior.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed and shook his head.

“Youve misunderstood me.

What I meant was not to ask you to find a scapegoat, but to ask you to call someone to die with you.

In this way, you will have a companion on your journey.”

Little Ninja was stunned.

How could this fellow say such cruel words with a calm face

Moreover, he just told Little Ninja what he exactly meant.

Little Ninja took a deep breath.

“Senior, I want to hear the third option.”

“So, youre planning to give up the second option” Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

“No, I just want to hear it first…” Before Little Ninja finished his sentence, he saw that Water Ghost got kind of serious now.

Little Ninja hurriedly stopped.


Was he offering options

He was clearly trying to give the restrictions one by one and then push Little Ninja towards the abyss step by step.

Little Ninja cursed silently, and he said something to give it a try.

“Yes, Senior, I reject the second option.

I want to hear the third option.”

“If you reject the first and second options, then you can only accept the third option,” Xu Xiaoshou said without any hesitation.

He even lightly wielded the fake Sea Gods Trident in his hand.

There came some ripples in the sea.

The atmosphere suddenly got tense with his words.

Little Ninjas face was pale, and his eyelids twitched wildly.

He suppressed his anger and said kindly, “Senior, then do I have the right to know the content of the third choice”

“You do.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at him with a smile, like a benevolent bodhisattva.

“The third option is that I will give you ten breaths to escape.”

“During this period of time, you can use any ability you can.

As long as you run out of my sight, your escape will be considered successful.

I will not kill you again.”

“However, if you fail to escape my sight after ten breaths of time, then I will have to kill another man with my Sea Gods Trident.”

Xu Xiaoshou fiddled with Sea Gods Trident in his hand.

As he moved, the water rippled again.

Little Ninja seemed to have grabbed onto the last life-saving straw.

He stared at Sea Gods Trident and asked, “Senior, do you mean that I can use anything within the time for ten breaths and the barrier wont suppress me anymore”


Xu Xiaoshou looked up in surprise.

“Youre dreaming.”

Little Ninja was speechless

If the barrier was still there, what could he use to escape

In that case, Little Ninja would never be able to escape from the king of the sea!

“Condemned, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou shifted his attention away from the information bar and smiled.

“I forgot something.

You cant find help from the outside world, but there are still good people in the deep sea.”

“Within ten breaths, no matter what method you use, as long as you can find someone and get them to respond to you, with one persons response you can increase your escape time by ten breaths!”

“I believe that the group of sanctimonious spiritual cultivators in the Holy Divine Palace will help a pitiful person”

“And by analogy, how well-connected you are and how many spiritual cultivators there are in the deep sea will respond to you will determine how long you will live in the future.”

Xu Xiaoshou spread out his hands and declared casually, as if he was a god who controlled the fate of all living beings.

Little Ninja was going crazy while listening to him.

What kind of game rule was this

How could he play people like this

Little Ninja was higher void, not a pig that Xu Xiaoshou could play with as he wanted.

At a certain moment, Little Ninja even decided to make a move.

With lightning speed, he wanted to use his last power and kill Water Ghost in front of him.

However, the scene of Water Ghost controlling the waves in Yunlun and destroying the arrows from the Evil Sin Bow was still vivid in his mind.


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